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Born on 31 October 1962, Sarbananda Sonowal is the 14th chief minister of Assam .He is the member of Bharatiya Janata Party and represents Majuli constituency in Assam's state legislative assembly

Sarbananda Sonowal started his political career in 1992. He was also the President of All Assam Student Union from 1992 to 1999. Sonowal joined the Assam Gana Parishad and was elected MLA in 2001. In 2004, he reached the Lok Sabha for the first time by defeating former Union Minister Paban Singh Ghatovar. To know the Bio Data of Sarbananda Sonowal Read More about Sarbananda Sonowal , Wiki , Biography ,age , Height ,salary ,wife and Education .

Sarbananda Sonowal wiki , biography ,age ,wife ,Salary , height, family, education

Sarbananda Sonowal wiki , biography

Sarbananda Sonowal Wiki , Biography

  Full Name - Sarbananda Sonowal .
  Born - 31st October , 1961 .
  Birthplace - Mulukgaon , Chabua , Assam.
  Residence -  Lakhimi Nagar , Kacharibari ,  Dibrugarh .
  Religion - Hindu
  Nationality - Indian
  Profession - Politician
  Political Party - Bharatiya Janata party since 2011 to present , Assam Gana parishad ( 2001-2011 )
  Constituency - Majuli

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Sarbananda Sonowal Family
Father's Name - Late Jibeshwar Sonowal
Mother's Name - Late Dineshwari Sonowal

Sarbananda Sonowal wiki , biography ,age ,wife ,Salary , height, family, education

Sarbananda sonowal , age , salary , wife

Sarbananda Sonowal Marriage

Marital Status - Single

Sarbananda Sonowal wife
  Sarbananda Sonowal wife - Unmarried

Sarbananda Sonowal Education

• Don Bosco school, Dibrugarh
• Bachelor of Arts from Dhsk College , Dibrugarh.
• Bachelor of Law from G.U law college , Gauhati University .
• Degree of Communication and Journalism from Gauhati University .

Sarbananda Sonowal Net worth and Salary

• Net Worth - 1.83 CRORE .
• Salary - Not known
Sarbananda Sonowal Age and Height
• Sarbananda Sonowal Age - 57 years
• Sarbananda Sonowal Height - Not known.

Other Interesting facts
• Sarbananda Sonowal during his College Days Won the Title of Mr. Dibrugarh .
• He is Fond of Fishing .
• Sarbananda Sonowal favorite pastime and hobbies is to play cricket , badminton, football and Reading.

Sarbananda Sonowal Prestigious position
(1) He was the president of All Assam Student Union for the two consecutive terms from 1992-1999.
(2) In the year 1994 he was appointed as the Chairman of North East students organisation , he remains the Chairman for 10 years from 1994-2004.
(3) In the year 2001 , he was elected as the Members of legislative assembly from Moran Constituency .
(4) In the year 2004 ,he was elected as Member of parliament 14th Lok sabha from Dibrugarh Constituency.
(5) In the year 2011 he was appointed as the National executive member of the Bharatiya Janata party , Moreover he was also appointed as the state spokesperson and General secretary for the Assam Bharatiya Janata party .
(6) In the year 2012 , he was appointed as the state president for Bharatiya Janata party of Assam Pradesh committee .
(7) He was again re-elected as the member of parliament in the year 2014 for 16th Lok sabha from Lakhimpur Constituency, Dibrugarh .
(8) He was also appointed as the minister of State for Entrepreneurship and skill development in 2014 .
(9) He was the union minister of youth affairs and sports from (2014-2016) .
(10) In the year 2016 he was again elected as the member of legislative assembly from Majuli constituency , and was sworn in as the 14th Chief Minister of Assam .



The English have left us the earliest Vernecular collection in the several compilation which bear the the name Anglo Saxon chronicle . More important than any translation is the 'English' or 'Saxon chronicle' .This was probably at first a dry record , especially if important birth and deaths in the west Saxon kingdom . Alfred (848-901) enlarged this scant record , beginning the story with Caesar's conquest. When it touches his own reign , the dry chronicle becomes and interesting and connected story , the oldest story belonging to any modern nation in it's own language .

