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HSLC 2017 | Question Paper | English | SEBA | ASSAM | Fully Solved

HSLC 2017 | Question Paper | English | SEBA | ASSAM | Fully Solved 

HSLC 2017 | Question Paper | English | SEBA | ASSAM | Fully Solved


(1)(a) Choose the meaning of the underlined word in the following sentences from among the alternatives given in brackets: 1

The house – the only one in the entire valley – sat on the crest of a low hill.
Answer: Entire – whole.

(b) State whether the following are true or false: 1+1=2

(i) The policy of apartheid created lasting peace in Mandela’s Country.
Answer: False
(ii) On the day of inauguration Mandela wasoverwhelmed with a sense of history.
Answer: True

(c) Choose the correct answer from among the alternatives given and complete the sentence:1

Even now, Kodavus are the only people in India permitted to_________
(a) Carry gold without a license.
(b) Carry swords without a license.
(c) Carry firearms without a license. 

(2) “All through the night, Lencho thought only of one hope.” What was Lencho’s hope?1
Answer: Lencho’s only hope was help from God. 

(3) What does courage mean to Mandela? 2
Answer: Courage did not mean absence of fear to Mandela, but courage meant triumph over the fear. Even the bravest man feels afraid, but to show courage he conquers that fear.

(4) Of whose descent are the fiercely independent people of Coorg?1
Answer: The fiercely independent people of Coorg are possibly of Greek or Arabic descent.

(5) What are the animals that a visitor is likely to see in Coorg?2
Answer: The animals that you are likely to see in Coorg are Macaques, Malabar, squirrels, langurs and slender Loris. 

(6) What did the postmaster do after he received Lencho’s letter? 2
Answer: The postmaster was delighted to see the faith of lencho in god. He decided to answer Lencho’s letter. He raised money from the post office employees, to send the money to Lencho along with the letter. 

(7) What did Valli see on her way that made her laugh? 2
Answer: At some of point of her journey, Valli saw a young cow running very fast right in the middle of the road, right in front of the bus. The bus slowed down and sounded the horn, but the cow got more frightened and started running faster and faster. This scene made Valli laugh.

(8) Give a description of the magnificent view of tea garden seen by Rajvir from the railway train.  3

Answer: Rajvir saw a magnificent view outside of the railway train. All across the landscape there was green view of tea plantation. The soft green paddy fields gave way to tea bushes. Against the backdrop of hills, tea bushes were spread like a sea. Tall shade trees stood amidst the tea plants. In the distance a building was blowing smoke out of tall chimneys. These beautiful views were never seen by Rajvir before. 



(9) Choose from the box given below the words that rhyme with the following: 1X2=2
bright, sound
call, caught, sing, right, around, hat

Answer: bright – right
sound -around

(10) Choose the meaning of the Underlined words from the alternatives given in the brackets: 1X2=2

(a) And stares with his brilliant eyes…………... 
(dull/very bright/angry)
Answer: Brilliant–very bright.

(b)In his quiet rage. 
(love/hatred/violent anger)
Answer: Rage– violent anger.

(11) What does the poet think the fog is like? 1
Answer: According to the poet, the fog is like a silent little cat.

(12) How does the fog come? 1
Answer: The fog comes silently like a cat and moves on silently. 

(13) Is Amanda a student? How do you know?    1+1=2
Answer: Yes, Amanda is a student because she is asked to complete her homework. 

(14) How do the animals accept their condition? 2
Answer: The animals never sweat and whine about their condition. The animals are placid and self-contained.The animals are not demented with the mania of owning things.



(15) (a) Give a description of Max’s conversation with Ausable. 5
Answer: Ausable was a secret agent who was spying a report on missile. He did not look smart and intelligent but he proved his intelligence by misguiding Max. Max was another secretagent. He tried to collect the report from Ausable at gun point. Ausable was staying in a hotel. But in spite of Max’s appearance he sat heavily and calmly on the chair and he chided the management for not correcting the balcony. The balcony was constructed for the other apartment, a portion of it was extending adjacent to Ausable’s room. So, anyone could enter his room from the other apartment. However, Max said that he had to find some other way to enter the room. And he was not aware of the Balcony. Meanwhile the doorbell rang and Ausable said that he had called the police for security reason. Max was frightened. He then jumped out of the window to escape and hide himself on the balcony. 


(b) Who is Horace Danby? What type of a man was he was?
Answer: Horace Danby was a good and respectable citizen. He was about fifty years old. However, he was not completely honest. He dealt in locks and was successful in his trade. He had a hobby of reading rare and expensive books but not at his own cost. He would rather execute a robbery in any rich house and used the money to buy the books through an agent.

