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18th century novelist,novels,English novel

                 Major Male Novelist of 18th century

In the History of English Literature 18th century is consider as Hey-day of English novel. During this era many Male as well as  Female novelist of 18th century  contributed a great deal to the English novels.

18th century novelist,novels,English novel
Male novelist of 18th century


In our Last Post we have discussed about the contribution of female novelist of this era. Among the earlier novelist ,beside women writers
George Eliot , and the main creators Like Charles Dickens , William M. Thackeray , And Anthony Trollope  were Major Male Novelist .

The Male Novelist and and their contribution with reference of their works and their characteristics  of fictional art can be examined as follows :

(1) Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

18th century novelist,novels,English novel
Charles Dickens
One of the major novelist is Charles Dickens ,he is Ranked 6th among the top Hundred literary creators of all times.Due to which his name inevitably occurs in any talk on writings concerning the English novels.
Charles Dickens first two complete novels written almost simultaneously though so different by nature the Pickwick paper and Oliver twist (1837), which at once made Dickens popular writer of his time.

Dickens's Novels and His characteristics of  fictional art

Pickwick is evidently a series of funny adventures and incidents

Oliver twist, is somewhat melodramatic in its plot and several key scenes is much better than new gate schools of novels.

Nicholas Nickleby ,the novel which immediately followed Oliver Twist deals with the abuses in private schools .

In the old curiosity shop ,Dickens thus to write a tragedy but he makes a sentimental out of the pathetic death of Little Niel and Her grandfather.

other works of Dickens

Bernaby Rudge
√ Martin Chuzzlewit (1844)
√ Dombey and son
David Copperfield
Bleak house : it's is considered by many modern critics as the best of Dickens creations
√Great expectations
√Hard times
Oliver Twist
A tale of two cities: 

(2)William Make peace Thackeray (1811-1883)

An intellectual with a Cambridge background.He After ridiculating those type of people who only admire mean things meanly to give themselves a superior, in the book of Snobs(1847) and after writing the Picturesque type Barry Lyndon, He was excellelanty prepared to settle down to his Masterpiece called Vanity Fair (1848)

Some other novels of Thackeray:

√Henry Esmond (1852): This was his great historical novel is a truly admirable creation .
√ New comes

Thackeray is appreciated by thoughtful elite readers , He works within a specific circle of society and so his characters fall into certain types.

(3) Anthony Trollope :

Another major novelist of the time .Anthony wrote 47 complete novels in a span of 20years and none of which is below an acceptable standard .

His best Novel is Barchester Tower (1857)

Some other works of Anthony Trollope

*Doctor Thorne
* The small house at Allington (1864)
"The prime minister (1876)



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