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SEBA | HSLC | English | Assam | Previous Questions Paper | 2020 | With Answers

SEBA | HSLC | English | Assam |  Previous Questions Paper | 2020 | With Answers 

SEBA | HSLC | English | Assam |  Previous Questions Paper | 2020 | With Answers


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1. (a) Choose the meaning of the underlined word in the following sentences from among the alternatives given in brackets: 1

The house – the only one in the entire valley – sat on the crest of a low hill.
(wide/whole/deep and strong)
Answer: Profound –deep and strong.

(d)State whether the following are true or false: 1+1=2
(i) On the day of inauguration Mandela was overwhelmed with a sense of freedom. 
Answer: False
(ii) On the day of inauguration Mandela wasoverwhelmed with a sense of history.
Answer: True
(e) Choose the correct answer from among the alternatives given and complete the sentence: 1
Mandela’s country is rich _________
(i) in forests and lakes.
(ii) in minerals and gems.
(iii) in agriculture. 
Answer: in minerals and gems.

(2) What was Lencho’s one hope? 1
Answer: Lencho’s one hope was help from God. 

(3) What is a Kuffia? Who wears it? 1+1=2
Answer: Kuffia is a long dress of Arabian people. The Arbs and the Kurds wear it.

(4) When did Mandela begin to hunger for freedom?
Answer: When Mandela grew up, he understood that his boyhood freedom was just an illusion. He was prevented from fulfilling his basic obligations. In fact, every other person of his race was debarred from enjoying their basic freedom. So, Mandela began to hunger for freedom.

(5) What did Lencho say to his sons after the hailstorm?
Answer: Lencho told his sons that a plague of locusts would have left more than the hailstorm. They might have to go hungry that year as they would have no crops that year.

(6) Give a description of the magnificent view of tea garden seen by Rajvir from the railway train.  3          Answer: Rajvir saw a magnificent view outside of the railway train. All across the landscape there was green view of tea plantation. The soft green paddy fields gave way to tea bushes. Against the backdrop of hills, tea bushes were spread like a sea. Tall shade trees stood amidst the tea plants. In the distance a building was blowing smoke out of tall chimneys. These beautiful views were never seen by Rajvir before. 

(7) What did Valli see on her way that made her laugh? 2
Answer: At some of point of her journey, Valli saw a young cow running very fast right in the middle of the road, right in front of the bus. The bus slowed down and sounded the horn, but the cow got more frightened and started running faster and faster. This scene made Valli laugh.

(8) What does the writer say about the Coorg Regiment? 2
Answer: According to the writer, the Coorg Regiment is one of the most decorated regiments in Indian Army. In fact, the first Army Chief was a Coorg.

(9) What did the postmaster do after he had received Lencho’s letter? 2

Answer: The postmaster was delighted to see the faith of Lencho in god. He decided to answer Lencho’s letter. He raised money from the post office employees, to send the money to Lencho along with the letter.

(10) Why did Valli find the old woman who sat beside her in the bus “absolutely repulsive”? 2

Answer:The elderly lady was chewing betel nuts and it was producing bad odor for Valli. Moreover, the betel juice was threatening to spill over her lips. So Valli found the lady “absolutely repulsive”.



(11) Choose from the box given below the words that rhyme with the following: 1X2=2
dragon, rage
 grey, wagon, stairs, bears, cage, cries

Answer: dragon – wagon

rage– cage

(12) Choose the meaning of the Underlined words from the alternatives given in the brackets: 1X2=2
(a) …… they are so placid and self-contained.
(irritated/trouble some/unruffled)

Answer: placid – unruffled.

(c) ……. not one is demented with the mania. 

Answer: demented –mad.

(13) Is Amanda a student? How do you know?    1+1=2
Answer: Yes, Amanda is a student because she is asked to complete her homework. 

(14) What would have the tiger done if he were in his natural habitat, the forest?   2
Answer: If the tiger were in his natural habitat, the tiger would have been lurking in the shadow sliding through long grasses near the water hole to hunt plump deer. He also would have been roaring near the villages terrorizing the villagers.

