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AHSEC | Lesson 4 | Going Places by A.R. Barton Questions Answers | Class 12

AHSEC | Lesson 4 | Going Places by A.R. Barton Questions Answers

AHSEC | Lesson 4 | Going Places by A.R. Barton Questions Answers | Class 12

I. Very Short Answer Question : ( 1 mark each)

1. Who is the writer of ‘Going Places’?                        [HS’14]
Answer: The writer of ‘Going Places’ is A.R.Barton.

2. Who are the two friends in the story, ‘Going Places’?
Answer: The friends in the story “Going Places” are Sophie and Jansie.

3. What does Sophie want to have when she grows up?             [HS’ 12]
Answer: Sophie wants to have a boutique when she grows up.

4. Where was it most likely that the two girls would find work after school?                                                                   
[HS’ 15]
Answer: It was most likely that the two girls Sophie and Jansie would find work in a biscuit factory.

5. Who is Derek?
Answer: Derek is Sophie’s younger brother.

6. Who is Geoff?
Answer: Geoff is Sophie’s elder brother.

7. Who is Danny Casey?
Answer: Denny Casey is a young Irish football Player.

8. Which country does Danny Casey play for?                           [HS’ 18]
Answer: Denny Casey plays for Ireland.

9. For whom does Sophie ask Danny Casey an autograph?           [HS’ 16]
Answer: Sophie asks Denny Casey for an autograph for her little brother Derek.

10. Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey?
Answer: No, Sophie did not really meet Denny Casey but she dreamt it to be.

11. Which is the only occasion that Sophie gets to see Casey in person?
Answer: The only occasion that Sophie gets to see Casey in person was when her family went to see a football match of United on a Saturday.

12. How was Geoff employed?                                           [HS’ 16]
Answer: Geoff was employed as a motor mechanic.

II. Short type questions: Marks:2/3

1. What theme does the story,’Going Places’ explore?
Answer: The story, ‘Going Place’ explores the theme of adolescent fantasizing and hero worship.

2. What are the other options that Sophie dreams of besides owning a boutique?
Answer: Sophie dreamt of owning a boutique. To support her dream, she would either become a manager or an actress and would gather money to open the boutique.

3. What job is Geoff engaged in? Does he entertain wild and impractical dreams like his sister?
Answer: Geoff is engaged in the work of a motor mechanic.
No, Geoff does not entertain wild and impractical dreams like her sister as he is grown up now.

4. What is incongruous about the ‘delicate bow which fastened the apron strings of Sophie’s mother?
Answer: Sophie’s mother was a busy house wife. Her mother was wearing an apron and its strings were fastened with a delicate bow. This signifies the miserable condition of their family.

5. What kind of a person is Geoff?
Answer: Geoff is a grown-up person who works as a motor mechanic. He is more intact with the world of reality than Sophie. He is very quiet. Sophie is jealous of his silence.

6. Why is Sophie ‘jealous of Geoff’s silence’?
Answer: Sophie always thinks that Geoff has visited such place where Sophie has never been she wants to know those things from Geoff. So, she is jealous of Geoff’s silence.

7. Why does Sophie choose her brother Geoff to tell about her meeting with Danny Casey in the arcade?
Answer: Sophie believes Geoff to be her quiet listener. She feels homelier and more comfortable with Geoff. She considers her secrets safe with Geoff. So, Sophie chooses her brother Geoff to tell about her meeting with Casey.

8. How does Danny Casey look like?
Answer: Danny Casey is a young Irish football player. He is a short man and has green eyes. Sophie describes his eyes as gentle eyes. 

9. Why does not her father believe Sophie?
Answer: Sophie’s father knows her Utopian dreams. So, when Geoff said that Sophie had met Danny Casey, he disapproves saying it one of her wild stories.

10. Why doesn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her supposed weeding with Casey?

Answer: Jansie was very much open heart and she would fell everything without keeping a secret Sophie had a fear that if she feels the meeting with Danny Casey, Jansie would make a rumour and tell everyone in the neighbourhood. Moreover she wanted to keep the meeting with her beloved Danny Casey a secret.

III. Long Answer Questions: 5 marks each

1. What do you learn about the socio-economic status of Sophie’s family?
Answer: Sophie was a day dreaming girl. She had big dreams. But very unfortunately, she belonged to a middle-class family. Their family worked in a biscuit factory. She was also supposed to join the family profession after she completes her school. Her brother Geoff was an apprentice mechanic. Her mother was a hard-working housewife and she used to do everything to support her family. The economic condition of Sophie’s family was moderate.

2. What opinion do you form of Sophie’s father?
Answer: Sophie’s father was a hard working labour in a biscuit factory. He used to enjoy a restful evening by having shepherd's pie. He was very practical. He never believed in the wild stories of Sophie. He however, supported his family every way. He was a die heart fan of footballer Danny Casey. This shows his sporty nature. He was strict yet loving father.

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