Friday 12 June 2020

Find Here 2 Best Plagiarism Checker Online For Free, New Bloggers Get Ready to Make Your Blog Unique

Best Plag Checker Tool in 2021, 100% Working, Instant Adsense Approval

best plag checker tool

Plagiarism is a rim of headache especially for the new bloggers. The new bloggers step into the field of blogging yet unintentionally unaware of the fact that in order to create a unique blog their content must be free from any copy from other's published materials. Copying content from others is legally prohibited, therefore Google Adsense see to it that they do not allow their creators to copy materials and thereby get into an unruly dispute. So, they scrutinize the applications for Adsense approval and the sites with excess of copied content are straightaway rejected.  Because of the copied content even though unintentionally their Adsense apply gets rejected which dispirit the new bloggers.

What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a jargon in the field of literary creations which is commonly used to denote the act of copying the literary creatures from the original creators. It is a legally prohibited act since the copyright law of a country never allow to copy the content of the original creators without assorting to a prescribed legal procedure. In the world of blogging, the word plagiarism has a unique and different context.
For a blogger, his/her works are his identity. So, when an article is p% ublished and then indexed in search engines, if other creators try to copy line by line, the content is said to be plagiarized. No renowned ad networks are ready to accept a website or a blog which is full of plagiarism. However, not every time, every blogger does copy intentionally. Sometimes, if you put a quotation from a big personality, then also the problem of plagiarism arises.

Fairuse Plagiarism

Fairuse is a legal term that appears in copyright law. Fairuse permits use of literary contents in news reporting, criticism, commenting, educational use or non-profit uses. So, the ad networks also have to keep a balance of fairuse before rejecting contents in the name plagiarism.

How to Check Plagiarism

If you are a new blogger, and you are constantly trying to get Adsense approval, but worse of your luck, you are getting thread of rejection one after another, and Adsense shows you the reason as policy violation on the ground of scrap content, then you must understand that you have reused contents of others. In short, your articles are plagiarized.
The only way to get rid of plagiarism is to use some plagiarism checker tools that are available either online or in the form of plagiarism software.

Are Plagiarism Checker Tools Free? 

When it comes to use a plagiarism checker tool, this question might strike in your mind, because if you are a beginner blogger, your pockets might not be heavy enough to afford some extra budget to spend on such tools even though these tools are necessary.
Thankfully you should breath to relax after knowing that some online tools are available to check your plagiarism free of cost. Though the paid tools always work better, but there are free tools which are really awesome.

All Free Plag Checker Do Same Work?

No, we would like to say it frankly that not all free tools are equivalent and would do the same job for you. Selecting the best free plagiarism checker is a crafty and skillful job as a new blogger. The professional bloggers usually uses paid tools, but new bloggers cannot afford that. So, trust us, today we are going to suggest you some free online plagiarism checker tools that are going to work for you as smooth as the paid ones. Instead of testing thousands of online plag checker tools, use any of the tools prescribed below. We have tested many of the tools for you and taken the pain to save your time in this regard. So, continue reading this article below.

1. is one of the finest free online plagiarism checker tool that is a complete relieving fact for the new blogger. The mechanism of seems to be perfect and it compares your document with thousands of articles indexed in search engines. Within a very few while, it will show your plagiarized lines in your document along with the source that has been plagiarized by your article.
plagiarism checker tool Interface
You can either copy and paste your content or upload your file in Even you have the option to submit the URL of your post. But the best option is to copy and paste your content there and check plagiarism.
As per our observation the does the best job and therefore we have placed it in number one position. We, as bloggers, are quite happy with the performance of this plagiarism checker tool.
Pros: Best online tool to check plagiarism, checks contents indexed in google, thorough and speedy tool, advance plag checker available, totally free of cost tool, almost 99% accurate tool, shows the source plagiarized, plagiarism shows in terms of percentage.
Cons: word limit is fixed as 1000 words
Results Shown in Terms of Percentage


If you are still not happy with our first option above, then we have tested another platform for you, which should do your job of plagiarism checking in a perfect way. We have in our list With a beautiful interface, it is powerful online free tool to polish your article and make it unique by detecting the plagiarism in your article. The interface gives you copy paste option, upload your document file and another option to paste your URL of the article.  But like the previous one, we would rather suggest you to use copy paste option here also for best results. Interface
Its free version helps to check 1000 words at a time. The mechanism tests for all possible sources to detect your plagiarism and reveals the plagiarized sources if any.
The also offers some cost effective monthly plans if you are not happy with free version. The range of monthly plan starts from 20 dollar to 80 dollar as per the number of word count.


Your contents won't enjoy the tag of unique and quality content unless you make them plagiarism free. Apart from that, you are indulging yourself in a legal mess by copying contents from others. Both morally and legally, you are not entitled to earn money from other's hard work. So, always try to create your own content. Think and rethink before drafting your article. If you are rejected by Adsense on the ground of scrap content, then consider revising your articles. Checking plagiarism is the best step to start the job of retouching your work. Use the tools that we have recommended if you are low on budget. Your stuff of plagiarism won't be a headache anymore. Probably you will get Adsense approval very soon.

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