Short notes on Anglo saxon chronicle , Battle of Maldon , Beowulf

Anglo Saxon Chronicle

The record of Alfred's reign probably by himself , is a splendid bit of writing and shows clearly his claim to a place in literature as well as in history .
The chronicle is continued after Alfred's death and is the best monument of early English prose that is left to us . Here and there stirring songs are included in the narrative like " The battle of Brunanburgh " and the "Battle of Maldon " the last entered 991 seventy five years before the Norman conquest, is the swan song of Anglo Saxon poetry . As is to be expected the style varies greatly from simple notices to long passages of narrative and description. Most interesting are certain character studies , particularly that of the conqueror himself while the well known description of the horrors of Stephen's reign are worthy of note . The chronicle was continued for a century after the Norman conquest , and is extremely valuable not only as a record of events but as a literary monument showing the development of our language .

Read about  Anglo Norman Period


The Battle of Maldon is a late old English narrative poem of the 11th century. The poem is concerned with an encounter near Maldon in Wessex. On 10th or 11th August 991 , a band of viking Invaders from Denmark routed an English army led by Byrntnoth . The anglo Saxon chronicle gives some spare details about this event particularly those which were historically significant . The unknown poet of the Battle of Maldon created an enduring and popular literary work out of this local event. The result is a heroic poem about loyalty , about the share experience of victory and defeat , the text of the poem is incomplete. It has 325 metrically alliterating lines and some of which are irregular. The original manuscript from a transcript made of the poem was lost in a fire in 1731 , but the poem survives in a transcript made a few years earlier . This shows the poem as already incomplete . But the surviving poem doesn't suffer from it's incomplete state , because the essence is still intact .

The poem is a battle narrative and not a verified historical chronicle. It gives a series of pictures reflecting the progress of the Battle but the poem focused in the attitude and experience of individual warriors, first in the exchanges before the fighting and then in the conventionalised speeches made by various English warriors , to avenge the defeat of the leader . Thus , the poem has an episodic organisation which gives a clear development to the incident that occurred during the Battle . The climax of the poem is a speech of the senior warrior whose opening words expresses the moral resolution and physical strength .
The style of the poem is direct. Individual speeches are rhetorical but the diction chooses ordinary prosaic devices . The poem also has a good deal of irony and verbal wit .


Beowulf is the outstanding heroic epic of old English . The poet writing this poem is anonymous , but most scholars place him in the anglian kingdom  , in the early or middle eight century. He is also supposed to be Christian nobleman since the poem has some Christan and aristocaric colouring. The selling of the poem is in southern Scandinavian.

Beowulf is the most remarkable of Anglo Saxon heroic poetry . The poem of nearly three thousand lines is looked upon as the oldest surviving epic of the Teutonic people . The poem celebrate the greatness of Beowulf Teutonic tribal Lord , who devotes himself to the noble cause of protecting the weak against the wicked . Beowulf fights and saves the weak and innocent people against the monsters and the dragons and finally lays down his life for the welfare of his land and people . The whole theme is inspired and bears the magnificent mark of epic poetry . Beowulf stands as the symbol of an ideal man - heroic , noble and ready to serve and die for a good cause , the poem comprises of three episodes - Beowulf victory over Grendal , his triumph over Grendal mothers and his last victory against a dragon and heroic death for his people .

The Beowulf poet seems to have inherited not only his subject matter but also his medium of composition from his Germanic ancestors . The language and style of the poem are shaped by the tradition of public and oral verse composition. Christianity and literacy have also contributed to the poem which portrays a heroic world from a post heroic view point . The poem achieves a profound synthesis between the pre Christan and christain tradition.
Beowulf to sum up is the longest old English poem and the most considerable piece of literature in old English. It is considered an early heroic epic . It has a grave and profound understanding of life . It's poetic merits are of highest . In a word it is a work of art of nature it's complexities and balance .