(15) What is a harbor and how it is related to fog?          2
Answer: A harbor is a seaport wherefrom all ships sail. The fog sits and then looks over the harbor and covers it completely. 

(16) How did Custard, the dragon save Belinda from the pirate? 2
Answer: When the pirate broke into Belinda’s house, the brave animals were afraid. But the cowardly dragon jumped up and attacked the pirate. The pirate hit two bullets but the bullets missed. Finally, the dragon gobbled the pirate to death.



(17) (a) Between Ausable and max who was more intelligent and why? 1+4=5
Answer: Between Ausable and Max, Ausable was more intelligent.Ausable was a secret agent who was spying a reporton missile. He did not look smart and intelligent but he provedhis intelligence by misguiding Max. Max was another secretagent. He tried to collect the report from Ausable at gun point. Ausable was staying in a hotel. But in spite of Max’s appearance he sat heavily and calmly on the chair and he chided the management for not correcting the balcony. The balcony was constructed for the other apartment, a portion of it was extending adjacent to Ausable’s room. So, anyone could enter his room from the other apartment. However, Max said that he had to find some other way to enter the room. And he was not aware of the Balcony. Meanwhile the doorbell rang and Ausable said that he had called the police for security reason. Max was frightened. He then jumped out of the window to escape and hide himself on the balcony. 


(17) b. Who is Horace Danby? What type of a man was he was?

Answer: Horace Danby was a good and respectable citizen. He was about fifty years old. However, he was not completely honest. He dealt in locks and was successful in his trade. He had a hobby of reading rare and expensive books but not at his own cost. He would rather execute a robbery in any rich house and used the money to buy the books through an agent.

Horace Danby’s exceptional love towards expensive books made him to conduct a robbery every year. He had good name and fame in the society because he was a proficient lock maker. His business of locks and keys was highly successful. But he cannot be said as a good citizen because he possessed the character of a thief. Though he was not a typical thief, still his conduct must be in question.

(18) (a) Give a description Griffin’s experience in Drury Lane? 

Answer: Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He recently invented a drug which can make people invisible. He swallowed a few drops of the drug and he became invisible. He was an expert but a lawless person. He put his landlord’s house on fire. By becoming invisible he stole in a shop in London and another in Drury Lane.
He was wandering about the streets of London in the bitter cold of January month. So, to comfort himself he entered a shop in Drury Lane, the heart of theatre world. In the shop he found necessary clothing to make him visible. He went upstairs invisible. He wore bandage around his forehead. He put on dark glasses, false nose, bushy whiskers and a hat. He then attacked the owner to run away from the shop. Moreover, he looted all the money from the shop. 


(18) (b) Who is Bill? How did he befool the young lawyer?

Answer:  Bill was a hack driver in New Mullion. Actually, he was Oliver Lutkins himself. 
At the station Bill introduced himself as Bill but not as Lutkins. If he wished he could do that at the very first instance. Then he made lawyer to hire his hack for two dollars an hour. Bill took to every possible location where Lutkin could possibly be. He moved him around the city for six hours and pocketed the fare but did not reveal his real identity. Bill did not allow the lawyer to enter the shop where Lutkins could be and asked them all by himself if they had seen Lutkins. Thus, he managed his locals to act as if they had not seen Lutkins and Lutkins might be at a different place. So they had to follow him to a different location, and they missed him just by a few minutes. Actually, his confident behavior, support from his local friends and his cleverness made the lawyer a fool. It was quite interesting that he was such a foolish lawyer that he took an unknown man into his confidence so easily and got victimized.



(19) Fill in the blanks with the right determiners:  1/2X4=2
(e) They won the match without much difficulty.
(f) Reading is a useful hobby.
(g) I gave him the few books I had.
(h) Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.

(20) Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition from the choices given in the brackets:      1/2X4=2
(a) They are satisfied at your work.
(b) Man does not live on bread alone.
(c) Rita excels in dancing.
(d) He is looking for domestic help.

