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Change the voice sentences with answers for Class 10 | Metric Exam 2021 Assam Seba Board

 Important Change the voice sentences with answers for class 10 | Metric Exam 2021 Assam Seba Board

Change the voice sentences with answers for Class 10 | Metric Exam 2021 Assam Seba Board
Change the voice sentences with answers for Class 10

Change the voice of the following sentences: -                            1X2=2

1. H.S.L.C. 2015

a. We were surprised at his conduct.

His conduct surprised us.

b. Why did your father refuse such an honorable job?

Why was such an honourable job refused by your father?

2. H.S.L.C. 2016

a. The students elected him secretary.

He was elected secretary by the students.

b. The stage was decorated by the students.

The students decorated the stage.

3. H.S.L.C. 2017

a. People speak English all over the world.

English is spoken all over the world.

b. America was discovered by Columbus. 

Columbus discovered America. 

4. H.S.L.C. 2018

a. The letters have been posted.

They have posted the letters.

b. He did the work alone. 

The work has been done by him alone.

5. H.S.L.C. 2019

a. I have lost my English textbook.

My English textbook has been lost by me.

b. He was punished for his misconduct.

They punished him for his misconduct.

6. H.S.L.C. 2020

a. I do not know his brother.

His brother is not known to me.

b. English is spoken by many people all over the world.

Many people speak English all over the world.


1. We have a lot of works to do. 

A lot of works has to be done by us.

2. Might I use your phone? 

Might your phone be used by me?

3. The president gave away the prizes. 

The prizes were given away by the president. 

4. That boy is known to me. 

I know that boy.

5. The dead body was removed from the street. 

They removed the dead body from the street. 

6. The rose is called the queen of flowers. 

People call the rose the queen of flowers. 

7. The Principal presided over the meeting. 

The meeting was presided over by the Principal. 

8. They asked the boy many questions.   

Many questions were asked by the boy.

9. He does not know me. 

I am not known to him.

10. The bridge was repaired. 

The workers repaired the bridge. 

11. I know your father well. 

Your father is well known to me. 

12. It is time to stop the war. 

It is time the war was to be stopped. 

13. It will be published by him. 

He will publish it. 

14. You must write the answer in ink. 

The answer must be written in ink. 

15. The President is selected by the members. 

The members select the President. 

16. One should keep one’s promise. 

One’s promise should be kept by one. 

17. He was invited to the meeting. 

They invited him to the meeting. 

18. A thief has stolen his clothes. 

His clothes have been stolen by a thief. 

19. His address is not known to me. 

I do not know his address  

20. They made me to sing a song. 

I was made by them to sing a song. 

21. A fine chair was made by him. 

He made a fine chair. 

22. Please enter by this door. 

You are requested to enter by this door. 

23. English is spoken all over the world. 

People speak English all over the world.

24. The answer must be written in ink. 

You must write the answer in ink. 

25. Mr. Saikia bought a new car last month. 

A new car was bought by Mr. Saikia last month. 

26. The thief is being caught by the police. 

The police are catching the thief. 

27. The thief will be caught by the policeman. 

The policeman will catch the thief. 

28. Do you like him? 

Is he liked by you? 

29. Let the boy be told to get in.

Tell the boy to get in. 

30. They have been invited to the function. 

We have invited them to the function. 

31. Call in a doctor soon. 

Let a doctor be called in soon.       

32. He laughed at me. 

I was laughed at by him. 

33. His behaviour displeased me. 

I was displeased at his behaviour. 

34. Who can trust a liar? 

By whom can a liar be trusted? 

35. I was invited to the party. 

They invited me to the party. 

36. The letters are being delivered by the postman. 

The postman is delivering the letters. 

37. We had to put off our journey. 

Our journey had to be put off. 

38. A letter was being written by the girl. 

The girl was writing a letter. 

39. Did you invite him? 

Was he invited by you? 

40. Work out the sum. 

Let the sum be worked out. 

41. Decent people dislike bad manners. 

Bad manners are disliked by decent people. 

42. Letters are delivered in the morning.

The postman delivers letters in the morning. 

43. Do not hate anyone. 

Let no one be hated. 

44. The doctor is examining the patient. 

The patient is being examined by the doctor. 

45. By whom was the letter posted? 

Who posted the letter? 

46. When did you call me? 

When was I called by you? 

47. He was made captain of our class.

We made him captain of our class.

48. People play football everywhere. 

Football is played everywhere. 

49. His conduct pleases me. 

I am pleased at his conduct.

50. It is regretted very much that we shall hear his voice no more. 

We regret it very much that we shall hear his voice no more.

51. Bring me a cup of tea. 

Let a cup of tea be brought to me.

52. All know Mahatma Gandhi. 

Mahatma Gandhi is known to all. 

53. Who did this? 

By whom was this done? 

54. Why do you dislike the boy? 

Why is the boy disliked by you? 

55. Give up your bad habits. 

Let your bad habits be given up.  

56.   Someone posted the letter. 

The letter was posted. 

57. We made the child cry. 

The child was made to cry by us. 

58. You must write the answer in ink. 

The answer must be written in ink.

59. By whom was the window broken? 

Who broke the window?

60. Will you have completed the job by sunset? 

Will the job have been completed by you by sunset? 

61. A letter was being written by Pinkie. 

Pinkie was writing a letter.

62. The teacher is teaching us a new lesson. 

A new lesson is being taught to us by the teacher. 

63. They made him the captain. 

He was made captain. 

64. The house is to be let out. 

They are to let out the house. 

65. Did he do that? 

Was that done by him? 

66. Carelessness causes accident. 

Accident is caused by carelessness.

67. A storm damaged the house. 

The house was damaged by a storm. 

68. Don’t go there. 

You are asked not to go there. 

69. The matter should be looked into. 

They should look into the matter. 

70. Roses smell sweet. 

We smell rose sweet. 

71. He met the saint accompanied by his followers.

The saint was met by him accompanied by his followers.

72. Had she kept her promise?

Had her promise been kept by her?

73. Mr. Dutta teaches us English. 

We are taught English by Mr. Dutta. 

74. My pen has been stolen. 

Someone has stolen my pen. 

75. We must endure what we cannot cure. 

What cannot be cured must be endured by us. 

76. Grass grows over the fields. 

It grows grass over the fields. 

77. His behavior vexes me sometimes. 

I am vexed at his behavior sometimes. 

78. Could you help me, Sir? 

Could I be helped by you, Sir?

79. What causes an earthquake? 

By what is an earthquake caused? 

80. The children make a noise. 

A noise is made by the children. 

81. What are you thinking of? 

What is being thought of by you?

82. He has done nothing.

Nothing has been done by him.

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