                 BEOWULF STORY

It is the earliest known epic , written in anglo Saxon period . The written version is 10th century but the poem may go back to the 7th century . Here the christain and heroic pagan elements are mingled . Though the myth was introduced by the angles , the events and character are Scandinavian . Hrothgar , king of Danes built a great Hall , Heorot , but it is constantly ravaged by the monster Grendal , the swedish prince Beowulf , nephew of the king of the Geats slays the monster by wrestling with it and by wrenching out it's arm .

Read Beowulf as an epic

Grendal's mother than seeks vengens by carrying off one of the Danish nobles , but Beowulf enters the Moore beneath which she lives and kills her too . Beowulf returns home and in due course becomes the king of Geats . When he has reigned 50years ,his kingdom is invaded by a fiery dragon which he manages to kill with the aid of a young Nobel man wiglaf , when all the rest of his followers have fled . However, he receives his own death wound in the fights and as he dies he pronounces wiglaf his successor . His body is burnt on a great funeral pyre and the dragon threasure is burried with his ashes , twelve of his followers ride round a funeral mound celebrating his greatness.

Although, the material of the narrative is Norse rather than Anglo Saxon , it's spirits resembles that of contemporary poems rather than the Norse sagas . It's epic form has cause scholars to attribute virgilian influence. Whatever it's source , the written form which we have received probably the work of a Northumbiran work .

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Language is a means of communication among human beings ,the two obvious modes of communication are speech and writing . There are many means of communication such as facial expressions , gestures , smiles , ringing of bells . All these have one thing in common - They aim at Translating an idea , emotions or attitude into a physical embodiment into something that can be perceived . Read Further to know more About Language Features , Characteristics , uses .

Language features , characteristic ,uses , language notes

Language , features and Uses


                         /              \
                       /                  \
                     /                      \
    SPEECH                              WRITING


If the message is realized as sound waves in the atmosphere, we call it phonic substance or speech.

On the other hand if it is release as writing or printing we call it graphic substance or writing.
Speech therefore may be defined as communication in oral language and writing it's symbolic representation .

There is a certain characteristics of language which belongs exclusively to language and these distinguished language from other means of communication .


(1) Language is Human :

The main purpose of language is to communicate . Yet the term language and communication are not synonymous , Animals also communicate certain message researched working on animals communication points out that the Bee Dance , Bird's song , Chattering of Monkeys , Movement of wolves etc use different communicative channels .

The bee Dance for instance is used to communicate the direction and distance at which the sources of food is available. The communication is limited because the bees cannot separate and recombine the message in different sequence one bee is not capable of conveying specific message like food was available yesterday or if you go tomorrow you will find more honey , There are stories of horse , cats , dogs so intelligent that they understand verbal instructions and read human beings mind .

There is however a restriction on the nature and number of message that can be sent or received in animal communication . Even the clever ,  monkey , capable of producing 36 different sound , repeat the same message what distinguishes language from such communication is the creativity the open-endedness of the former , A person can understand and produce a sentence, he has never heard . He can use language to talk about per context . His language is capable of discussing the pastness and futility of action . Language in this linguistic sense , human specific and the message is that can be conveyed through it are infinite in variety .

(2) language is a system

Language is a system composed of various phoneme , morpheme and words at different levels , There is an order or a system in which these elements combines in any given language .
For instance /p/ ,  /I/  and /T/ are used in English .
They are combined to form (pit) and 'Tip' which are recognizable to any speaker of English . Combination such as 'Tip'  'pti' or 'ipt'  with the same sound are not used in English. The reason for this is that in the system of the language called English there are certain combination which are accepted , while others are not .
Similarly at the level of syntax or sentence structure in English. We may say the dog ran across the road and caught the thief . We can rearrange to say the thief ran across the road and caught the dog . Across the road dog/thief ran and caught the thief/dog .But we cannot say the man dog the across the road thief caught the etc . This systematic pattern making at the level of sound and words i.e , the duality of structure is one of the distinguishing characteristics of language .

