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Explore India: Quiz Time, All Question-Answer, Chapter 3, Class 8
Explore India: Quiz Time, All Question-Answer, Chapter 3, Class 8

1. Answer the following questions from your textbook:

a) What is a quiz?
Answer: A quiz is one kind of sporty game or competition.The quiz master tests the knowledge of the participants by asking some questions.

b) How many school teams participated in the quiz programme for the selection phase?
Answer: Five school teams were participating in the quiz programme for the selection phase. It was a state level quiz competition.

c) Who was the Quizmaster?
Answer: The quiz competition was operated by a famous Quiz Master, Mr P.K. Baruah.
d) What were the rules of the quiz announced by the scorer Aparna?
Answer: Aparna played the role of a scorer in the quiz competition. In her announcement, she said that:-
  • the quiz competition would be played in five rounds. 
  • In each round, a direct question was to be put to each team. 
  • Team giving correct answer to a direct question would get ten marks, and five marks for a passed question. 
  • Teams would get ten seconds for giving answers. 
  • The highest scorer was going to be the winner of the competition.

e) Which team was the winner of the State Level Quiz Competition?
Answer: Team D scored fifty marks which was highest amongst all. So, team D or R.K.M School, Cachar won the State Level Quiz Competition.

2. Fill the following blanks:

a)    The ancient name of Assam was Kamrup. It was also known as Pragjyotishpur.

b)    Su-ka-pha established the Ahom kingdom in Assam in the year 1228 AD.

c)    Myanmar does not share a border with Assam.

d)    The capital of Assam during the Ahom rule was Rangpur.

e)    The colours of our tricolour National flag are saffron, white and green.

f)    White stand for peace and truth.

g)    Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar in the state of Gujarat.

h)    Amritsar in Punjab is famous for the Golden Temple of the Sikhs.

i)    The largest population of Indian rhinos can be seen in Kaziranga National Park.

j)    The ancient name of Patna, the capital of Bihar, was Patliputra

k)    The Qutub Minar, the world’s tallest free-standing stone tower was built in 1193 by Qutubuddin Aibak.


4. Write True or False:
a)    The announcement is about the incessant rains in Assam.

Answer: False

b)    The announcement is about postponing the quiz program.

Answer: True

c)    The quiz program has been postponed indefinitely.

Answer: False

d)    The quiz program has been rescheduled for next Monday.

Answer: True

e)    The next date of the quiz program has been notified in the announcement.

Answer: True

f)    The participants of other districts are requested to go back.

Answer: True

g)    The new date for the quiz competition will be notified shortly.

Answer: False

h)    Students of the venue school are asked to go to their classes.

Answer: True

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Lesson 1| Crossing the Rubicon Questions answers | NCERT | Class 5

Lesson 1| Crossing the Rubicon Questions answers | NCERT | Class 5
Crossing the Rubicon

Lesson 1 - Crossing the Rubicon

Questions & Answers

1. What was Crossing the river Rubicon by an Army general with his army into the city of Rome considered?

Answer: Crossing the river Rubicon by an Army general with his army into the city of Rome was considered an act of Treason.

2. Who was Caesar ?

Answer: Caesar was a Roman General.

3. What was Rome before Caesar founded the Roman empire?

Answer: The small State of Rome was a Republic with a Senate, before Caesar founded the Roman empire.

4. Why did the Roman Senate and Pompey dislike Caesar?

Answer: They disliked Caesar because he, posed a threat to the power of the Senate and Roman General, Pompey.

5. Why did Caesar cross the Rubicon?

Answer: The Senate had passed a law which prevented any general from crossing the river , and Bringing an army with weapons was considered an Act of Treason. Caesar Crossed the river Rubicon because if he didn't it would mean Physical and Political Suicide.

6.What incident gave him the signal that he must March on?

Answer: A strange incident occurred , which gave Caesar signal that he must March on. As Caesar was talking to his soldiers a very graceful and Noble man appeared, he was playing a pipe. After seeing this Soldiers gathered to hear him. That Noble man took a trumpet from a Soldiers hand and ran to the river with it. He played the war tune, which Caesar felt that it was a signal for him to March ahead.

