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Lesson 6 | Thank you, Ma'am | Questions Answers | Class 5 | NCERT

Lesson 6 | Thank you, Ma'am | Questions Answers | Class 5 | NCERT

Lesson 6 | Thank you, Ma'am | Questions Answers | Class 5 | NCERT
Thank You Ma'am | Lesson 6


Read and answer

1.Who was Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones?
Answer: Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones was the Protagonist of the Story, She was a large woman with a large purse. She was very generous and her generosity was seen when roger attempts to rob, she simply turned around and picked the boy up, asked him what was the reason behind his act and she take his her home and fed him.

2. What did Roger do?
Answer: Roger tried to snatch Mrs. Luella’s purse.

3. Why did Roger snatch Mrs. Washington Purse?
Answer: Roger snatched Mrs. Washington Jones Purse because he wanted pair of blue suede jeans.

4. Why couldn’t Roger run away with the purse?
Answer: Roger couldn’t run away with the purse because the strap broke and the boy fell on his back.

5. Write five differences between Roger and Mrs. Luella?

 Mrs. Luella

1) Mrs. Luella is a trustworthy, hard-working and compassionate woman.
2) Mrs. Luella treats Roger Kindly.
3) She displays a respect for Roger as a person and offers to feed him and directs him to clean his face.
4) She displays sympathy for others.
5) Mrs. Jones has people with whom she can interact.


1. Roger has no consideration for her when he tries to steal her purse.
2. Roger selfishly preys on her.
3. Roger respect is merely given out of fear.
4. He only learns from his experience with Mrs .Jones to respect people.
5. Roger is all alone and deprived of parental guidance and attention.

6. What did Mrs. Jones do after taking Roger home?

Answer: Mrs. Jones asked roger to wash his face and offered him some lima beans and ham to eat.

7. Mrs. Washington Jones was a kind lady. Give a reason to support this statement.

Answer: Mrs. Washington  Jones is empathetic generous and a perceptive character she realises that all the boy need is motherly love to put him on the right track. She readily gave Roger food and money to buy his coveted blue suede shoes. Thus, the positive and kind attitude of the lady transfoms the boy into a new person.

8. Why didn’t Roger run away from Mrs. Jones home?

Answer: Roger didn't run away from Mrs. Jones home because Mrs. Jones was treating him like his own mother.Roger believed that she is trustworthy and she will not call any cop. Roger could make a dash, he could run as the door were open but he didn't.

Comprehension -2 

Think and answer
1. Which Character do you like more-Mrs. Jones or Roger's? Give three reasons to support your answer:

Answer: I liked the character of Mr. Jones in this story, The reasons to support this answer is written below-

(a) Mrs. Luella is a trustworthy, hard-working and compassionate woman.
(b) Roger tried to snatch her purse, but instead of calling cop she took him to her house and treated well.
(c) She displays sympathy for others.

2. Do you think it was right for Mrs Jones to drag Roger to her home?
Answer: Yes Mrs Jones did it right by dragging Roger to her home.

3. Why didn't Mrs Jones hand over Roger to the police?
Answer: Mrs Jones did not hand over Roger to the police because she wanted to teach him right things from wrong he did.


A. Use a dictionary and write two synonyms of each of the words given below. One for each has been done.

1. Drag - Pull - draw
2. Stoop - Bend - kneel
3. Grip - Hold - grasp
4. Rattle - Shake - clang
5. Barely - Just - hardly
6. Pause - Stop - cease
7. Finish - Complete - end
8. Remember - Reminisce - recall

B. Write two antonyms of each of the given words. One for each has been done.

1. ashamed - shameless - proud
2. fix - break - remove
3. frail - strong - fit
4. open - shut - closed

C. Fill in the blanks with the words of expressions given below.

1. When the children heard the bell they made a dash to the gate
2. I requested the cobbler to fix my broken sandal.
3. The doctor had sat down barely to lunch when she received a call from her patient.
4. Because the door is very small, you will have to stoop to come in.
5. As my granny was scared to cross the busy road, she gripped my hand tightly.
6. My teeth rattled because of cold.
7. Many roomers lived in that lodge.
8. Hold That box gently as it contains crockery.
9. The thief was seen taking off full blast when people chased him.

A. Read the forms of verbs and write the correct forms in the blanks.
1. Laugh - Laughed - Laughed
2. Walk - walked - walked.
3. Swim - Swam - swum
4. Bring - brought - brought
5. Think - thought - thought
6. Buy - bought - bought
7. Shut - shut - shut
8. Eat - ate - eaten
9. Sit - sat - sat
10. Become - became - become

B. Fill in the blanks using the correct forms of the verbs in the sentences given below.

1. I have eaten breakfast.
2. She spoke to me very rudely yesterday.
3. The children plays in the park every day.
4. Have you taken permission from your parents?
5. They had not drank water since morning.
6. We go to school in the morning.
7. He has painted a portrait of his father.