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Analyse the character of huckleberry Finn OR Huckleberry Finn Characters

Q. Analyse the character of huckleberry Finn ?
Q. Huckleberry Finn Characters


Q. In the character of Huckleberry Finn , Mark Twain has analysed to present still free , the natural being not yet Moulded and ruined by an environment that 
seeks to civilize him ?? Discuss?

Analyse the character of huckleberry Finn  OR Huckleberry Finn Characters



Huckleberry Finn plays an important role in the novel, the adventure of Huckleberry Finn .He is so important a character in the novel that the novel is entitled  after his name .He is the central figure of the novel. He is a child hero, and a successful child hero in the novel. All the events and characters are related  to him. He is present in the whole novel .After reading this novel we find the following traits in his nature .

(1) Autobiographical Figure 

it is very remarkable that Huckleberry Finn is an autobiographical figure in the novel . He is drawn from the real life.He is the mouthpiece of the writer himself.
Mark Twain has chosen Him for is narrator . In many ways , Huck is a safe reporter. The novel is satirical.The writer has attacked the then existing cruelty and cheating in the society.
Many dialogue between Jim and Huck saw the critical comments of the author himself on the vices of the people. Huck run away from the modern civilized society and lives 
a free life on the surface of the river .

The writer is tired of the defective society and wants to run away from it and live freely. The writer had experienced the cruelty , cheating , sorrow and misery in various 
strata of society and in various countries he had to express his views on them and he has chosen Huck as his mouthpiece for his purpose .


(2) A highly moral character 

Huckleberry Finn is a highly moral character , if their is any morality in the novel. According to one of the scholar ,their is moral growth in Huck through successive 
stages. Like Mark twain ,he too hates the vices of cruelty , brutality , killings , murders and slavery . He has been the upholder of the human values and denounced 
in justice and in equality in the society .Therefore , he cannot bear the slavery of Jim ,he cannot bear the cheating nature of the king and the duke .He shares the money stolen
by the king and the duke in the coffin of the dead relative of the sisters.He escape from the society which is corrupt in his opinion.


(3) His kindness 

Huck's heart overflows with the mind of human kindness. He feels compassion for Jim a victim of the society , he helps the people in the hours of their need . He is 
fond of simple and innocent being and things ,he is so sensitive that he cannot withdraw himself from the sufferings of others .

(4) His desire for loneliness

According to Richard Poirier ,Huck has an aptitude for loneliness . He does not like to live in society He does not like to join Tom's gang.He run away from the house
of his brutal father Pap .He runs away from Miss Watson who wants to civilize him. In his introduction to the novel T.S ELIOT says that Huck is his most solitary 
character in fiction . 

(5) His knowledge of mankind and nature 

Huck has super knowledge of the civil nature of human beings . He moves with the assumption that his fellow men are likely to be dangerous and wicked . He moves to society 
in disguised . He adopts a false identity . He knows well how to  get rid of slave traders and hunters with the lie that his family is sick his knowledge of mankind 
thus helps him to be away from evil people . It also enables him to feel sympathy for the suffering fellows .


(6)  His believes in Ghosts

Jim believes in ghosts and like him Huck too believe in ghosts . His faith in ghosts is not only childish fantasy but rejection of deeper problem of his desire for freedom
from the taints of civilization . Their is something mysterious and tragic in his belief that the sound in the woods has been produced by the ghost . Along with Tom he makes any superstitious efforts to release him from the cell in which he was chained .

(7) His Goodness

Huck is all compassion all goodness and all righteousness . He cannot stand cruelity in any form .He feels sympathy when they are in difficulty . When he and Jim cut loose the boat of the cut  throats on the Walterscott and sail it away leaving them to the mercy of the river , Huck fells upset about their security . He then tries to arrange for their rescue.


Perhaps, the most remarkable quality of Huck's character is that he succeeds in being a boy and a grown up person at once .He really represent the varied life of America.
He has some  universal values . He should be taken as a champion of an freedom. Thus , Huck plays an important role in the Novel. 


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