7. What happened at the Battle of Pharsalus?

Answer: The result of "Battle of Pharsalus" was epic , Caesar won the battle and Pompey died in the Battlefield.

8. Why was the victory at Pharsalus a very important event in the history of Ancient Rome?

Answer: The victory at Pharsalus was a very important event in the history of Ancient Rome because Republic Rome then became a country ruled by Kings. Caesar founded the Roman empire, he became the dictator of Rome.

Comprehension - 2

Questions & Answers

1. Why were the Roman generals not allowed to enter Time with their armies and Weapons? Tick one answer.

a) The Senate was worried that the general and their armies may take over the Senate.

b) The Roman Senate disliked armies.

c) Generals and their Armies wanted to rule Rome.

Answer: (a) The Senate was worried that the general and their Armies may take over the Senate.

2. Caesar broke the law by crossing the Rubicon. Was he right in doing what he did? Give a reason to support your answer.

Answer: Caesar broke the law by crossing the Rubicon , yes he did right by doing it because Caesar could not afford to return to Rome as a private citizen because he would be immediately prosecuted and eliminated from political life .

3. Crossing of the Rubicon River was a turning point in the history of Rome. Write three things that happened as a result.

Answer: Crossing of the Rubicon River was a turning point in the history of Rome. The three things that happened as a result are as follows -

(1) Republic Rome then became a country ruled by Kings.

(2) Caesar Became the Dictator of Rome.

(3) It was the beginning of the Glorious Roman Empire.


A. Pick the correct words to complete the sentences.

1. If you have ambition ( ambition/omen) and if you are ready to work hard, you can be successful.
2. Mahabharata is an epic (ancient/epic) tale of war , ambition and deceit.
3. The coach decided to disband (disband/reunite) the team because he had no money to take care of the players.
4. He was arrested for treason (loyalty/treason).
5. The Taj Mahal is an extraordinary (extraordinary/ordinar) monument of love.

B. Look up a dictionary and match the words of their meanings.

Following answers are framed serially as per the meaning

(1) Democracy - a government run by elected Representatives of the people.
(2) Dictatorship - Absolute power in the hands of one person.
(3) Plutocracy - A state ruled by a few wealthy people of the society.
(4) Monarchy - A state ruled by a King.
(5) Aristocracy - A state ruled by a group of high class people of the state.
(6) Anarchy - A state government, lawlessness.
(7) Coup - Sudden capture of power from a government.

C. Fill in the blanks with the idioms you have just learnt.

1. I did not do my home assignment. It completely slipped my mind.
2. You must not keep quiet if you see a child employed as a child labourer. You must speak your mind.
3. My result is coming out today. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
4. My mother said that she did not wish to go to Mumbai. My father said, "the die is cast as the tickets have already been booked."
5. Rhea said that she would not be able to climb the rock. I said, "Give it a shot, you may succeed."
6. Today's maths test was a piece of cake I got all sums correct.
7. If Caesar had not crossed the ribbon, world history would have been different.

A. Underline the subject and the Predicate in each sentence. Write S for Subject and P for Predicte.

1. The Man was alone in the park
Subject - The Man
Predicate - Was alone in the park.

2. The players practise very hard to participate in the Olympics games.

Subject - The players ,
Predicate - practise very hard to participate in the Olympics games.

3. The birds and animals lived happily in the forest.
Subject - The birds and Animals
Predicate - lived happily in the forest.

4. The Taj Mahal and the Qutub Minar are two famous monuments in India.
Subject - The Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar
Predicate - are two famous monuments in India.

5. The dried leaves were lying in the ground
Subject - The dried leaves
Predicate - were lying in the ground.

6. My dad can drive a Jeep and a truck.
Subject - My dad
Predicate - can drive a Jeep and a truck.

7. Samantha and Saira are friends
Subject - Samantha and Saira
Predicate - are friends

8. I cried
Subject - I
Predicate - Cried.

B. Read the instructions and fill in the blanks.

1. Boys and Girls are singing a song.(Compound subject)
2. Birds are sitting on the branches. (Plural subject)
3. The Man shouted (one word Predicate)
4. He plays tennis and then went to the market. (Compound predicate)
5. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. ( Compound predicate)
6. He is my brother. ( Singular subject)
7. I tried very hard (3 word Predicate)
8. Neha dances very well. ( Singular subject with a describing word)

Information about Julius Caesar.

