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Neo classical literature salient features notes

Neo classical literature salient features notes
Neo classical literature

                 Salient features of  Neo-classical Literature

(A) Realism

Neo classical literature is characterized by realism ,the representation of men exactly as they are ,the expression of the pain unvernished truth . The early neo classical writers sought to paint realistic pictures of a corrupt court and society and they emphasized vice rather than virtues .
Like Hobbes they saw only the externals of man,his body and appetites ,not his soul and it's ideas . "So like most realists they resemble a man lost in the woods ,who wonders aimlessly around in circles seeing the confusing trees and who seldom thinks of climbing the nearest high hill to get his bearing "with the later  writers ,however ,this tendency to realism became more wholesome .

(B) Literature of the society

Neo classical literature is the literature of the society . The writers was in this age ,society gentleman who wrote for gentleman and ladies he found his readers in fashionable circles in the coffee​-houses and the drawing-room of ladies.

He was a man of the word and so he wrote about politics ,religion or anything that was of social interests , unlike a romantic poet he Did not seek to reveal himself ,rather he sought to reveal the society He lived in.

(C) Dominance of intellect good sense and control

Neo classical literature is marked by intellect reason and good sense .it has no room for imagination , enthusiasm and emotion. It is born of intellect nursed by intellect and feeds intellect.
Dryden compares imagination to a headstrong horse and reasons to the bit which control it . Their imagination was controlled by reason . The insistence on good sense makes neo classical literature utilisarian and purposive . The neo classical writings were dependent on powerful patron and belonged to either of the two political parties -The Whigs and the Tories

Another distinctive features of the Neo-classical life is the Adoption of heroic couplets that is two Iambic pentameter lines which rhyme together as the most suitable form of poetry .

(E) Formalism

Neo classical age is marked by directness and simplicity expression. The neo classical writers ranged themselves against this extravagant style and with Latin quotation and classical illusion . From the french writers they learnt to be guided by established rules for writing and to use short clear cut sentences without an unnecessary word.
It is because of Dryden that writers developed that formalism in style.



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