Horace Danby’s exceptional love towards expensive books made him to conduct a robbery every year. He had good name and fame in the society because he was a proficient lock maker. His business of locks and keys was highly successful. But he cannot be said as a good citizen because he possessed the character of a thief. Though he was not a typical thief, still his conduct must be in question.

(16)(a) Give a description Griffin’s experience in Drury Lane? Answer: Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He recently invented a drug which can make people invisible. He swallowed a few drops of the drug and he became invisible. He was an expert but a lawless person. He put his landlord’s house on fire. By becoming invisible he stole in a shop in London and another in Drury Lane.
He was wandering about the streets of London in the bitter cold of January month. So, to comfort himself he entered a shop in Drury Lane, the heart of theatre world. In the shop he found necessary clothing to make him visible. He went upstairs invisible. He wore bandage around his forehead. He put on dark glasses, false nose, bushy whiskers and a hat. He then attacked the owner to run away from the shop. Moreover, he looted all the money from the shop.


(b)Why was the young lawyer sent to New Mullion? What does he think about the place?    2+3=5
Answer: The young lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve a summon on Oliver Lutkins. Lutkins could be a very Important witness in a case for the law firm. They sent several letters, but received no response. 
The young lawyer was fed up with the town, so he imagined the town of New Mullion to be an exciting place for a visit. 



(17) Fill in the blanks with the right determiners:  1/2X4=2
(a)My brother is an NCC cadet.
(b) We found the house without much difficulty.
(c) He has to feed family with the little money he earns.
(d) Our principal is a man of few words.

(18) Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition from the choices given in the brackets:     1/2X4=2
(a) We go to school by bus. (in/with/by)
(b) I am senior to your sister. (then/to/from)
(c) The principal presided over the meeting. (in/over/at)
(d) The excels in dancing. (at/in/by)

(19) Rewrite the following sentences putting the verbs in the brackets in their correct tense form: 1+1
(a) If it rains, we shall not go out. (rain)
(b) We have known each other for the last ten years. (know)

(20) Change the form of narration of the followings: 1X2=2

(a) Anita said, “I do not know the boy.”
Answer: Anita said that she did not know the boy.
(b) Rahim said that his mother had been suffering from fever.
Answer: Rahim said, “My mother has been suffering from fever.”

(21) Change the voice of the followings: 1X2=2

(a) People speak English all over the world.
Answer: English is spoken all over the world.
(b) America was discovered by Columbus.
Answer: Columbus discovered America.

(22) Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into a single sentence: 1X2=2

(a) Man is mortal. Everybody knows this.
Answer: Everybody knows that man is mortal.
(b) Walk fast. You will miss the train.
Answer: Walk fast or you will miss the train. 

(23) Choose the correct alternative from the choices given in the bracket and fill in the blanks: 1
(a) Roses smells sweet. (sweetly/sweet)
(b) Her handwriting is illegible. (illegible/eligible)

(24) Make sentences to illustrate the meaning of any two of the following: 1x2=2

(a) give away – The prizes were given away by the chief guest.
(b) far and wide – Participants are coming from far and wide to participate in the competition. 
(c) put out – Please, put out the lamp. 
(d) turn up – Many guests were invited but only a few turned up. 

(25) Correct the errors in any two of the following sentences: 1X2=2

(a) Niru is my cousin sister.
Answer: Niru is my cousin. 
(b) She prefers tea than coffee. 
Answer: She prefers tea to coffee. 
(c) I gave him a few rupees I had.
Answer: I gave him the few rupees I had. 
(d) He is working hardly.
Answer: He is working hard. 



(26) Translate into English: (Group-From Assamese to English) 1X5=5

(a) পৃথিবীখন ঘূৰণীয়া ।
Answer: The earth is round.
(b) তেওঁলোকক ভিতৰলৈ আহিবলৈ দিয়া ।
Answer: Let them come in.
(c) তুমি নিতৌ কিমান সময় লিখা পঢ়া কৰা ।
Answer: How much time do you study daily?
(d) আজি ৰাতি বৰষুণ দিব পাৰে ।
Answer: It may rain tonight.
(e) বুঢ়ামানুহজনে বৰ লাহে লাহে কথা কয় ।
Answer: The old man speaks very slowly.