Born with a great political ambition Julius Caesar was a Roman statesman and brave general, who played a extraordinary role in founding the Roman empire by winning the Battle of Pharsalus.After winning this Battle the Republic Rome became a country ruled by Kings. Caesar founded the Roman Empire. He possessed extraordinary oratory skills which made him very popular and he became very popular with the people, his popularity spread to almost every corner of the Rome. Julius Caesar had won a large part of Gaul in 49 BCE, and on 10 January 49 BCE, Caesar Won the Battle of Pharsalus and became the Dictator of Rome. Caesar was assassinated by a group of rebellious senators who stabbed him to death.

Break Time Quiz

Who were these famous personalities that history can never forget? Look at the clues and guess.

1. In 1859, his book on the origin of species causes quite a stir. Those who weren't angry, only laughed at him! He said that humans evolved from apes.

Answer: Charles Darwin.

2. She helped provoke the popular unrest that led to the French revolution and to the overthrow of the Monarchy in France in August 1792.

Answer: Maria Antoinette.

3. He is regarded as the greatest scientist of the modern times. He was a Jew and was born in Germany. He later moved to the USA.

Answer: Albert Einstein

4. A Portuguese explorer (1460-1524), he led the first sea voyage from Europe to India.

Answer: Vasco Da Gama.

5. He was one of the fiercest and most successful of the Conquerors to come out of central Asia. For almost four decades, from the 1360s until his death, he and his nomad warriors conquered every territory from Mongolia in the east to the Mediterranean lands in the west.


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Carryminati(Ajey Nagar) Becomes the most Subscribed Youtube Channel of India, All records Broken

Carry minati Becomes the most Subscribed Youtube Channel, All records Broken
Carry Minati Becomes Most Subscribed Youtube channel

Carry Minati has become the most catchy and celebrated name of Indian Youtube Creator after he got into a hot piece of controversial topic titled Youtube vs. Tiktok. He published a roast video on Amir Siddiqui, a Tiktok celeb who offered an open challenge to roast him by Carryminati and Carryminati also did his conventional job in the most delicate way. Soon after his upload of that roast video the Youtube Audience went crazy and his video crossed 72 million views within a week. Carryminati Becomes Most Subscribed Youtube channel

Carryminati Dethrones Amit Bhadana, Becomes Youtube's Uncrowned King

Carryminati has recently achieved a milestone of 20 million subscribers, and thus become the first Indian Individual creator to achieve it and also with this he has flagged his name in the top position of the most subscribed Indian Youtube Indiviual.

So far, Amit Bhadana was holding the first position with 19.2 million subscriber. But Carryminati gradually pushed back every big individual creator and achieved the milestone on 26th of May, 2020. Before his celebrated video, his was standing with 10 millions subscriber. But the craziest controversy ever, the Youtube vs. Tiktok jacked up his subscribes double. But very sadly, his roast video was blue-penciled from the Youtube due to community guidelines as it contained some punches with cuss meaning. That video broke many records.
Saddened by Youtube's decision, he uploaded a reaction video, which was record breaker of his earlier video itself.

Some Rarely Known Facts About Carry minati (Ajey Nagar)

  • Carry Minati started posting videos on his Youtube channel in the year 2008, when he was just 10 years old.
  • Addicted A1, was the first Youtube Channel of Carry Minati.On this channel he uploaded game play of popular game Counter Strike. 
  • Carry Minati First Video on his Youtube channel AddictedA1, was about a game called "outlast".
  • His Youtube Channel "AddictedA1" was not very successful, He then changed it's name to "CarryDeol".
  • "Carry Minati" is his third Youtube channel, it is from where it all started. Where he started roasting people.
  • He holds a total of 5 Youtube Creator Awards.
  • One of the most interesting and rarely known facts about Carry Minati Youtube Channel is that, His videos received 3 copyright strikes, due to which his channel was banned from Youtube.
  • The video which turned the direction of Carry's life was his  video "Roasting BB KI Vines". Which was the first of his videos to cross 1 lacs views.