(3) language is a symbolic

There is no natural connection between the sounds or words of a language and what they stand for . This implies that language is arbitrary, voluntary and symbolic . There is no intinstic connection between the word house and the animal it represents what is called chair in English is referred to as kursi in Hindi , Hakkali in Tamil . Take the case of a man whose name is George Thomas . He can be called Mr.Thomas George Sir , Baddy etc .by different words and expression denote the same person in different context .READ FURTHER TO KNOW MORE ABOUT USES OF LANGUAGE


Language exists more or less in its stable form in writing whereas it lives in speech i.e , in its actual everyday use by the speech community in which it has develop .

Attempt have been made to classify the use of language some of the uses are the following -

(1) Language is arbitrary

By the arbitrariness of language we mean that there is no inherit or logical relation or similarity between ant given features or language and it's meaning , that is entirely arbitrary that there is no direct , necessary connection between the nature of thing or idea the language deals wish and the linguistic unit are combination by which these things or ideas are expressed, there is no reason why the four legged domestic animals , should be called dog in English , Kutta in Hindi , kukkur in sanskriti , Nai in Kannada , Kukur in Bengali and so on . That those particular words rather than any other are used in these different languages is merely an accident of linguistic history .

Onomatopoeia the use of words that imitate the sounds of their reference, for e.g buzz , hiss , hum , bang in English and kal - kal in Hindi may seen to invalidate this statement, but such word are comparatively falls in different languages and the accuracy of the limitation depend on the sound available in the language .

(2) Language is a social phenomena

Language is a set of conventional communicative  signals used by humans for communication in a community . Language in this sense is a possession of a social group , comprising and indispensable set of rules which permits members to relate to each other . To interact with each other; it is social institutions .
language exists in society it means of nourishing and developing cultures and establishing human relations.it is a member of society that human being acquires language - English , Hindi , Russian ,Chinese , Bengali ,Tamil , Nepali or French we learn all languages as member of the society or to be understand by that speech community . If the language is not used in any society it dies out .

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Lovlina Borgohain is a 21 years old Indian Amateur woman Boxer from Golaghat , Assam , India, who won a Gold medal in Magomed Salam Umakhanov Memorial  International Boxing Tournament 2019, held in Kaspiysk, Russia .

Lovlina Borgohain represented India For the first time at the AIBA Women's World Boxing championship which was hosted in New Delhi .

Read Further to know more About

Lovlina Borgohain Wiki , Biography , Age , Height , Weight and many More .

Lovelina Borgohain wiki , Biography, Age , Height , Weight , Education , Family and many more

Lovelina Borgohain Wiki , Biography

Lovlina Borgohain wiki , Biography

• Personal Details
   BORN - 2nd October , 1997
   BIRTHPLACE - Golaghat , Assam , India
   STATE - Assam
   SPORT - Boxing
   COACH - Sandhya Gurung

  Weight Class And Club
   Weight Class - welterweight
   Club  - SAI training centre

  Lovlina Borgohain Family

  Father's Name  - Tiken Borgohain
  Mother's Name - Mamoni Borgohain
  SISTER - Licha and Lima Borgohain

Lovelina Borgohain wiki , Biography, Age , Height , Weight , Education , Family and many more

Lovelina Borgohain age , Height ,Weight

  Lovelina Borgohain Age , Height and Weight

  Lovelina Borgohain Age - 21 years
  Lovelina Borgohain Height - 1.77m ( 5ft 9½inch)
  Lovelina Borgohain Weight - 152lb (69)Kg

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  Lovelina Borgohain Education

  Barpathar Girls High school

Medals Won By Lovelina Borgohain

(1) In the year 2017 , She won Bronze Medal in Asian Championship in Welterweight category which was held in Ho chi Minh city .

(2) In the  year 2018 , She won Bronze Medal in World Championship in Welterweight category which was held in New Delhi ,India .

(3) She also Won Silver Medal at the second Indian Open international boxing tournament which was held in Guwahati .

(4) in the year 2017 , She won Bronze medal at the president cup which was hosted in Astana .

