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Stream Of Consciousness Novel,features,definition,novelist,essay,writers,short notes

               Stream Of Consciousness Novel

Stream Of Consciousness Novel,features,definition,novelist,essay,writers,short notes

The stream of consciousness novel is a peculiar product of the 20th century and it marks on epoch in the history of the English Novels .The stream of consciousness novel is also called the "Novel of Subjectivity" or " The psychological Novel" the phrase " Stream of Consciousness Novel" was first used by William James in his book Principle of Psychology .

Dorothy Richardson in England , James Joyce in Ireland and the Proust in France are the chief architects of the Novel of Subjectivity , Virginia wolf then imparted form and discipline to it and thus made it a popularly accepted art form.Read metaphysical poetry by john donne .

Definition Of Stream Of Consciousness Novel

Stream of consciousness novel or psychological Novel is a one kind of narrative device which attempts to give the written equivalent of the characters thought,either in loose interior monologue,or in connection to his/her actions.This narrative device is regarded as the special form of interior monologue,and this is used chiefly in poetry and drama ,it is a fictional device.


William James in 1890 in his Book 'The principles of psychology'


 The main stream of consciousness novelist are

William James 
May Sinclair 
Virginia Woolf 


Mrs Dolloway by Virginia Woolf
As I lay dying by William Faulkner


✓ Inner working :

In this type of novel everything is presented through the images and ideas which are connected by association and not by logical arguments. The action takes place and the plot develops through the mind of the protagonist .
Robert Humphrey Rightly says - " Stream of Consciousness " is based on a realization of the drama that takes place in the minds of the human beings .Also read Beowulf as an epic poem .

√ Symbolism :

It possess the symbolic modes of expression . According to Edmund Wilson ,the characters in Joyce's " Ulysses" live in a symbolic world. their world is full of fantasy .
A portrait of the artist as a young man" by James Joyce and to the "light house" by Virginia wolf are highly symbolic novels in English literature.

√ Graphics delineation of characters:

One of the outstanding qualities of the stream of consciousness novel is its power of delineating a character graphically . It can present a character accurately and realistically.

√ Revelation of the characters minds :

The stream of consciousness method helps the readers to know the minds of the characters of the novelist .
The readers came to know what is happening in the minds of the characters there doesn't remains any barrier between the reader and the characters  this differentiates  the stream of consciousness novel from the conventional novel.

√ Lack of compact plot :

This type of novels lacks a compact plot . In this sense ,the stream of consciousness novelists can be called innovators . These novelist get rid of a compact story . That's why Edwin Muir critics Joyce's "Ulysses " as Formless novel .

Some Others Points:

√ Withdrawal from Objective Reality
√ Psychological Nature



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