Other Interesting Facts About Carry Minati

1) Carry's Most Viewed Video

Stop Making Assumptions | Youtube VS TIK TOK is his most viewed video with 55M views and 8M likes after Youtube Vs. Tiktok but that was removed by Youtube due to community guidelines.

2. His Second most viewed video is Bye Pewdiepie with 32M Views and 2.1M Likes.

3. His Channel - At present Carry Minati has two main Youtube Channel.

(a) Carry Minati - 20M Subscriber (168 Vedios)
(b) Carryislive - 5.1M Subscriber (591 Videos)

4. Favourite Sports - Football, Cricket

5. Awards And Recognition - In the year 2019 he was listed as Top 10 Next Generation Leaders in Time Magazine's. 

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Coal Mining in Dehing Patkai is Justifiable?

9 Reasons why You should save Dehing-Patkai, The Amazon of The East

Commonly known as "The Amazon of The East", the widely spread Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is a big tank of oxygen for the state of Assam. Needless to mention that Dehing Patkai is nature built home of enriched biodiversity. But the Sanctity of this sanctuary is at stake after the NBWL or National Board for Wildlife has shown green flag to Coal India Limited for extraction of coal ores from a part of this large sanctuary, an area named Saleki. The aware citizens are now questioning the decisions.
Let us try to explore why this Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is so important for preservation of nature. 9 Reasons Why You Should Save Dehing patkai, The Amazon of The East:

1.Amazon of the east: 'Amazon of the East' not mere an adjective of this large sanctuary, but conveys the significance aspect of this sanctuary. The Dehing Patkai is spread in a span of 111.19 square kilometers and covers two districts' interlining borders, Dibrugarh and Tinsukia. The tails of the sanctuary, traceable in the form of periphery geographical areas, the length even stretches to 575 square kilometers including one more district of Sivsagar.

9 Reasons why You should save Dehing-Patkai, The Amazon of The East

2. Home to flora and fauna: Flora and fauna of Dehing Patkai is an identity of its biodiversity. This rain forest provides soil for the growth of some rare species of plants, a large portion of which are still unnamed. The varied flora and fauna enhances the density this sanctuary. The coal mining is therefore a potential threat. The profit seeking companies cannot safeguard the virginity of our dense forests. So the social thinkers are discontent with NBWL's unbalancing decision.

9 Reasons why You should save Dehing-Patkai, The Amazon of The East

3. Endangered Species/Mammals species: Forests preserve true diamonds. No, we are not talking about glowing diamonds. We keep it in the context of the living species which are very thin on ground due to our constant aggression on them and on their homes. Yes, the Dehing Patkai is still a shelter for many endangered species. The experts have tallied so far a total of 47 mammal species, 50 rare snake species, over 300 species of rare but colorful birds and many more other endangered species.

9 Reasons why You should save Dehing-Patkai, The Amazon of The East

4. Home of our state bird: White winged duck is a rare species of bird and also decors the tag of "State Bird of Assam". Thanks to this Dehing patkai, because it still provides a safe harbour for this almost endangered white winged duck.

9 Reasons why You should save Dehing-Patkai, The Amazon of The East

9 Reasons why You should save Dehing-Patkai, The Amazon of The East

5. Home Of Rarest Kingfisher "Blyth's Kingfisher": The rarest species of bird available here include another unfamiliar species called "Blyth's Kingfisher". You must be thankful that this rare species of kingfisher dives in the heavenly rain forests of Dehing Patkai, because it is not seen in other parts of India. This is a medium sized Kingfisher birds. You should be an admirer of this forest for homing this beautiful blue-black feathery bird called Blyth's Kingfisher.

