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Lesson 1 | All things Bright and Beautiful questions answers | Class 5 | SCERT

All Things Bright and Beautiful Questions Answers

Lesson 1 | All things Bright and Beautiful questions answers | Class 5 | SCERT
All Things Bright And Beautiful | Lesson 1 | Class 5

Let’s recite the poem:

                   All Things Bright And Beautiful


1. Find out in the poem the words you don't understand. Look up their meaning in the dictionary. One is done for you:

     Word                                Meaning
(a) Great                             Large/big/very good, etc.
(b) Wise                              Clever/Intelligent
(c) Beautiful                        attractive/pleasant
(d) Bright                             Shiny/lighting

2. Fill in blanks with the correct word from the poem:

a) All things are bright and beautiful. (light/bright/great)
b) Each little flower that opens. (runs/sings/opens)
c) God made their tiny wings. (rings/stings/wings)

3. Let's see how much you have understood the poem:

a)Write the names of two small creatures.
Answer: The names of the two small in the poem “All Things Bright And Beautiful” are butterflies and ants.

b) "He made their glowing colors" - who is 'he' in this line?
Answer: Here the word ‘He’ is reffered to “God”
 “God made their glowing colors”.

In this line, 'he' is referred to the Lord God. 

c) “He made their tiny wings” – Who is ‘their’ in this line?
Answer: “He made their tiny wings” Here the word ‘Their’ is reffered to the birds.

d) What are the things that God has made?
Answer: In this World God has made many great and small beautiful things and creatures like glowing butterflies, tiny wings, colorful flowers etc.

e) Why does the poet praise God in this poem?
Answer: The poet of the poem “All things Bright And Beautiful” praises God because the Lord “God” has made many small and great beautiful creatures in this world.

Class 5 | Lesson 1 | All things bright and Beautiful

4. Circle the rhyming words in each group:

a) small, beautiful, all
Answer: Small - All

b) wonderful, small, beautiful
Answer: Wonderful - Beautiful

c) might, color, bright
Answer: Might - Bright

d) wings, open, sings
Answer: Wings - Sings

5. Complete the word-web with things you find in a garden:
(a) Flower
(b) Butterfly
(c) Gardener
(d) Honeybee
(e) Trees
(f) Grasshopper

6. Write a word that rhymes with the first two:


(a) sweet - feet - beet

(b) thing - sing - ring 

(c) mood - food - good

(d) old - cold - gold

7. Read the following:

(a) little drops of water
(b) tiny drops of water
(c) small drops of water 

The word little, tiny, small have the same meaning in these sentences.

Let's learn some more words that have the same or nearly the same meaning:

(a) beautiful - pretty, nice

(b) great - large, big

(c) wise - clever, intelligent

(d) wonderful - lovely, delightful

8. We can also think of many new words from a given word, such as 'sun'. One is done for you:

a) sunburn

b) sunlight

c) sunshine

d) Sunday

e) sunflower  

f) sun rays
9. Word chain: Use the last letter to begin the next word. Each new word should be something you find in nature. The one is done for you.

Flower  - Rabbit – Thunder – River – Rat – Tadpole – Egg –Grass – Sheep – Plant – Tree - Elephant.

10. Practise saying these sentences aloud:

(a) I scream, You scream we all scream for ice-cream
(b) If a dow chews shoes, whose shoes does he choose?
(c) I thought, I thought of thinking of thanking you.
(d) The big bug bit the black beetle.

11. This year, on Earth Day, you wish to send a greeting card to your friend. here is a greeting card for you.

To Ishan……

Wishing you a very happy and green Earth Day. May we all work together to keep our Earth Clean!

From Vishal

We send greetings cards on occassions such as the New Year’s day and Birthday. Complete the greeting card given below to wish someone a happy new year. You may choose words given in the box. You may also use a word more than once.

Wishing You a Very Happy New Year. May this new year bring Happiness and Prosperiy to you and your Family.