(5) in the year 2018 in the month of June, she won Bronze Medal at the 13th International Silesian Championship which was hosted in Poland .Again in the same year she Won Silver Medal at the Ulaanbaatar Cup in Mongolia .
Before Boxing , She started her career as a kickboxer but soon she switched to boxing when she found the opportunity .Her father Tiken Borgohain being a small scale Businessman he constantly  supported his daughter ambitions throughout the entire journey of Lovelina Borgohain .

Lovelina Borgohain Boxing Career biggest break came In the year 2018 , when she was selected  and participated in Commonwealth Games , After her Biggest match in Commonwealth games confidence got developed within her and after that she started to participate in big events nationally and internationally .


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Born in 30th July, 1886 in Madras , Muthulakshmi Reddy Was The First Female legislator of India , and also an eminent medical practitioner and Social reformer .Beside being First female legislator Muthulakshmi Reddy had many firsts to her Recognition which makes her a prominent figure.

All you need To know About Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy wiki , Biography , Family, Awards , Education , Books and Many more

Dr . Muthulakshmi Reddy ,wiki , Biography

List of Muthulakshmi Awards and Recognition

• In the year 1956 , government of India conferred  Padma Bhushan awards for her Meritorious service to the Nation .


(1) She was the first Female students to be admitted into the Men's college .

(2) She was also the first woman surgeon in the Government Maternity and Ophthalmic Hospital .
(3) First Woman legislator , of the British India .

(4) She was the the first Woman  Chairperson of the State Social Welfare Advisory Board .

(5) She was first woman Deputy President of the Legislative Council, and aslo the first Alderwoman of the Madras Corporation Avvai Home.

Today in this post we are going to discuss Muthulakshmi Reddy Wiki , Biography , Family , Works , Awards , Books and Education .

Muthulakshmi Reddy Wiki , Biography

All you need To know About Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy wiki , Biography , Family, Awards , Education , Books and Many more

Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Family ,Books , Education


   BORN - 30 July , 1886
   BIRTHPLACE - Princely State of Pudukottai , Madras .
   DIED - 22 July 1968
   POPULARITY - Writer , Social Reformer , Women's Rights Activists
   MARRIED AT - 28 years in 1914


     Father's Name -  S. Narayanaswami Iyer
     Mother's Name - Chandrammal
     Husband Name - Sundara Reddy
     Children Name  - S. Krishna Murthy and S.  Rammohan .
      INFLUENCED BY - Mahatma Gandhi and Annie Besant


She was 81 years at the time of her death


• Maharaja's College
• Madras Medical College


• My experience as a legislator

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(1) In the year 1926 , she was nominated by Sakthi Hari Haran as a member of the legislative council, of Madras Legislature .

(2) She resigned from the Madras Legislature in the year 1930 , with the protest following the imprisonment of Mahatma Gandhi.

(3) She played a very Significant role in abolishing the Devdasi System, and she also played a very keen role in raising the minimum marriage age for women in India .

(4) As a social Activist , She was actively involved in setting up of woman's Toilets and also initiated also provided Various measures to improve the medical facilities given to slum dwellers .

(5) The cancer Relief fund started by the Muthulakshmi Reddy has now developed in all-India institution combining therapy and Research on cancer .

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The Founder Of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha,and the present and the 6th chief minister of Sikkim Prem Singh Tamang, popularly known as P.S.Golay was born in 1967 to Kalu Singh Tamang (Father). Before forming the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha , P.S. Golay was the key member of the Sikkim democratic Front, the regional party of sikkim  of which Pawan Kumar Chamling was the President .Prem Singh Tamang Wiki , Biography , Age Height , Family , Son is all we are going to Discuss today in this Post .