9 Reasons why You should save Dehing-Patkai, The Amazon of The East
photo credit -@sumitsureshsha
6. 400 Rare Species of Birds: The evening sky at Dehing Patkai is full of flocks of birds, and the setting sun's reddish tonal of light would make the scenario even more heavenly. 400 species of rare birds fly in unison over the sky of Dehing Patkai.

7. Big Oxygen Tank:A forest that is as wide and long as 111.19 square kilometers and periphery of which even stretches an area of 575 square kilometers, definitely becomes a dominant determinant of the climate condition of the area. The huge forest contributes as a big source of life supporting oxygen. Because of the existence of  Dehing Patkai, the climate of Upper Assam is not hot. A mild climate which is favourable and healthy for the people there is a grace of the nature.

8. The sanctuary is already a Proposed Reserve Forest: The Assam government proposed this sanctuary as a Reserve Forest. So, it must be questioned that how mining may be permitted in a proposed reserve.

9. Ecological Balance: The Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, is accountable for many positive contribution to the entire state of Assam. The forest maintains ecological balance by maintaining  the orderly forest life.

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 My Native Land, Questions  & Answers, Chapter 2, Class 8

Write a note on the periodical essay of the 18th century
1. All Answers below:
i.What does the old man ask the poet?
Answer: The old man asks the poet about the description of his village. He want to see his native land through  the eyes of the poet.
ii.Why does the old man ask the question to the poet?
Answer: The old man man is blind and therefore he cannot see his own native land. Therefore he wants to take help from the poet to see his village.
iii.How does the poet address the old man? What does that form of address mean?
Answer: The poet is a little girl and therefore she addresses the old man in her Assamese language as 'Koka'. This term 'Koka' is synonymous of English term grandfather.
iv.Why does the poet ask the old man to breathe deep?
Answer: When the poet meets the old man, a cool breeze is blowing. As the old man is blind, he can only know about it through his sense organs. So, she asks the grandfather to take a deep breathe in order to feel the breeze. Moreover it will help him to recall the old days of his village.
v.With what does the poet compare the cool breeze on the old man’s face?
Answer: After a night long thunder and rain, the cool breeze blowing is just comparable to a peaceful breath of the old man's native land.
vi.With what does the poet compare the contented gurgling of the little baby?
Answer: A baby, tied on the back of its mother is making contented gurgling that is just similar to the own soil of the native land of the old man.
vii.What does the chorus of the cuckoo and the sparrows do?
Answer: The cuckoo and the sparrows play around the treetops of the village. They chirrup in chorus. They provide a shape of the native land. 
viii.What are the things that create the soul of the poet’s beloved country?
Answer: The soul of the poet's beloved country is made up of many things. The distant musical rolls of Bihu dhol, pepa and gogona played by the neighbours are composites of the soul of the native land. The aromatic and tasty pitha and laroo, the enchanting evening prayers in Namghar, Masjid and chaurch all form part of the soul of the native land.

2. Answers:
a. Answer: Stanza 4

b. Answer: Stanza 6

c. Answer: Stanza 1

d. Answer: Stanza 5

e. Answer: Stanza 3

3. The girl helps the old man to feel his native land with his sense organs. These senses are:
Answer: (a) Feel  (b) Hear (c)Smell

(i) Example: The warm air, the cool breeze

(ii) Example: the chirruping of cuckoo and sparrows, the distant rolling sounds of musical instruments like dhol, pepa and gogona.

(iii) Example: Aroma of Pitha and laroo

(iv) Example: The old man could guess the season through his senses. It was the season of spring. Because the Assamese community celebrates Bihu in this season.

4. Match the words in column A with their meaning in column B.
Answer : (1) Thunder - The loud explosive sound that follows lightning in the cloud.
(2) Morn - Morning

(3) Contented - Satisfied

(4) Gurgling - The happy sound made by babbies

(5) Chorus - Singing or speaking at the same time .

(6) Aroma - Strong Pleasant smell

(7) Sturdy - Strong and firm

Now, Make sentences of your own

(a) Thunder - The rain was also accompanied bv thunder strikes.

(b) Morn - A fresh morn air is refreshing.