(27) Give the substance of the following passage:     5 

It is easy to acquire bad habits, such as eating too much food or eating too many sweets or drinking fluid of any kind or smoking. The more we do a thing, the more we tend to like doing it and if we do not continue to do it, we feel unhappy this is called the force of habit and the force of habit should be fought against. Things which may be very good when only done from time to time, tend to become very harmful when done too often and too much. This applies even to such goods things as work or rest. Some people form a habit of working too much and others of idling too much. The wise man always remembers that this is true about himself and checks any bad habit. He says to himself, “I am now becoming idle” or “I smoke too much” and then adds, “I will get myself out of this bad habit at once.”

Answer: How to avoid Bad Habits

Bad habits can be acquired easily simply by doing too much of one kind of activity again and again. Eating, drinking, smoking too much of one thing repeatedly is also a bad habit. The bad habits force us to do the thing or else we feel unhappy. So, we must fight against the force of bad habits. Everything is harmful if done or taken beyond a reasonable limit. It is immaterial whether it is good in nature or bad. For example, rest is good but not too much of it. A wise man is one who continuously checks on his habits and eliminate all such bad habits. 

(28) Write in about 150 words on any one of the following topics:   6
Science in Everyday life.

Today is the age of science and technology. A modern man cannot live his life without applying science and technology. Science does not necessarily mean tools equipped with technology, but it is all about innovation of new ideas, discovery of knowledge based on facts. 
Science discovers facts after conducting a series of experimentation and it tests the universal validity of the innovations. Science is interlinked with every field of one’s  life. Science has converted the world into a global village. Science is not limited within the sphere of the earth. It has studied about the whole universe. 
         Science has smoothened human’s life in every aspect. From communication to transportation, entertainment to education, science has helped human beings by innovating new machines. A year’s work is now a minute away and a thousand men’s work is in the hands of a single person. Thanks to science which has not only discovered machines, but also has removed many superstitions and evil social practices, as science has modernized the thinking of the mankind. Due to discovery of arms and ammunition, a country can ensure its sovereignty. 
However, science has evil results also. It has made man materialistic. Due to dependency on machines, man has become lazy. Physical involvement has become less and people have to suffer from many diseases. Pollution is a curse of science. Global warming and weather changes are common problems. People have started terrorism using science and technology. The social media has brought its own evils. 
  Science is a discovery by the man and for the man. So, it must be used for the utmost development of the mankind. Without application of science one can never spend even a single day of his life. 

Your School Library

Knowledge is always a supreme power, which distinct mankind from other animals. From a very beginning of human society, the knowledge hunters have been forwarding their lifelong discovery of knowledge imprinted in the form of books. And, a library stores all such books in one place. According to OXFORD English dictionary, a library is a building or a room containing collection of books, periodicals …… for use or borrowing by the public or the members of an institution.
      In our school, to facilitate a world class knowledge base, there is a well built and well-planned library. It stands separate from the main school building and is a large two storied building containing more than twenty thousand books. The library is named after renowned author Lakhsminath Bezbaruah. It not only offers books to the school students but also to the local people. It usually offers two books per student for a period of fifteen days, thereafter imposing a penalty for delay. Our library is one of the most decorated libraries of our district and is famous all over the state.
      We as a student are mostly benefitted from this library, as it contains books from all genres. The students as well as the locals can enhance their knowledge. Even our school library has recently taken up an initiative to offer free books to the poor students. We as a student feel proud to be a part of this scheme. A good school library always aids us improving our knowledge, and so a school library is a must for each and every school.


Write a story in about 150 words using the outlines given below and adding a title to it: 6

{Outline: A car hits an old man and escapes – he is injured badly – crowd gather on the spot – only show sympathy – they speak about the evil of rash driving – nobody comes forward to help the man – two school boys arrive – feel sorry for the man – take him to hospital.} 

        Better to light a Candle than curse the Darkness

    Mehta uncle, at the age of sixty, was as old as his age. He lived at the outskirt of the town in a solitary house. He was a retired pensioner. Every month he used to go to the town to collect his pension. 
    So, Mehta uncle’s this month’s visit to town was not an exception, apart from the fact that this time his bad luck was also with him. He travelled to the town in a public bus and got out off the bus in front of the bank. He tried to cross the road to reach the bank. But lo! He did not reach the other side. People heard a crashing sound and after a blink of an eye, Mehta uncle was seen lying on the road with blood stains all around. There was a hue and cry. The car which hit him, disappeared after the road took a curvy shape, a few yards away from the accident spot. 
The crowd gathered and stood helpless. They started gossiping about the reckless driving and cursed the driver. Meanwhile, two school boys Ram and Sham were also going to school through the road. They saw Mehta uncle and understood that his condition was serious. Making no further delay, they called the ambulance and took him to a hospital. 
    Mehta uncle was totally cured now. He thanked Ram and Sham for saving his life. He blessed the boys and said, “People are more curious to know who did the mistake, but no one is interested to make it correct. It is easier said than done.”

