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Oliver twist short summary ,dickens novel

                          Oliver Twist (Short summary)

Oliver twist short summary ,dickens novel


Oliver twist,or The parish Boy's progress,is the Second Novel of Charles Dickens,it was first published as a serial in 1837-39

Charles Dickens, Oliver twist it may also be called the Tragedy of is comical and pathetic. No other novelist has presented the sufferings of a child with as much sympathy and tender solicitude.

This novel deals with the exploitation of a child in a workhouse. A son of a unknown parentage ,Oliver Twist is forced by circumstances to drudge in a workhouse .

He runs away from there to get under the clutches of a band of thieves and pickpockets.
The rogue who runs the show is an old Jew Fagin by name . Bill Sikes , Nancy and the Artful Dodger resort to all sorts of unfair means to enrich Fagin's coffer. It was by them Oliver learns tricks to rob people . Fortunately for him Mr.Brownlow , a man of benevolent disposition rescues him from the den. The gang , however , takes him away to lead the life of a criminal . Bill Sikes instigates him to burgle into a house , where he is fired at. He sustains serious injuries . Mrs . Maylie and her protegee Rose nurse him with loving care . It is from Nancy that Rose learns of Oliver's parentage , so long kept a guarded secret by a criminal named Monks . She also learns that she is related to Oliver . Morally Reclaimed , Nancy is determined to expose the gang and bring them to book. Bill Sikes kills Nancy . In his bid to escape Sikes is killed . The gang is exposed , and Monks reveals the secret . Monks is Oliver's stepbrother and has played a nefarious (sinful) game only with a view to depriving the innocent child. Rose is Oliver's mother's sister . Bronlow adopts Oliver as his son . Monks leaves to die in prison . The story tells us about the emergence of a boy from squalor to light . The underworld of London has photographic Fidelity.



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