(c) Contended -  The contended baby was gurgling.

(d) Gurgling - The baby is gurgling

(e) Chorus - I participated in a chorus.

(f) Aroma -The aroma of pitha and laroo is vibrating.

(g) Sturdy - The chair is sturdy.

Protests Raised All Over in Assam Against NBWL's Decision

dehing patkai elephant reserve, assam news

Assam, 18th of May, 2020: While the whole world is fighting against deadly Corona, and people are admitting that it is a Mother Nature's tough lesson against there aggressive reaping of the nature, some actions show that we are still not ready to learn and adhere the Nature's core principles.

The National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) has, on 7th of April taken an odd decision to show green signal to Coal India Limited to carry coal mining in a big sanctuary of Assam named Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve. Coal India Limited has been indicated green signal on access over a span of 98.59 hectares of land at Saleki in Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve, to carry out coal mining.

The area of Saleki is a part of India's largest rain forest named Dehing Patkai which is spread over 575 square kilometers stretching to an area covered in three districts of Assam, namely Tinsukia, Dibrugarh and Shivsagar. It is most popularly known as 'Amazon of the East'.

The decision is quite unwelcome by the conscious environmentalists, NGOs and the students' groups of Assam. The Eco Club of Guwahati University already launched a social media movement against the decision of NBWL.

The environmentalists opine that the Dehing Patkai Reserve contains biodiversity and is a home to various rare species of flora and fauna. The decision may put the biodiversity of Dehing Patkai at stake. The government of Assam already proposed this sanctuary as a reserve forest. So in this light, how can mining be permitted in a proposed reserve forest?

Post Graduate Students' Union of Guwahati University launched an #SaveDehingPatkai campaign in social media platforms including twitter.

They appealed, "Let's stand for Dehing Patkai, 'The Amazon of the East' which is under threat.Apart from illegal mining of the coalthat has been carried out for almost 16 years, National Board for Wildli (NBWL) has permitted Coal India Limited to carry out mining activities, an Elephant Reserve Area of Assam's Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. So let's start a movement in social media. Post #SaveDehingPatkai in your social media accounts .... to spread the movement.

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The Prince of Panidihing Questions and Answers

Class 8, Lesson 1, English, SCERT, Assam

The Prince of Panidihing, All Questions Answers, Class 8, Lesson 1, A Story about Khagen

1.Answer the following questions to check your understanding:
a)Why did the people of Chitolia and the neighbouring villages panic?
Chitolia and the neighbouring villages sit by the mighty river Brahmaputra. Last night, a heavy current of the rising Brahmaputra breached the embankment at Chitolia. As a result, water soon occupied the villages. So the villagers mouths dried up in fear and panic.
b)What happened when the embankment at Chitolia villages was breached?
With the breach of the protecting embankment, the Brahmaputra's rising water soon occupied Chitolia and the other nearby villages. Flood water rose alarmingly up to roof tops of the houses. People were startled as they found no way out of it. Even their livestock were swept away in the waves of flood water.
c)What action did Khagen and his classmates take to rescue the villagers of Chitolia?
Khagen was a different kind of a boy and he could never bear the tears of the villagers. So, he decided to run a speedy rescue operation. He formed a team with his friends and initiated the rescue operation. He built some rafts from banana trees and mounted every villager onto the boats. He then escorted everyone to the school building. He even managed food items for his hungry villagers. He rescued doctor Hatibaruah and his wife Moni Baidew also.
d)How did Khagen and Dambaru rescue Dr. Hatibaruah and Moni Baidew?
Khagen and Dambaru indulged themselves in a risky operation to rescue Dr. Hatibaruah and his wife Moni Baidew. He sailed up on a raft to their stranded location and then mount the couple. Then he sailed up stream and down stream to the village school.
On their way, they met up an accident too.Their raft got baffled in a whirlpool and all of them fell down. They somehow rescued Hatibaruah and Moni Baidew. 
e)Why did the people of the village call Khagen ‘The Prince of Panidihing’?
Khagen rightly deserves a title of 'The Prince of Panidihing' because he is a great social activist that also at a very tender age. He is just seventeen but never step his foot back when it comes to social work. In a tensed flood situation, he and his teammate took all the pains rescue each and every villager. He even endangered his own life to save Dr. Hatibaruah and his wife Moni Baidew. The spirit of the boy towards a greater social cause forced everyone to call Khagen the Prince of Panidihing. 