(28) Answer either (a) or (b) 5

(a) Write a letter to your father/guardian requesting him/her tosend you some money that you need to buy a new set of uniform.

March 01, 2017
My dear father,
      I am glad to let you know that I am fine here in my hostel and my examination is going on gracefully. Hopefully everyone is good and fine there at home. I am extremely sorry to inform you that my old set of uniform has become unworthy of use anymore. The white shirt has faded out and loosen its stiches. The blue trouser has become too short to wear. 
      So, I shall need one thousand rupees to replace my old set of uniform with a new one. Please send me the money at the earliest so that I can get rid of the inconvenience very soon. With love to you, Mother and my brother Nikopol. 
Yours Affectionately


(b) Write a report for a local daily on the basis of theinformation given below: 5
(i) 5-2-2016
(ii) Guwahati
(iii) Fire in Athgaon
(iv) One godown gutted
(v) Fire fighters and local people doused the fire
(vi) Goods worth several lacs burnt to ashes. 


Fire took a troll, Several lacs of property in ashes.

Guwahati, 6th Feb; A devastating fire put the locals in panic yesternight at Athgaon, when they found themselves between blaze of fire midnight. The fire took its spark from a nearby go down, which might be triggered by an electronic short circuit, as per prima facie suspect. As the go down stored dry hays, it caused the fire to spread within minutes. The locals immediately rang to the Fire Brigade and Athgaon Police Chowkee. The Fire Fighters, playing with their life took the situation in control. The locals, with the help of police rescued the women and the children and took them to safe places. Before the fire could be doused fully, it had burnt down the go down completely. Several other adjacent shops and private residences were also taken down, amounting a damage of several lacs of rupees. 

(a) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Trees help to support man’s life by supplying the atmosphere with oxygen which is essential to life. The oxygen in the air is constantly being used up and turned into carbon-di-oxide which is the food that plants ‘eat’. The leaves of trees in fact of all green plants absorb this carbon-di-oxide and with the help of sunlight break it down into carbon and oxygen. The carbon is used to make starch and the oxygen is released into the air, so replacing the oxygen used up by animals. But for this, animals would soon die for lack of oxygen.
Starch and other carbon compounds made in the green leaves of trees and of other green plants too, serve as food for animals. The tiny green cells of plants are wonderful laboratories which produce all the starch in the world. But for this service done by plants, all animals would sooner or later die for lack of food.

(a) What is the food that the plants ‘eat’?1
Answer: The food that the plants ‘eat’ is carbon-di-oxide.

(b) How do the green cells of plants serve the animals?2
Answer: The green cells of plants absorb this carbon-di-oxide and with the help of sunlight break it down into carbon and oxygen. The carbon is used to make starch and the oxygen is released into the air, so replacing the oxygen used up by animals.

(c) How do the leaves of trees break down carbon-di-oxide into carbon and oxygen?2
Answer: The leaves of trees absorb the carbon-di-oxide and with the help of sunlight break it down into carbon and oxygen.

(b) Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow: 

In life every man has twin obligations- obligation to his family, to his parents, to his wife and children; and he has an obligation to his people, his community, and his country. In a civil and humane society, each man is able to fulfill those obligations according to his own inclinations and abilities. But in a country like South Africa, it was almost impossible for a man of my birth and colour to fulfill those obligations. In South Africa, a man of colour who attempted to live as a human being was punished and isolated. In South Africa, a man who tried to fulfill his duty tohis people was inevitably ripped from his family and his home and was forced to live a life apart, a twilight existence of secrecy and rebellion. I did not in the beginning choose to place my people above my family, but in attempting to serve my people, I found that I was prevented from fulfilling my obligations as a son, a brother, a father and a husband.

(a) What was done to a man of colour in South Africa who attempted to live as a human being?1
Answer: In South Africa, a man of colour who attempted to live as a human being was punished and isolated.

(b) What are the twin obligations that every man has in life?2
Answer: Every man has two obligations in his life, one to hisfamily, to his parents, to his wife and children and another to his people, his community, and his country.

(c) What did the speaker find when he attempted to serve his people?2
Answer: When the speaker attempted to serve his people, he found that he was prevented from fulfilling his obligations as a son, a brother, a father and a husband.

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