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Old curiosity shop short summary,dickens novel



                       OLD CURIOSITY SHOP

                                             Charles Dickens

The old curiosity shop is a novel by Charles Dickens , this Novel mainly follows the life of a Little Nell Trent ,the Little heroine of the Novel , and her grandfather ,both live on the sale proceeds of an old curiosity shop . It was published in the year 1841 .
This Novel was so popular in the New York that the readers of New York stormed the shore of the sea when the ship bearing the final instalment arrived in 1841.

Old curiosity shop short summary,dickens novel
Old curiosity shop


The old curiosity shop is the story of Nell Trent, A beautiful and virtuous young girl .She was an orphan,who lives with maternal grandfather,
Both residents of the old curiosity shop in London.Her grandfather has to borrow the capital for floating the shop from Daniel Quilp, and ugly horrible dwarf . Nell's immoral brother Fred forcibly takes away the money from the poor sister. Fred used to spends all the money on gambling, and Nell does not know how to add out a bare existence . Quilp finds that his investment has gone in vain. He seizes the shop , now the old man and the poor girl have no resources to fall back upon. They move from place to place ; they often starve , sometimes they remain half-fed .They at last get asylum in a country church , which they are asked to look after.

The grandfather's younger brother, so long abroad, frantically searches for them for their rehabilitation . He does come and finds them out. But is too late . Little Nell Dies before the Grand uncle can do anything for her.




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