2.How much of the story do you remember? Answer these questions quickly.
a)Who was Khagen? How old was he?
Khagen was a brave and hard working social worker of Chitolia, Borgaon. Khagen was a brave boy who lived in Chitola, Borgaon. He was just seventeen years old growing teenager.
b)‘It rained heavily all week.’ What was the result?
The heavy rain had an adverse impact. The level of water of the Brahmaputra rose up because of the rain. The rising water breached an embankment of Chitolia and thus flood submerged not only Chitolia but also other neighbouring villages. 
c)‘In moments, huge waves of water broke into the villages.’ – What is this situation called?
Huge waves of water caused to submerge the village of Chitolia and other neighbouring villages. This is situation is a catastrophe called flood.

d)“Khagen! You have saved our lives, given us a new life.” – Who said this? Why did he say this?

Answer: Dr Hatibaruah said, "“Khagen! You have saved our lives, given us a new life.” Khagen and his friend Dambaru took great risk to save Dr Hatibaruah and his wife Moni Baidew. In fact, they were about to be swept away in flood. But brave Khagen did not allow it to happen and rescued them. So, Dr. Hatibaruah had to say those words in admiration of their bravery. 

3.Complete the following sentences possibly in your own words:
a)The water rolled over some of the house tops and the villagers had to face a disterous situation of flood. Water level went up to their roof tops andc they took shelter on housetops. Livestock died.
b)By the time the people of the Chitolia were evacuated, Khagen and his team were already tired, but that was not the end as people were hungry and they had to manage food for them.

c)Half an hour later, the boat reached the doctor’s house and the boat was about to hit the railings bof the doctor's verandah. But they avoided it and by mounting the doctor and his wife they safely sailed up to the school.
d)The boat took a U turn now and it started to sail smoothly with the current.
e)Dambaru and two other man somehow managed to catch

4. This question is about making news reports on the flood situation of Chitolia. See the question from your textbook.
Answer:   Flood Situation Createdc Panic in Chitolia but Khagen Did it Again.
Panidihing, 25th June: 

The village of Chitolia went below water in a recent flood situation caused by heavy rainfall of the last week. The water level of the Brahmaputra rose above the marked danger level and swiped away the embankment at Chitolia. In no time flood water submerged Chitolia and several other nearby village. The villagers got no opportunity to preserve their valuables, livestock or to move to a safer place. Khagen, aged seventeen and friends, a group of local boys formed a team to save their villagers. They did it all by making some rafts and then rescued the villagers to safer place. Presently all the villagers are taking shelter at the village school compound. Later they also informed the local administration. The administration initiated a quick rescue operation. The villagers now thank the brave boy Khagen and his team and they have awarded him a title of 'The Prince of Panidihing'. As per eyewitness, the team of Khagen nearly met a deadly accident while rescuing the village doctor Hatibaruah and his wife Moni Baidew. 
5.(a) This question will teach you about adverbs. Please go through your textbook and read it out.
8.Read this news item very carefully:
Two die in Assam floods

Anil Nagar, July 16: Two persons, a man and a woman were drowned in a devastating flood caused by heavy rains in Anil Nagar, Kamrup district, Assam. Most of the flood affected people were however rescued and taken to the relief camps. The district administration sought the help of paramilitary forces in the rescue operation. Many NGOs also offered their help in the operation.
(b) From the above news report find answers to the following questions:
(i) Where did the flood occur?
In the stated news report, flood occurred in Anil Nagar of Kamrup district of Assam.
(ii) How many people died in the flood?
The report stated that two people died in the flood.
(iii) What were the flood affected people taken to?
The news report reveals that the flood affected people were taken to the relief camps.
(iv) Who helped the flood affected people?
The district administration, the paramilitary force and the NGOs came up for the help of the flood affected people.

