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Lesson 7 | Frogs at school questions answers | Class 4 | English | SCERT


Lesson 7 | Frogs at school questions answers | Class 4 | English | SCERT
Class 4 | Frogs at school questions answers

These are some of the things that Aman and Ria like to do. Let’s read:

Aman: I like to draw pictures.
Ria: I like to solve crossword puzzles.
Aman: I like listening to stories.
Ria: I like to go to school on time.
Aman: I like to do my homework after school.
Ria: I like to study and play too.
Aman: What about poems?
Ria: I like to recite them. Let’s recite this one…..


Twenty Froggies went to school
Down beside a rushy pool;
Twenty little coats of green
Twenty vests all white and clean.

“We must be in time,” Said they.
“First we must study, then we play;
That is how we keep the rule,
When we froggies go to school.”

1. (a) Put a tick on the correct answer:

(i) Forty froggies went to school.
Answer: False.
(ii) Twenty froggies went to school.
Answer: True.
(iii) Thirty froggies went to school.
Answer: False.
(iv) The vests of twenty froggies were all green and clean.
Answer: False.
(v) The vests of twenty froggies were all white and clean.
Answer: True.
(vi) The vests of twenty froggies were all red and clean.
Answer: False.

1.(b) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the brackets:

(i) The school is down beside a rushy pool. (dirty/rushy)
(ii) Froggies wear green coats. (white/green)
(iii) Froggies go to school. (run/go)
(iv) The poem is written by George Cooper. (George Cooper/George Cowper)

2. (a) Draw lines to match the rhyming words:

(i) Rule - Pool.
(ii) Green - Clean.
(iii) Play - They.

2. (b) Read the poem. Find another word which rhymes with the words 'rule' and 'pool'.

(i) Rule - Pool - School.
Frame a sentence with a new word:
School: Twenty little froggies went to school.

3. Let's learn some new words from the poem:
(a) Rush - quick movement towards something.
(b) Pool - a small area of still water.

4. Arrange the letters to make words:

(i) Utsdy : Study
(ii) Titlle : little
(iii) Wetynt : twenty
(iv) Seiggfro : froggies
(v) Aelen : clean
(vi) Hoscol : school  

5. Write two other words which mean the same as 'little'.
Answer: Little - small - tiny

Now, frame sentences with each of the words:

(a) Tiny -  I have a tiny canary bird
(b) Small – Rosy have a small kitchen garden.

6. Rewrite the words given in the table using 'ies'. One is done for you:

 (a) Baby - Babies
(b) Story - Stories
(c) Fairy - Fairies
(d) Berry - Berries
(e) Cherry – Cherries

7. Read the two conversation between Ria and her mother

6 p.m.

a) Mother: Have you finished your homework?
b) Ria : No, ma. Let me sleep a little.
c) Mother: Have you finished it? It is late.
d) Ria: Why do it today? I’ll do it tomorrow.

6 p.m.

(a) Mother: Have you finished your homework?
(b) Ria: Almost ma.

7.30 p.m.

a) Ria: I’ve finished it ma.
b) Mother: Very good Ria. Now you can do anything you like.

c) How do you like to do your work? Later or right away? Talk to your friend and write the way you like to do your work.

8. Read:

It is a quarter to six in the morning. Aman and Ria are busy. They are going to Dibrugarh with their mother to attend a wedding. Their father can’t go with them. Aman, Ria and their mother arrive at the bus station at half past seven. The whole place is full of people. Crowds of people are rushing to catch their buses. Aman, Ria and their mother are waiting for their bus.

The bus arrives at a quarter to eight. Aman, Ria and their mother into the bus. Ria takes the window seat. They wait for the bus to leave. Their bus starts to move exactly at nine.

9. Look at the clocks given below. Choose and write the correct option from the box. One is done for you.

(a) half-past eleven
(b) quarter past three
(c) quarter to six.

10. Write short answers:  

(a) Where are Aman, Ria, and their mother going?
Answer: Aman, Ria, are going to dibrugarh with their mother.