Prem Singh Tamang wiki , biography , Family ,Son , Height ,Salary , Education

Prem Singh Tamang , Wiki , Biography & Family


   Personal Information
   FULL NAME - Prem Singh Tamang
   WELL KNOWN AS - P.S. Dolay
   NICK NAME  - Prem Tamang
   BORN - 1967
   BIRTHPLACE - Sikkim
   RESIDENCE - Singling Busty , West Sikkim
   ETHNICITY - Nepali
   POLITICAL PARTY - Sikkim Krantikari Morcha
   PROFESSION - Politician


   Father's Name  - Kalu Tamang
   Mother's Name - Dhan Maya Tamang

Prem Singh Tamang wiki , biography , Family ,Son , Height ,Salary , Education

Prem Singh Tamang , wife , education , Height


   Prem Singh Tamang Wife - Not known
   Prem Singh Tamang Son - Aditya Tamang


   Graduated in the year 1998,  with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Darjeeling Government College .


   Prem Singh Tamang Age  - 51 years
   Prem Singh Tamang height - Not known


    Prem Singh Tamang Salary - Not known
    Prem Singh Tamang Net worth -  1.92 Crore


(1) Prem Singh Tamang Son Aditya Tamang is also a Politican , and also a member of Sikkim legislative assembly .

(2) Prem Tamang was a graduate teacher under the HRD department of Sikkim , but due to his interest in politics he resigned his service .

(3) Prem Tamang serves as the Minister for Animal Husbandry, Ecclesiastical and Industry Department from 1994-99 .

(4) He also served as the Minister for Industries and Animal Husbandry from 1999-2004 .also Served as Minister for buildings and housing department from 2004-2009 .

(5) In 2019 , assembly elections Prem Singh party Sikkim Krantikari Morcha won 17 out of 32 seats , which resulted in the end of long 24 year rule of Pawan Kumar Chamling , of Sikkim democratic Front .

Born in  Kondareddy Pally on 8 November, 1969 ,  Anumula Revanth  Reddy well known as Revanth Reddy is an Indian politician of Indian National Congress, and he was also a member of Telugu Desam party untill 2017 .Read More about Revanth Reddy wiki , Biography , age , Daughter, Family .
Revanth Reddy , wiki , Biography , Wife , Age , Daughter, Family

Revanth Reddy , Wife , daughter , Family 

Revanth Reddy Wiki , Biography , Daughter , Family .

• Personal Details About Revanth Reddy
   BORN - 8 November 1969
   BIRTHPLACE - Kondareddy Pally , Mahboob     Nagar District .
   POLITICAL PARTY - Indian National Congress
   RESIDENCE - Road No. 12 colony , Banjara Hills , Hyderabad .
   OCCUPATION - Politician

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Revanth Reddy , wiki , Biography , Wife , Age , Daughter, Family

Revanth Reddy Age , salary


    Revanth Reddy Age - 49 years
    Revanth Reddy Salary - Not known .

Revanth Reddy , wiki , Biography , Wife , Age , Daughter, Family

Revanth Reddy family, Daughter, Wife


   Revanth Reddy wife - Geetha
   Revanth Reddy Daughter - Nymisha
   Revanth Reddy Brother - Enumula Krishna Reddy .
   Revanth Reddy Father - Anumula Narsmiha Reddy

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Revanth Reddy wife is the Daughter of Jaipal Reddy brother .


  • Jaipal Reddy and his Brother Is the father in law of Revanth Reddy .

   He completed his Bachelor of Arts from A.V college , Osmania University in the year 1992 .

Revanth Reddy Holding Of Offices .

(1) He was the member of the legislative council , Andhra Pradesh from (2008-09)
(2) Member of the legislative assembly ,Andhra Pradesh from (2009-14)
(3) Member of the legislative assembly, Telangana from (2014-2018)
(4) He is currently the Member of parliament ,Lok Sabha in constituency of Malakajgiri ,  Telangana .

Other Information about Revanth Reddy
(1) Revanth Reddy was interested in politics from his school days ,he was also a leader of student Union in school days .
(2)  His Spouse Geetha is Jaipal Reddy brothers Daughter .
(3) Revanth Reddy was married , when he was just 24 years old .
(4) In the year 2004 he Joined Telugu Deshan party and started his Political Carrer .