(21) Rewrite the following sentences putting the verbs in the brackets in their correct tense form: 1+1

(a) I had gone there before she went. (go)
(b) Ten years have passed since I met you last. (pass)
(c) When she came,I was writing a letter. (write)

(22) Change the form of narration of the followings: 1X2=2

(a) Rashid asked me if I knew Rahim.
Answer: Rashid said to me, “Do you know Rahim?”

(b) Mother said to me, “What will you do after the examination?”
Answer: Mother asked me what I would do after the examination.

(23) Change the voice of the followings: 1X2=2

(a) I do not know his brother.
Answer: His brother is not known to me.

(b) English is spoken by many people all over the world.
Answer: Many people speak English all over the world.

(24) Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into a single sentence: 1X2=2

(a) Where has he gone? Do you know it?
Answer: Do you know where he has gone?

(b) I finished the work. I was taking rest.
Answer: As I finished the work, I was taking rest.

(25) Choose the correct alternative from the choices given in the bracket and fill in the blanks: 1X2=2

(a) The tiger is a beast of prey. (pray/prey)
(b) The medicine will relieve you of your pain. ( relief/relieve)

(26) Make sentences to illustrate the meaning of any two of the following: 1x2=2

(a) make out: He could not make out the matter.
(b) give away: The chief guest will give away the prizes.
(c) deal in: He deals in tea.
(d) carry out: Please carry out the order.

(27) Correct the errors in any three of the following sentences:

(a) Her son-in-laws are rich men.
Answer: Her sons-in-law are rich men.

(b) It is raining since morning.
Answer: It has been raining since morning.

(c) How you know him?
Answer: How do you know him?

(d) I and he are brothers.
Answer: He and I are brothers.

(e) He is senior than me in age.
Answer: He is senior to me.

(f) I do not know to do it.
Answer: I do not know how to do it.



(28) Translate into English: (Group-From Assamese to English)

(a) আকাশত মেঘ নাছিল।
Answer: There was no cloud in the sky.

(b) শিক্ষকজনে কৈছিল, “সদায় সঁচা কথা ক’বা।”
Answer: The teacher said, “Always speak the truth.”

(c) তুমি নৈখন সাতুৰি পাৰ হ’ব পাৰিবানে?
Answer: Can you swim across the river?

(d) প্ৰতিজ্ঞা ৰক্ষা কৰিব লাগে।
Answer: Promises should be kept.

(e) মৌ খাবলৈ মিঠা
Answer: Honey tastes sweet.

(f) মোৰ এটা কলমৰ প্ৰয়োজন।
Answer: I need a pen.

(29) (a) Write in about 150 words on any one of the following topics: 6

(a) Science in Everyday life.
Answer: Also came in 2017 (Click this to get the answer)


(b) Write a story in about 150words using the outlines given belowand adding a title to it: 6

{Outline: A hungry fox sees a crow with a piece of meat – wishes to have the piece of meat – praises the crow – asks the crow to sing – the crow sings – the piece of meat falls down from her beak – the fox picks it up and runs away.}

Answer:     Title - A Flattering Fox

      Jack, the fox was infamous in the jungle for his mischievous behavior. He used to put other animals in trouble using his clever ideas. Because of his mischiefs, other animals did not like to be his friends.
      One day Jack, the fox set out on a journey along the jungle. After covering a long distance, he felt tired and he decided to take a little bit of rest under a tree. He was equally hungry too. Then, his eyes fell on a crow sitting in the tree. The crow had a piece of meat in the beak. The fox could stop his temptation and wanted to have it.
       An idea suddenly struck in his mind. He, with a very soft voice, called the crow. “Your voice is god gifted, whenever I hear you singing, I feel I am lost in heaven.” The crow was amused. 
Jack further spiced up the conversation, “Will you sing a song for me? It will be my biggest pleasure if I hear you from very near.” The crow lost all the control. It could not refuse such a humble request and opened its mouth to sing.
      Lo! As soon as it opened its beak, the piece of meat fell down. The fox took the piece and said, “You are too foolish to sing a song for me.” The crow understood that it was deceived by the fox. Thus, the fox was able to relinquish his hunger using his master tricks. 

