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Lesson 4: The stork and the fox all questions answers | Class | SCERT | English

Lesson 4: The Stork and the Fox All questions answers

Lesson 4: The stork and the fox all questions answers | Class | SCERT | English
The stork and the Fox | Class 5

The Stork and the Fox questions and answers : 

1. Let's see how much we have understood. Choose the correct answer:

(a) The box invited the stork for

(ii) Lunch (answer)
(ii) breakfast
(iii) dinner
(iv) tea

(b) The stork requested the fox to serve his food in

(i) a plate (answer)
(ii) a cup
(iii) a pot
(iv) a bowl

(c) The stork served the food in 
(i) a pot (answer)
(ii) a bowl
(iii) a plate
(iv) a glass tumbler

(d) The fox could not eat the meal served by the stork because

(i) the meal was not tasty
(ii) he was not feeling well
(iii) the food was hot
(iv) the pot in which the food was served had a long and thin neck.

2. Write the answers:

(a) Who invited the stork for lunch?
Answer: The fox.

(b) What was the utensil in which the fox served the meal?
Answer: The fox served the meal on a beautiful plate.

(c) Why did not the stork respond to the fox's request?

Answer : The stork did not respond and kept on eating his food without listening to the fox because the fox had treated the stork in the same way before.

3. Read the meal timetable of the stork:

Meal                       Time
Breakfast                 8:30 a.m.
Lunch                      1:00 p.m.
Dinner                     9:00 p.m.

(a) At what time does the stork have his lunch?
Answer: At 1.00 p.m.

(b) What does the stork have at 8:30 a.m.?
Answer: At 8:30 a.m.

4. Works in pairs:

Ask each other the following questions about your favorite dish.

(a) What is your favorite dish?
Answer: My favorite dish is Motor Paneer and Rice.

(b) Who cooks it for you?
Answer: My sister cooks it for me.

(c) What ingredients are used to make it?
Answer: Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Green chilies, Coriander, Black pepper, cinnamon,Motor, Paneer etc.

(d) Why do you like it?
Answer: I like the taste.

5. Read the following sentences:

(i) Would you come to my place for lunch tomorrow?
(ii) May I have a plate please?

The first sentence is used to make an invitation. The second is used to make a request.

Now, read the sentences below and say which one is used to make an invitation and which one is used to make a request.

(i) Could you come to my house for dinner today?
Answer: Invitation.

(ii) Will you please give me the food in a pot?
Answer: Request.

6. Works in pairs and make invitations and requests using the clues in the brackets :

(a) Answer:  please give me your pen. (give, pen)?
(b) Answer: like to give me some chocolate (like some chocolate)?
(c) Answer: come to my house (come, my house)?
(d) Answer: play with you(play, you)?

7. Bina is Rohit's sister. They along with their parents are at their uncle's place in Tezpur for Magh Bihu. Now they are having tea. Let's read their conversation:

(i) Ummm! This ghila pitha is very tasty.
(ii) Bina, take some more.
(iii) I love the til pitha and the laru. I will have a few more.
(iv) The sira with doi is delicious. And the gur is very good. Bhaiti, from where have you bought it?
(v) Dada, i bought it from the weekly market. I have packed a kilo of gur for you to take home.
(vi) That's lovely!
(vii) We are having such tasty pithas and larus after a long time.

8. Let's see how much we have understood:

(a) Who visited whom and on what occasion?
Answer: Rohit and Bina visited their uncle's place in Tezpur on Magh Bihu.

(b) What are the people in the picture doing?
Answer: They are having their Tea.

(c) What did Bina's aunt say to Bina?
Answer: Bina’s aunty said bina to take some more, ‘Ghila pitha’.

(d) What did Binas's uncle offer to his brother?
Answer: He offers packed of gur for his brother.

9. Answer the following questions in a serial order to complete the narration of a recent visit you made to your friends' relative's place:

(a) Where did you go and when?
Answer: On last Monday, I visited my maternal uncle’s place.
 (b) Who did you visit and with whom?
Answer: I visited my  Maternal uncle's place with my friends.
(c) How did the host behave when he/she saw you?
Answer: My Uncle and his family was very happy to see me after a long time. They hosted me very well.
 (d) What did you do there?
Answer: There we all enjoyed a lot. We went to famous park of the town we enjoyed a lot there.
 (e) What did you talk about?
Answer: We talked about our childhood days.
 (f) What did you eat?
Answer: Sweets Potatoes, Motor paneer.
(g) Did you like the food and why?
Answer: Yes, very much.
(h) How did you feel?
Answer: Very nice.

