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Explore India Quiz Time, Class 8, All Questions and Answers of Chapter 3, under SCERT Syllabus

Sunbeam English Reader Class 8 Chapter 3 explore India quiz time questions answers

Explore India: Quiz Time, All Question-Answer, Chapter 3, Class 8

Explore India: Quiz Time, All Question-Answer, Chapter 3, Class 8
1. Answer the following questions from your textbook:

a) What is a quiz?
Answer: A quiz is one kind of sporty game or competition.The quiz master tests the knowledge of the participants by asking some questions.

b) How many school teams participated in the quiz programme for the selection phase?
Answer: Five school teams were participating in the quiz programme for the selection phase. It was a state level quiz competition.

c) Who was the Quizmaster?
Answer: The quiz competition was operated by a famous Quiz Master, Mr P.K. Baruah.
d) What were the rules of the quiz announced by the scorer Aparna?
Answer: Aparna played the role of a scorer in the quiz competition. In her announcement, she said that:-
  • the quiz competition would be played in five rounds. 
  • In each round, a direct question was to be put to each team. 
  • Team giving correct answer to a direct question would get ten marks, and five marks for a passed question. 
  • Teams would get ten seconds for giving answers. 
  • The highest scorer was going to be the winner of the competition.

e) Which team was the winner of the State Level Quiz Competition?
Answer: Team D scored fifty marks which was highest amongst all. So, team D or R.K.M School, Cachar won the State Level Quiz Competition.

2. Fill the following blanks:

a)    The ancient name of Assam was Kamrup. It was also known as Pragjyotishpur.

b)    Su-ka-pha established the Ahom kingdom in Assam in the year 1228 AD.

c)    Myanmar does not share a border with Assam.

d)    The capital of Assam during the Ahom rule was Rangpur.

e)    The colours of our tricolour National flag are saffron, white and green.

f)    White stand for peace and truth.

g)    Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar in the state of Gujarat.

h)    Amritsar in Punjab is famous for the Golden Temple of the Sikhs.

i)    The largest population of Indian rhinos can be seen in Kaziranga National Park.

j)    The ancient name of Patna, the capital of Bihar, was Patliputra

k)    The Qutub Minar, the world’s tallest free-standing stone tower was built in 1193 by Qutubuddin Aibak.


4. Write True or False:
a)    The announcement is about the incessant rains in Assam.

Answer: False

b)    The announcement is about postponing the quiz program.

Answer: True

c)    The quiz program has been postponed indefinitely.

Answer: False

d)    The quiz program has been rescheduled for next Monday.

Answer: True

e)    The next date of the quiz program has been notified in the announcement.

Answer: True

f)    The participants of other districts are requested to go back.

Answer: True

g)    The new date for the quiz competition will be notified shortly.

Answer: False

h)    Students of the venue school are asked to go to their classes.

Answer: True

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