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Lesson 8 | A Visit to Sivasagar All questions answers | Class 4 | English | SCERT

Lesson 8 | A Visit to Sivasagar All questions answers | Class 4 | English | SCERT

Lesson 8 | A Visit to Sivasagar All questions answers | Class 4 | English | SCERT

Ask Your Friend

a) Which of these places you have visited?
Answer: Tajmahal.
b) What did you see there?
Answer: I saw the Symbol of Love “Taj Mahal”.
c) Should we visit such places?
Answer: Yes we should visit such places.



1. Let’s find out how much we have understood:

(a) What were Ramen and Rita waiting for?
Answer: Ramen and his sister Rita were zealously waiting for their summer vacation.

(b) How did they go to Sivasagar?
Answer: Ramen and his sister rita went to Sivasagar by a red ASTC bus.

(c)  What did they see on their way to Sivasagar?
Answer: Ramen and Rita on their way to their trip they saw many beautiful places and things. They crossed famous Kaziranga National Park, They saw vast and beautiful green tea gardens and paddy fields and they loved them.

 (d) What did the kings and the courtiers do in Rang Ghar?
Answer: In the Rang Ghar the Kings and their courtiers used to watch Games, sports,dances, fights from Rang Ghar.

 (e) Where were the Ahoms Kings laid to rest?
Answer: Charaideu is a Sacred place where the Ahoms kings were laid to rest in the Maidams.

2. Let's read the text again and find out the monuments in Sivasagar. Put the names of the Monuments in the Ovals. One is done for you as an example:


a) Rangh Ghar
b) Kareng Ghar
c) Joysagar Tank
d) Shiva Dol
e) Dargah
f) Talatal Ghar

3. Say 'Yes' or 'No' for the following statements:

(a) Ramen and Rita saw vast and beautiful green tea gardens and paddy fields on the way. - Yes
 (b) They reached Sivasagar around 9 p.m. at night. - No
 (c) Shiva Dol, Bishnu Dol, and Devi Dol are on the banks of Joysagar. - No
 (d) Ahom Kings and their courtiers used to enjoy watching games and sports, dances, and fights from the Rang Ghar. - Yes
 (e) Charaideu is famous for the madams of the royals. – Yes.

4. Rita narrated her experience of the Sivasagar tour in class after the school reopened. Let’s read what she said:

Our Journey to Sivasagar was a wonderful one. We enjoyed ourselves a lot there. The roadside scenary was very beautiful. I still remember the pleasant atmosphere of Sivasagar Borpukhuri. Shiva Dol, Bishnu Dol and Devi Dol are situated on the banks of this tank. We were very happy to visit Rang Ghar, Talatal Ghar, Kareng Ghar and Joysagar too. We got a glimpse of our rich history in those wonderful monuments. It was a really pleasant experience to learn about our history at all these places of historical interest.

5. Let's learn some new words and their meanings:

Monument : A building, structure or site that is of historical interest.
Amazed : Greatly surprised.
Artistry: Creative skill or ability.
Journey: An act of travelling from one place to another.
Vast: Of very great extent or quantity, immense.
Precious: Of great value.

Now, complete the following sentences with the help of the words you have learned:

(a) We had a wonderful Journey to Sivasagar. 
(b) We did not realize that the Joysagar tank was so vast.
(c) Ramen and Rita were amazed to see the beautiful Rang Ghar. 
(d) The monuments reflect the artistry of the Ahom Kingdom. 
(e) The Rang Ghar is a wonderful Monument. 
(f) We have created precious memories for ourselves in Sivasagar.

6. Work in pairs:
Paste pictures or draw some monuments and write about them.

7.a) Have you visited any historical place? Do you want to visit one? Let’s talk about visiting such a place.

7.b) Listen to the teacher read out the folowing passage and write it in your notebook.

We visit places for many reasons. A visit to an important place teaches us many things. If we visit a place, we learn about its history, culture and the lifestyle of people. It helps us to know ourselves better. Visiting places gives us immense happiness. We get to see new things. In addition, we meet new people and learn new things.