10. While going back home, Bina Rohit and their parents stopped at a tea stall to have tea and snacks. This is the menu that they were given. Read it aloud:


Cutlet                   Rs. 30
Paratha                Rs. 20
Puri                      Rs. 20
Chop                    Rs. 10
Samosa                Rs. 10
Porridge              Rs. 30
Ghila Pitha         Rs. 5
Tel Pitha             Rs. 5
Narikal laru        Rs. 5
Til Pitha              Rs. 5
Sira doi                Rs .20
Tea with Milk     Rs. 10
Black Tea             Rs. 5

Imagine that you are at this tea stall. Which of the above food items will you have? Count and say how much money you will have to pay.

Answer: I will have Porridge. I will have to pay Rs.30.

11. Draw your favorite food and color it:

12. Bina shows this advertisement to her father:

Bina tells her father, "This is an advertisement for snacks sold by Jalpan. I like the ghila pithas. Let's order some. If we buy Pithas for Rs.100 or more we will get 50% off."

13. (a) Collect and paste an advertisement here. Write two sentences about it:

13. (b) Now tell your friends a few sentences about it.

14. Find words ending with 'ly' from the word grid below:

Answers: (a) Quietly (b) Loudly (c) Slowly
(d) Softly (e)Happily.

15. Bina has drawn the following picture in a drawing competition.

Bina has to write a paragraph of five sentences about the picture. Work in pairs and help her in writing the paragraph. You may use the words from the box below.

One the eve of    celebrate   community feast   merry-making   gather   people   Uruka   food items

Answer: Magh Bihu is known as Uruka or Bihu Eve. The word "Uruka" is originally derived from the Deori-Chutia word Urukuwa which means "to end" . It signifies the end of the harvesting season. On the eve of Magh Bihu women folk get ready for the next day with food items like - Chira, Pitha, Laru, Curd. A community feast is organized at night ,all the people of the village to celebrate Magh Bihu come and gather in the merry making.

16. (a) Write in the oval below the name of a festival that you celebrate:
Answer: Bihu.

Pick up any four points related to the festival from the box below and complete the word web with appropriate words.

Special dress, gifts , time of celebration, special food, rituals, places of celebration, the reason of celebration.

16. (b) Among the four points which one will you choose first and then next? Write them below accordingly:

(i) places of celebration
(ii) reason for celebration
(iii) time of celebration
(iv) special food

16. (c) Now, make sentences using the above points to form a paragraph and write in your notebook.

The word Bihu is derived from the language of "dimasa kacharis" , Bihu festival is of three kinds and it is celebrated thrice a year in Assam. Bohag Bihu, Magh Bihu, and Kati Bihu it is celebrated in April, January, and November respectively. The special foods made during this festival are Pitha, chira with doi, etc. Bohag Bihu celebrates the beginning of the sowing of the seeds. Kati Bihu for the fulfillment of the sowing and Bhogali is celebrated during the arrival of harvesting time.

17. Pick up any one card from below and say two or three sentences about it:

Your Favourite Food
Your Favourite Festival
Your School
Your best friend
Summer Vacation

Your Favourite Festival: Bihu
The word Bihu is derived from the language of "dimasa kacharis", Bihu festival is of three kinds and it is celebrated thrice a year in Assam. Bohag Bihu, Magh Bihu, and Kati Bihu it is celebrated in April, January, and November respectively.

18. Rohit is in Guwahati to participate in a debating competition. Rohit's friends Jabin and Hardip are talking about Rohit's chance of winning the competition.

Now, read the answers that Jabin gives and make the question that Rohit asks.

(i) How Rohit is preparing himself for the debate competition?
(ii) He has prepared himself for the competition fully.
(iii) How he presents his ideas?
(iv) He presents his ideas clearly.
(v) How he speaks in front of an audience?
(vi) He speaks confidently in front of an audience.

19. Some of us are good at painting, singing, dancing, etc. Work in pairs and ask each other what you are good at. Also say how well you do it.

20. Read what happened to the stork in the house of the fox:

(a) He looked at his plate hungrily.
Now, read how the fox left the house of the stork.
(b) He left the place sadly.
The underlined words in sentences (a) and (b) say how something is done.

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