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Theme of Racism in novel Huckleberry Finn notes ,theme of Huckleberry Finn notes

Q] Discuss the theme of Huckleberry Finn ?
or Theme of Racism in Huckleberry Finn


The adventure of Huckleberry Finn, published in January 1885 , has been severely criticized for its racist content ,Though commented by Earnest Hemingway as "one book" from which "
all modern American literature" came for Twain's critics , the novel is steeped in racism . The repeated use of the word "Nigger" contributes largely to this assessment
written at a time when slavery had been abolished but prejudice against black had not. The novel is Twain attempt to expose the ruthlessness of society towards the Afro-American
of the day . It is the story of a "white boy",Huck , trying to save a runaway nigger from captivity .

Theme of Racism in novel Huckleberry Finn notes ,theme of Huckleberry Finn notes


Twain has steered the readers attention from a tale of plain "Boyish Adventure"
to a more serious moral content .on the surface of it . The novel is bursting with characters that propagate racism . Early in the novel , we have rendezvous with Tom's racist attitude . When he and Huck are trying to escape in the wood , Tom wants to play a trick on the sleeping Jim. He ties him into a tree and demonstrate his complete lack of sensitivity towards the letters's feelings .

 Tom has an inherent thoughtlessness towards members of the black race ,a fact that becomes evident, again at the end of of the novel with his announcement that Jim has been "a free man" for two months , However , Tom upbringing has taught him that a 'NIGGER' being inferior to the "white man "does not deserve respect and consideration and therefore , it is right to disregard his sentiment because he does not have any . Through the character of Tom , Mark Twain is trying to exhibit and satirize the foolishness and outlook of the "civilized" their bookish learning and tendency towards Racism .



The "God fearing" and "Religious" lot like Miss Watson and the Phelps are also not force from this streak of racial prejudice . While Miss Watson preaches to Huck that he should believe in providence and do good to others , she does not find anything wrong in her decision to sell her slave to a trader and eventually , separate him from his family for ever and ever she does not recognize the fact that a 'NIGGER"  as long as no "people" were hurt in the boat explosion . Her belief in this content is extremely impolite and racist especially when she responds its lucky because sometimes people do get hurt ". After all their upbringing has taught them that black people don't count as people , and it doesn't matter if they get hurt. Even the drunken , uneducated and unemployed POP'S representing the lower class of white southern society shows , his racist inclination it is preposterously
how a useless and vagrant's white man can claim him superiority over well-educated "nigger" merely on racial grounds,through POP'S strong racist sentiment .


 Twain seeks to reveal his disgust at the irrationality of peoples hatred  towards those belonging to the black community . Even Huck is not free from the racist sentiment . In the beginning
, Huck like Tom disregard Jim's sentiment and plays several pranks , including the "rattle-snakes" on him. Huck is surprised at Jim's display of emotion when he fondly talks of his, family and daughter .Influenced by the racism that he has inherited from society , Huck has also been taught that a black man is not capable of such a degree of emotion.

Huck's upbringing and exposure has taught him the ridiculous idea that a "Nigger" is inferior to a "WHITE MAN',not only in status but also in emotion and feeling . Twain
shows his contempt for the corrupting and demoralizing weight that southern civilized society has a Huck. The novelist displays his disdain from slavery through a character that has "LEARNT HIS LESSONS" and that character is Huck.After playing all those practical jokes on Jim's,he realized that slaves have feeling too,they also want to be with their family.

during his journey down the Mississippi with Jim , Huck goes through emotional maturity , His attitude shows changing . He lets his own experience and judgement decide his course of action and does not succumb to what society claims to be 'right or wrong' in the scene where the slave trade catch up with raft , they ask".

"is your man white or black" , after a great tug of war with the teaching of society , finally Huck burst out " He's white ", this statement is a great milestone in Huck's character.
it is therefore high time that absolve "Mark Twain". of the change of being a racist writer and acknowledge his real purpose , with the portrayal of racially prejudiced
characters , Twain drives home his contempt for the unfounded and groundless prejudice of the "whites" against the less Privileged "blacks" as Twain wrote -

There are many humorous things in the world ;among them in the white man's nation that he is less savage than all other savages.       


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