8. Let's read the following passage from the text and find out the describing words and underline them:

They were amazed to see the beautiful Rang Ghar on their way to Joysagar. Long ago the kings and their Courtiers watched games and sports, dances and fights from this monument. Rita and ramen also spent some time at the wonderful talatal Ghar. They admired the vast Joysagar Tank. Their uncle narrated to them the story of Joymoti and the famous kings of those distant days. 

Now, since you have identified the describing words, make sentences with some of them. One is done for you.

(a) distant - He is my distant relative.
(b) amazed – Rita and Ramen were amazed to see the beautiful and vast tea Garden.
(c) admired – Rohit and Mayuri admired the beautiful Tajmahal
(d) Wonderful – Rohit and Mayuri had a wonderful journey to Agra.

9. Let's read a phone conversation between Rita and Tanya:

Tanya : Hello! Rita are you back from Sivasagar?
Rita : Yes dear, we came back last Friday.
Tanya: I feel I have missed a great chance.
Rita: Very true, Tanya. I asked you to go with us but you couldn’t. So I went alone with my parents.
Tanya: I really feel bad about it. My mother suddenly fell sick. I decided to stay with her, and hence I couldn’t go.
Rita: No problem! We will plan another visit soon. Anyway, how is your mother now?
Tanya: She is better now and so I’m happy. Next time I won’t miss a chance to go on such a journey with you.

Underline the words ‘so’, ‘and’, ‘but’, and ‘hence’ in the above conversation. They are all linkers of sentences and explain why something happened or did not happen. They always show a cause and effect relationship.

SO – Tanya could not go. Rita went alone with her parents.
Tanya could not go, so Rita went alone with her parents.
HENCE – My moher suddenly felt sick. I decided to stay with her.

Now, make a sentence using each of the following. Remember to use capital letters, commas, and full stops in the appropriate places.

 (a) and - Rohit and Ramen saw a vast Kaziranga National Park.
 (b) but -  She wants to go to Delhi, but her mother is ill.
 (c) hence - The roads were covered with landslide, hence it was not safe to go there.
 (d) so – Visiting new places is good for knowledge, so we must-visit new places.
 (e) Therefore – Ramen’s mother was sick therefore, he could not go to office.

10. Let's practice punctuation once again. Write the following passage in your notebook. Use capital letters, commas, and full stops correctly:

Answer: Guwahati is a famous city. It is the Gateway of North-East. The city is situated on the bank of the mighty Brahmaputra. Guwahati is famous, for Saraighat bridge, Kamakhya temple, Guwahati University Science museum, Guwahati Planetarium, etc. Guwahati is a place of historic importance. It is the capital city of our state. We all love this, wonderful city. 

11. Look at the picture below:

Work in pairs and ask each other the following questions to get answers:

(a) Where do you see such a scene?
Answer: "MELA"
(b) Will you enjoy going to such places?
Answer: Yes
(c) Why do people visit such a place?
Answer: To spend goof times with family and loved ones.
(d) What are the girls doing in front of the Shop?
Answer: They are buying flowers.
(e) A family is sitting together: can you say where they are sitting and what they are doing?
Answer: A family is sitting together in Restaurant, They are having Tea and snacks.
(f) Name the things you see in front of the shop?
Answer: Flowers, Ballons, handbag, Ko-pou flowers, etc.

Now, complete the sentences with some describing words:

(a) The family is having delicious food.
(b) The spin wheel is very vast. 
(c) The florist is selling colorful flowers.
(d) The children are playing happily with air balloons.

Sports Star
Stories of Panchatantra
Discovery of India
My experiments with truth

Which book will you read and why? Select the answer from the options given below and rewrite it:

Answer: I will read 'Sports Star' because I want to know about biography and struggle which they face before coming to fame. 

14.(a) Today is 5th of June. It’s world Environment  Day.
Work in pairs. Look at the pictures above and say what is happening in these pictures. After completing the discussions, Make a slogan on how to save the Environment.

14. (b) Now, read the slogans. You can write one on your own in the last box:

(a) Go Green.
(b) Plant trees and save the world
(c) Green Earth Clean Earth.
(d) Trees are our life. Do not destroy them.

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