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Lesson 4 | The hidden treasure questions answers | Class 4 | SCERT

Lesson 4 | The hidden treasure questions answers | Class 4 | SCERT

Lesson 4 | The hidden treasure questions answers | Class 4 | SCERT
Lesson 4 | The hidden treasure all questions answers

1. Say 'Yes' or 'No':

(a) Madhab had two sons. - Yes
 (b) Pankaj and Rajen were lazy. - Yes
 (c) Madhab dug up the field. - No
 (d) There was gold hidden in the field. - No
 (e) The ripe and golden paddy was the treasure. - Yes

2. Let's see how much you have understood the story. Write the answers:

(a) Why was Madhab worried?
Answer: Madhab had two sons both of them were lazy. Madhab was worried maily because his sons didn’t help him in field work.
(b) Where did Madhab take Pankaj and Rajen one day?
Answer: Madhab took his sons to his field.
(c) What did Pankaj and Rajen sow in the field?
Answer: Madhab son’s Pankaj and Rajen sowed paddy In the field.
(d) What did Pankaj and Rajen realize at last?
Answer: At the end both Pankaj and Rajen realize that the hardwork we do is always rewarded.

3. (a) Look at these sentences. See how they can be joined together:

(a) Ranjita - I will go to Nalbari
(b) Raju - I will go to Nalbari
Answer: Ranjita and Raju will go to Nalbari

3. (b) Read:

(i) Mom – I am unwell
(ii) Dad – I am worried
(iii) Daughter – Father is worried because mother is unwell

3. (c) Read
(i) Ramen played well.
(ii) He didn’t win the race.
Answer: Ramen played well but he didn’t win the race.

4. Read the following sentences from the text once again and underline the joining words:

Pankaj and Rajen were very lazy and never liked to work. Madhab was worried because his sons were lazy. One day, he told his sons that there was a hidden treasure in the field. They dug up the whole field but found no treasure.

Now, rewrite the following sentences using 'and', 'but' and 'because':

(a) Pankaj was a lazy boy. Rajen was a lazy boy. (and)
Answer: Pankaj and Rajen were lazy boys
(b) Pankaj never liked to work. He was lazy. (because)
Answer: Pankaj never liked to work because he was lazy.
(c) They dug up the field. They did not find treasure. (but)
Answer: They dug up the field but they did not find treasure.

5. Use 'and' or 'but' to join the sentences and write them:

(a) She went to the shop. She bought two apples.
Answer: She went to the shop and she bought two apples.
(b) We played well. We lost the match.
Answer: We played well but we lost the match.
(c) I liked the dress. Rita did not like it.
Answer: I liked the dress but Rita did not like it.
(d) She came home. She watched television.
Answer: She came home and watched television.
(e)We went to the park. We waited for Rahul.
Answer: We went to the park and we waited for Rahul.

6.(a) Let’s read the sentences. They all end with an exclamation mark because they show delight or surprise:

(i) How tasty the meal is!
(ii) What an obedient child!
(iii) What an interesting story!
(iv) How wonderful the weather is!
(v) What a beautiful dress!

6. (b) Pankaj and Rajen are delighted because they would be rich one day. Re-arrange the words in the sentences below. Remember to use exclamation marks at the end and capital letters at the beginning:

(I) Here treasure look is the
Answer: Look here is the treasure!
(ii) Will be our treasure all the
Answer: All the Treasure will be ours!
(iii) yours now it's look
Answer: Look it's yours now!
(iv) how Pankaj Rajen excited and we're
Answer: How excited Pankaj and Rajen we're!

7. Let's have fun with words by adding'ly', 'ness' and 'er':

Happy – Happily, Happier , Happiness
Great – Greatly, Greatness, Greater

You can also make your own words by adding 'ly', 'ness' and 'er' to the words given below:

(a) Sweet - Sweetly
(b) Lazy - Laziness
(c) Rich - Richer

8. These are some new words from the text:

Paddy , Treasure , Dig

Look up the dictionary for their meaning
Now, write the meaning here:

(a) Paddy: a rice paddy, a field in which rice is grown.
(b) Treasure: a collection of valuable things such as gold, silver, and jewelry.
(c) Dig: to make a hole in the ground using your hands, a tool, or a machine.

9. (a) Read the words and their meanings:

(i) Treasure – A collection of gold, silver, and other valuable things.
(ii) Wonder – think about
(iii) Delighted – happy
(iv) Excited – feeling or showing happiness
(v) Suggest – put forward an idea 
(vi) Promise – to say that something will be done
(vii) Ripe – fully grown and ready to be eaten.

9. (b) Now, read the following sentences. Replace the underlined words by choosing one from the box to write each sentence:

Wondered, Delighted, ripe, treasure

(I) There are gold and silver under the ground.
Answer: There is treasure under the ground.
(II) Pankaj and Rajen thought about where the treasure lay.
Answer: Pankaj and Rajen wondered where the treasure lay.
(III) Pankaj and Rajen were happy to hear about the treasure.
Answer: Pankaj and Rajen were delighted to hear about the treasure.
(IV) Madhab saw that the paddy was fully grown and golden.
Answer: Madhab saw that the paddy was ripe and golden.

10. Below are some words from the lesson, but the letters are jumbled. Spell them correctly and make sentences of your own with them:

(a) Delighted: Ramen was delighted to know about hidden treasure in his field.
(b) Treasure: They started to dig their field in search of treasure.
(c) Promise: Ramen and Raja promised to work hard.
(d) Wonder: Ramen wonder about treasure.

11. Fill in the gaps with letters to make words from the story:

                Paddy, dig, ground, proud, field, plant, lazy
 12. Fill in the blanks with these words and complete the sentences. You may use a word more than once.

              Now, therefore, next, so, and, but

(a) Summers are hot but Winters are cold.
(b) We couldn't find treasure in the field, so we planted seeds.
(c) The paddy was ripe and, Madhab took Pankaj and Rajen to the field.
(d) Pankaj and Rajen worked hard, therefore they became rich.
(e) At first the farmer dug the field. Next he sowed the seeds.
(f) Pankaj was lazy earlier but now he is hardworking.

13. Rewrite the sentences correctly:

(a) We must dig down the field at Once.
Answer: We must dig up the field at once.
(b) There's a treasure hidden above the ground.
Answer: There's a treasure hidden below the ground.
(c) I am proud in you.
Answer: I am proud of you.
(d) How are the beautiful crops!
Answer: How beautiful the crops are!

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