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Lesson 7 | My Story questions and answers | Class 5 | English | SCERT

Lesson 7 | My Story questions and answers | Class 5 | English | SCERT

Lesson 7 | My Story questions and answers | Class 5 | English | SCERT

Look at the two pictures:

Talk to your friend and say how picture (A) is different from picture (B). Tell your friend which of these two environments you would like to live in and why?

Water tells its own story:

   I am water. You see me all around you. I have neither shape nor color. I take my colors from the place I live in.
   You have seen me in seas and lakes. There I have a light blue color. You have seen me dancing along a rapid stream. There I have silver in color. You have seen me sailing in the sky as clouds. There I draw my colors from the sun. I am white, I am grey and orange and gold at sunset.

   But you love me when I am in the water bottle that you carry to school. You love me when I help you to remain clean, fresh, and beautiful. I help you to grow plants and trees. I bring life to the world for you.

   So, my dear friend! I need your help. I need your love. I don't like to be polluted with dirty things. I don't like to be wasted. You must help me to remain clean and healthy. I promise to do...... the same for ...... you.



1. Read the autobiography written by water and complete the sentences in the bubbles: 
(a) I help to 
(i) Grow Plants
(ii) To remain clean, fresh and beautiful.

2. Let's learn a few words. Read the words which have the same meaning as 'beautiful':

Now, make sentences using the words 


good looking: Ram is a good looking boy.

charming: The evening nature view is charming.

beautiful: The aerial view of Margherita is looking very beautiful.

attractive: That pink rose is so attractive.

pretty:  The eyes of deer looks so pretty.

handsome: Handsome is what handsome does.

Lesson 7 | Class 5 My Story

3. Look at the picture. Read the sentences: 

1. Arun Das is a bus driver. He drives a bus. Now he is asleep.
2. Miss Amiya Dutta is a teacher. She teaches English in a school. Now she is in the market.
3. Raghu Bora is a farmer. He ploughs the land. Now he is resting under a tree.

a) What happens today and everyday

(i) Arun Das drives a bus.
(ii) Miss Amiya Dutta teaches English.
(iii) Raghu Bora ploughs the field.

b) What happened in the past
(i) Arun Das drove a bus.
(ii) Miss Amiya dutta taught English.
(iii) Raghu Bora ploughed the field.

c) What is likely to happen in the future.
(i) Arun Das will drive the bus.
(ii) Miss Amiya Dutta will teach English.
(iii) Raghu Bora will plough the field.

 4. Read the autobiography of water and underline the following words living, dancing, flying, help, polluted, wasted. They all describe actions.

Now, complete the table with action words:

Lives – Lived-Will live 
Dance – Danced – Will dance
Flies – Flew – will fly
Help – helped – will help
Pollutes – Polluted – will pollute
Writes – wrote – will write.

 5. Look at the picture of the bottle of cough syrup. Some information has been given on the label of the bottle of medicine. Write them down: 

a) The name of the medicine is – Caffrl
b) The date of manufacture is – 18/08/2017
c) The date of expiry is – 21/07/2020
d) The price is – 47.00

6. Read the biography of Mother Teresa:

Mother Teresa was born on 26trh August 1910 in Skopje. Her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Her parents were Nicolle and Dranafile Bojaxhiu.

Mother Teresa devoted her life to the service of the poor and destitute around the world. She founded the Missionaries of charity. She chose to wear a white saree with a blue border.
She spent several years in calcutta. In 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel peace prize. She died on september 5th, 1997.

Now, write questions on Mother Teresa.

7. Find out words which have similar meaning with the word ‘Destitute’. You can look it up in the dictionary:

Destitute – Poor –Indigent – ruined

8. Read sentences on harvesting of rain water in school.

-It is raining.
- Rain is falling on the rooftop of the shool building.
-The water is flowing through the channel.
-It is filling up the water tank.
-The school uses the water for watering the plants, washing dishes, cleaning toilets etc.

Rain water harvesting is a methods for collecting, storing and using water for various purpose.

9. Look at the picture given below. The pictures are steps of rice cultivation:

Read the following sentences. Choose a sentence to match each picture. Write the sentences below each picture:

Answer accoridng to the pictures given in your book write serially.

a) The land is ploughed.
b) Seeds are sown in the fields.
c) Rice seedlings are grown in fields.
d) Seedlings are collected from fields.
e) Seedlings are planted in rows.
f) Plenty of water is required for the rice plant to grow.
g) When paddy ripens the crop is harvested.
h) The paddy stalks are threshed to separate the grains of rice from the stalks.
i) The grains of rice are collected in gunny bags.

12. Complete the following paragraph, you may use words given in the box.

I am a pencil. I was born in a factory. I am made of lead and wood. I have many names. Children love me. I help people to write and draw. I become shorter when children sharpen me.

13. Read the following information and write a paragraph.

Name – Phuleshwari Hazarika
Born – 8 september 1956
Parents – Late Madhav Hazarika and Late Phulmoti Hazarika
Place – Dergaon
Known as – Social Worker, children’s storybook writer.
Died : 9 November 2012.

Phuleswari Hazarika was born on 8th september 1956 in Dergaon. Her parents were Late Madhav Hazarika and Late Phulmoti Hazarika.

Phuleshwari Hazarika devoted her life to the service of social work. She was also a children’s storybook writer. She died on 9 November 2012.

15.Complete the following passage with the words given in bubbles:

At 10 o’clock yesterday, we were sitting in our classroom. Our teacher was writing on the blackboard. Suddenly the doors and the windows began shaking. The children were running out of the classroom. Soon there was an announcement. A man was sitting on a rickshaw with a microphone in his hand. He was telling people what to do during an earthquake.

16. Choose the correct word and complete the following sentences. Remember to start the sentence with a capital letter. One is done for you.

a) Can you give me the phone number of the civil hospital?
b) Could you switch off the lights, please?
c) Do you know the time when the fire broke out?
d) Would you like to visit the sick people?
e) Could you carry some medicine with you?

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