12. Your school celebrated World Environment Day on 5 June this year by holding a quiz. Your team won the quiz. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about the quiz. You may use the points given in the box:


Dear Ishan,

I hope you are doing well, I’m writing this letter to tell you about the quiz competition which I won on this World Environment day. It was held on Margherita Polo Field. The topic of the quiz was about the Environment.The quizmaster was renowned personality Dr. P.K. Baruah. Their were total 6 members. The name of our team was Soutzone. Each of the team played very well and all of them scored good marks. Our team leads with 55 marks and we were awarded with prize money and certificate. Really it was very nice experience for me. After the competition me and my team mates enjoyed a lot. I was mising you a lot in my celebration. Hope to see you soon my dear friend come soon.

Your Loving Friend

13. Read the following conversation. Rewrite the conversation changing the underlined words into short forms.

Runjun: Hello, how are you? 
Riaz : I’m fine.
Runjun: Can you hold the bag for me?
Riaz: Sorry. I can’t it’s heavy.

14. Complete the following. You may choose words given in the box. Rewrite the complete sentence:

a) Food is to eat as water is to Drink.
b) Bird is to sing as dog is to Bark.
c) Earth is to God as machine is to Man.
d) Sight is to eyes as smell is to nose.
e) Prayer is to pray as games is to play.

15. Write two words ending with 'mb': 

thumb   dumb  plumb   numb

16. Say as fast as you can:

 bees     peas    seas    keys  

Now write the names of four things ending with 's' to mean more than one.

 girls, students,  pencils, flowers

17. Complete the  following by using 'and', 'but', 'so' or 'therefore': 

a) Hop, the grasshopper and Annie, the ant are friends. Hop spends all his time singing and dancing. But Annie loves to work all the time.
b) Annie was busy in summer, therefore Hop did not meet her.
c) Both big and small creatures are made by God,But buildings are not.
d) Plastic is bad for the environment so, plastic bags shold not be used.

18. Look carefully at the pictures below. Find out six differences in picture 2 and write them down:

19. Read these sentences about a rhinoceros. Write down the questions you want to ask her. Don't forget to put the question mark:

a) Who are you?
Answer: I am a rhino.
b) Where do you live?
Answer: I live in Kaziranga.
c) What do you eats?
Answer: I eat plants and grass
d) How old are you?
Answer: I am ten years old.
e)Why are you crying?
Answer: I am crying because I am endangered.

20. Read this paragraph about your state written by a class V student:
The name of my state is Assam. Assam is a beautiful state.Dispur is the capital of Assam. Assam is ful of beautiful trees and flowers. The river Brahamaputra flows through my state. Animals like Tigers, elephants, wild boar, buffaloes and deer live in the forests of Assam. Several birds visit my state during the winter. I love my state.

Now write five sentences about your town/village.

1) The name of my Town is Tinsukia.
2) Tinuskia is famous for bussiness.
3) Tinsukia is well known for Bussiness.
4) Tinsukia is rich in natural resources.
5) I love my town.

21. Read the story: Tenali Raman

Tenali Raman was a courtier in a king's court. One day the king got angry with Tenali Raman. The king said, "I don't want to see your face. Don't come to my courtroom".

The next day Tenali Raman came with his face covered with a pot. He made three holes in the pot. There were two holes for his eyes and one hole for his nose and mouth. On seeing Tenali Raman, the King said, "Why you have come again, and why are you covering your face with the pot?"

Tenali Raman replied," Your Majesty, you said you didn't want to see my face." The King laughed and said, "You are very intelligent, Tenali." Tenali Raman smiled and said, "Thank you, your majesty".

22. Rearrange the following sentences to complete the story:
a) Tenali Raman came to the king's court with his face covered
b) The King asked Tenali Rahman not to come to his court.
c) The King was impresed by Tenali Raman's intelligence.
d) The King recognised Tenali Raman though his face was covered.

(a) The King asked Tenali Rahman not to come to his court.
(b) Tenali Raman came to the king's court with his face covered.
(c) The King recognised Tenali Raman though his face was covered.
(d) The King was impresed by Tenali Raman's intelligence.

23. Role play:
Try to enact the story in your classroom. Play the roles of the King and Tenali Raman. Add your own dialogues.

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