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Victorian age literature, features,


             Victorian age literature, features.


Victorian age literature, features,
Victorian age
The Victorian Age was one of the most remarkable periods in the history of English literature . The major genres of literature flourished in this age . It witness the flouring of poetry in the hands of great poet's it marked the growth of English novel and laid the foundation of English prose on a sure footing .

Salient features of Victorian Literature

(1) The note of individually

It is the hallmark of Victorian Literature .The poets and writers of the age had originality in outlook , characters and style for example ,Tennyson "Praise independence"  Dickens's Novel are quite original and reformative in purpose .

(2)Age of prose and Novel:

The romantic age was essentially the age of poetry while the Victorian Age of prose and Novel . William J.Long is one of the view that the Victorian Age is emphatically the age of prose and Novel though it's produced poet's like Tennyson and Browning .

(3) The moral note

This age was marked by a deep moral note .Both prose and poetry of this age were marked by Moral notes . There was moral purpose hidden behind the fun of Charles Dickens ,social Miniatures of Thackeray and psychological Novels of George Eliot .All the literary figures of the age tried to teach society from the moral point of view.
• A note of pessimism ,doubt and despair too are found in the literature of this age ,these are mainly found in the works of Arnold and Tennyson

(4) Conflict between Religion and science

Outstanding feature of the Victorian Age is the conflict between Religion and Science ,many artist praised Religion Browning said that God is in the heaven and all is right with world .
ARNOLD Too regrets for the loss of faith in his poems like "DOVER BEACH" . But Darwin and others followed the cause of science . Tennyson on the contrary wished to have compromise of the two.

(5) Note of Revolt

The note of Revolt is also found in the works of some artists of the Victorian Age .They have shown revolt against the materialistic tendencies of the age .

(6) Influence of Romanticism

The Victorian Age give importance to region and rationality . However it could not completely out off from the main strings of Romanticism .the spirit of Romanticism continued to influenced the works of Victorian Age .the works of Browning ,Tennyson, Arnold , Thackeray are affected by the principles of Romanticism.

(7) More importance to Human beings than to nature

As the romantic writers give more importance to nature ,the Victorians give more importance to man and woman .
Browning wrote about physical love ,Arnold regrets for the loss of morals and religious values . Scientific studies were for the welfare of human beings .




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