(b) Why are they going to Dibrugarh?
Answer: To attend the wedding.
(c) What time do they arrive at the station?
Answer: They arrived at half-past seven.  
(d) At what time does the bus arrive?
Answer: The bus arrives at a quarter to eight.
(e) When does the bus start to move?
Answer: Their bus starts to move exactly at nine.

11. Aman and Ria’s father couldn’t go to Dibrugarh. So, he wrote a letter to his uncle. Let’s read his letter:
Dear Dada

How are you? I am sorry I had to Miss Robin’s wedding. There is just too much work at the office. I hope the wedding goes off well. My blessings to Robin and his bride. Please Convey my best wishes to the newlyweds and my regards to Bou.

With Love,

12. After Ria came back, she wrote a letter to her friend. But some of the words in her letter are missing. Choose the words from the box and complete the letter: Remember to begin each sentence with a capital letter:

Convey, How, With love, Dear 

Dear Barnali                       Mohanbari- 24.9.19

How are you? Hope you are fine. There will be an art competition in M.G. L.P. School on the tenth of next month at 10 a.m. Let us take part in the competition. We should reach there by 9 a.m. Please be on time.

       Do Convey my regards to Uncle and Aunty.

With Love,

13. Think and say:

I am usually made of paper.
I carry your words day and night.
You close me up with glue.
You put a stamp on me too!

Answer: I am an: Envelope.

14. Read what Aman and Ria did after getting down from the bus:

First Ria and Aman got down from the bus. Next, they collected their luggage. Then they booked an autorickshaw from the autoricksaw stand. They got up onto the autorickshaw. And finally they reached their uncle’s home.

15. Make new words. Write the new word.

(i) Post-office
(ii) Post-card
(iii) Post-man

16. Read these sentences:

Aman and Ria were busy. 

it was half-past seven when they reached the station.
My mother was not well, so I could not go with you.

Now, fill in the letters in the word below to know what these underlined words are called.

Words that join two sentences are
called conjunctions.

17. Join the sentences using the words from the box. One is done for you:

and, but, yet, either, or    

(a) (i) Aman went to Dibrugarh.
     (ii) Ria went to Dibrugarh. 
Answer: Aman and Ria went to Dibrugarh.

(b) (i) Ria can't sing.
      (ii) Ria loves singing.
Answer: Ria can't sing, but she loves singing.

(c) (i) Ria worked hard.
      (ii) Ria did not get a prize
Answer: Ria Worked hard but yet she did not get a prize.

(d) (i) Aman may go to Dibrugarh.
      (ii) Aman may go to Jorhat.
Answer: Aman may go Jorhat or either Dibrugarh. 

18. Answer the following to complete the diary entry of Ria. One is done for you: 

(a) When did Ria go to Dibrugarh and with whom?
Answer: I went to Dibrugarh with my brother and mother. 

(b) Why did she go there?
Answer:  I went there to attend wedding.

(c) What was she waiting for and with whom?
Answer: I was waiting for bus with my mother and brother.

(d) Which seat did she take?
Answer: I take the window seat. 

19. Let's read this passage:

It is at 8:30 in the evening. The large crowd of wedding guests is still there. Aman's cousin is wearing a light green shirt. Ria is wearing a very nice dress. She is wearing a red frock. Aman and Ria's mother is very happy. She meets many of her old friends. She sings beautiful marriage songs with her friends.

Now, underline the describing words in the passage. Count the words and write the number:  Two 

20. Read the following instructions and complete the task:

Take a pencil.
Start from the box where Runima is sitting.
Draw a flower to her left and a tree to her right.
Go back to Runima. Draw a pen in the box above her and a fruit in the box below her.

Go to the box with a tree. Draw a pencil in the box below it.
Go to the box with the tree and draw a book in the box above it.
Go to the box with the flower and draw a sharpener in the box above it.
Now, go to the box with the fruit and draw a bottle in the box beside it.

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