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David Copperfield short summary,dickens novel

                     David Copperfield-A short summary

David Copperfield short summary,dickens novel
David Copperfield

Another Novel of Charles Dickens is David Copperfield, according to Dickens , David Copperfield is his best Novel ,It is the Eight novel by Him. The full title of this Novel is the personal history , Adventures , experience and observation of David Copperfield the younger of Blunderstone Rookery. it was first published as a serial in 1849-50. Interesting facts of this Novel is that many elements of This Novel follow events in Dickens own life, for which it is often considered as Charles Dickens veiled Autobiography.

David Copperfield short summary,dickens novel
David Copperfield

This Novel is Largely autobiographical and affords us a glimpse into the dirt and squalor of his early life that enabled him to understand the untold misery of the homeless child . He is the first chronicler of children who have lost their childhood .

David was born in Suffolk . A posthumous child, who is brought up in an atmosphere of tyranny and terror . His young mother Clara , with no knowledge and experience of the ways of the world , marries a heartless man. Murdstone . He and his sister miss murdstone have only one aim -- to crush both the mother and the child. To reform stubborn David, ( David was not stubborn) , murdstone sent him to the school of Creakle  , a symbol of tyranny . There David makes friends with Steerforth  and Traddles . He can not long prosecute his studies . David is sent to do menial work by his stepfather . Their by God's grace that he meets Mr.micawber , whose child-like simplicity brings David closer to the family . David's father aunt Betsy Trotwood, who once disowned David for being a male ,and not a female ,comes to his rescue in his sore need . Miss Trotwood is eccentric and her companion is Dick, a harmless lunatic. It is in such abnormal but pleasant company that David is educated and brought up .after that David is sent to Canterbury for further education . He puts up with wickfield, Miss trotwood's lawyer . Agnes ,the daughter of wickfield ,is a charming girl, and there grows mutual liking which is followed by love. David enters doctor's commons, and is articled to spenlow . Once he chances upon Steerforth whom he introduces to his old nurse and sincere well- wisher Clara peggoty , who is married to Barkis , the coachman . A man of erotic disposition , Steerforth ruins Emily , betrothed to Ham. Emily , a niece to peggoty , is left in the lurch by the unscrupulous Steerforth . The man has ruined another innocent girl,Rose brought by his mother . Guilt is followed by nemesis , and the philanderar , is shipwrecked . Ham, so very inhumanly betrayed , tries to save the betrayer and both die . David, for a while , forgets Agnes and marries Dora , the daughter of spenlow . Dora is more a Doll to be fondled than a human . Dora dies ,and David's passion for Agnes is roused.

Agnes father is has walked into the trap of his clerk , Uriah Heep , a sanctimonious hypocrite(Making a show of being morally better  than others) . Mr . Micawber is , in the meanwhile, appointed a clerk by Uriah heep. He , like God's good angel , exposes Heep's theft , forgery and evil design upon Agnes . Heep is sent to jail ; And Agnes and David are married and Mr. Micawber becomes  a magistrate in Australia .




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