(30) Answer either (a) or (b) 5

(a) Suppose you are the General Secretary of the Students’ Union of your school. Write an application to the Principal requesting him to grant a half holiday on the occasion of Kati Bihu Festival. 


The Principal
Estudent-Corner, Dibrugarh

Dated: 10th Feb, 2021

Sub: Prayer for a half holiday.


    We are glad to inform you that today the greatest community of Assam celebrates the auspicious festival of Kati Bihu. So, the students want to observe it at their homes. For the preparations of the Kati Bihu, the students need a half holiday. 

    Therefore I, on behalf of the students request you to kindly grant a half holiday of the school today. I shall remain grateful for this act of kindness of yours. 

Yours Faithfully
Khirud Das
General Secy.  
Students’ Union


(b) Write a report for a local daily on the basis of theinformation given below:  5

(i) Guwahati; 16-2-2020
(ii) Annual prize day of your school
(iii) A festive atmosphere in the school.
(iv) Education Minister was the Chief-guest
(v) He gave away the prizes and gave an encouraging speech.

Heading: A decorated Annual Prize Day Celebration in XYZ School

Guwahati; 17th Feb: After a week long cultural programme, XYZ School celebrated an adorable Annual Prize Day yesterday. The school building was beautifully decorated for the celebration which showered a festive mode in the school. The glorious event was inaugurated in the auspicious presence of Assam’s Honorable Education Minister Dr. S. Sharma. Dr. S. Sharma dignified the chair as Chief Guest of the Annual Prize Day. He felt extremely proud to distribute the prizes among the winners of various sports events. He spelt, “The prizes won today will enthrall towards a bigger victory tomorrow.” in an encouraging tone.

(31)(a) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Three-fourth of the Earth is covered by the sea which both separates and unites the various races of mankind. The sea is the great highway along which man may travel at his will, the great road that has no walls or hedges hemming in. Nobody needs to keep it in good repair with the help of pick axe and barrel tar and steamrollers. The sea appeals to man’s love of the perilous and unknown, to his love of conquest, his love of knowledge and his love of gold. The blue waters call him and bid him fare forth in quest of fresh fields. Beyond their horizon he has found danger and death, glory and gain. 

(a) How much of our planet is not covered by the sea? 1
Answer: One-fourth of our planet is not covered by the sea.

(b) How does the sea help man? 2
Answer: Sea separates as well as unites the mankind. It provides a roadway to different countries free of cost without any boundary limit. Interestingly, the mankind has to invest no money to repair or maintain the seaway. 

(c) In what way does the sea appeal to man?  2
Answer: The sea appeals to man’s love of the perilous and unknown, to his love of conquest, his love of knowledge and his love of gold. By conquering the sea, the mankind can explore fresh fields and even they can mark a glorious victory. 

(31) (b) Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow: 

The river, Kaveri, obtains its water from the hills and forests of Coorg. Mahaseer – a large fresh water fish – abound in these waters. Kingfishers dive for their catch, while squirrels and langurs drop partially eaten fruit for the mischief of enjoying the splash and the ripple effect in the clear water. Elephants enjoy being bathed and scrubbed in the river by their mahouts.

   The most laid back individuals become converts to the life of high energy adventure with river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking. Numerous walking trails in this region are a favourite with trekkers.

(a) From where does the river Kaveri obtain its water? 1
Answer: The river Kaveri obtains its water from the hills and forests of Coorg.

(b) How do the birds and beasts enjoy in the stream of Kaveri?2
Answer: The kingfishers dive for their catch of large Mahaseer – a fresh water fish. Squirrels and langurs drop half eaten fruits to create a splash and then enjoy the ripple effect. Elephants enjoy a bath in the river Kaveri.

(c) Name the various sports favorite with the visitors to this place?2

Answer: The various sports favorite with the visitors are river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking. The trekkers like the numerous walking trails of this region. 

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