(c) Imagine you are Khagen. Working with your partner, write a newspaper report on the floods and how they affected the lives of the people in your village and the neighbouring villages.
Panidihing has gone under Brahmaputra's Flood
Panidihing, 26th June:

The village of Chitolia went below water in a recent flood situation caused by heavy rainfall of the last week. The water level of the Brahmaputra rose above the marked danger level and swiped away the embankment at Chitolia. In no time flood water submerged Chitolia and several other nearby village. The villagers got no opportunity to preserve their valuables, livestock or to move to a safer place. Khagen, aged seventeen and friends, a group of local boys formed a team to save their villagers. They did it all by making some rafts and then rescued the villagers to safer place. Presently all the villagers are taking shelter at the village school compound. Later they also informed the local administration. The administration initiated a quick rescue operation. The villagers now thank the brave boy Khagen and his team and they have awarded him a title of 'The Prince of Panidihing'. As per eyewitness, the team of Khagen nearly met a deadly accident while rescuing the village doctor Hatibaruah and his wife Moni Baidew. Reportedly, in the devastating flood, more than 850 people have been affected.
The district administration has ensured all sorts of necessary facilities at the relief camp. From food to clothes all facilities have been recreated as stated by the district administration. The district administration has also ensured that no deadly disease should form in the relief center by facilitating health and hygiene measures. As per the statement released by the administration, they are planning a compensation scheme for the flood affected.  
(9) What would you have done if you were Khagen? Write a diary entry describing your experience and actions on the day the floods occurred in your village. Use the information from the main text to write your entry.

26th June, 2021  10:30 pm
   I had a horrible experience today. My heart completely broke as the huge flood waves broke our village embankment and caused to submerge our entire village. So I could not wait, I called my friends Dambaru and others. We made a team to save everyone. Firstly, we made rafts of banana trunks. Then we put everyone there and chose the village school to relocate my native villagers. Thankfully, the village school is on a higher ground. So it did not sink and became a safer place. At first when I saw flood water rising above my house, I was about to lose my sense.

A dangerous incident also happened while doing rescue operation. But now when I recall it, I am finding it funny as well. While coming back from Dr. Hatibaruah's house, our raft was caught in a whirlpool and the raft became upside down. All four passengers were in water. Dambaru was brave as well as powerful. He saved Moni Baidew. However we all are safe now. We have informed our district administration. They are coming for our rescue tomorrow. I am happy now even amidst this disaster because we are safe now.

10. Project Work:
Imagine your village has been inundated by the flood waters of the Brahmaputra. Discuss in your group what steps you will take as volunteers to provide relief to the flood victims of your village. Draw up a plan of action.

Answer:  Flood is a terrible disaster. But we mankind have to fight against it anyhow. Very sadly our village is presently amid flood. Some of our village boys have formed team and have drawn the following action plan:-
  • Firstly, we will have to ensure that all villagers, their valuable things and the livestock is rescued. If not, we will do that staff immediately.
  • Then, we will have to arrange for food and cloth for our villagers who are now staying in village school.
  • We will have to ensure their health as we heard that Malaria sort of diseases easily can outbreak after flood.
  • We have decided to inform the district administration immediately.
  • We also heard that NGOs help in this situation. We have entrusted this duty upon two of our members to approach different NGOs for this purpose. 
  • Our moto is to help our villagers. We are committed to do so.
11. Prepare a notice to be hung on your school noticeboard informing the students about a free health camp to help the flood victims.

The Info Bell School, Azamgarh
Dated: 01th July, 2021
Free Health Camp by Our School
Notified herewith that in order to help the villagers of Rajani Chuk Village in Dhemaji, our school has decided to organize a free of cost health check up camp on 10th of July, 2021. As the village recently faced a terrible flood situation, there is a high possibility of outbreak of after flood diseases in the village and our school feels that we should take an early measure.

So, the interested students are requested to be a part of it and they should submit their names for the role of volunteers to their respective class teacher latest by 7th of July.

Mr. Voymkesh Azad