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Difference between writing and speech,Dialectal Variation

                   Difference Between Writing And Speech

Difference between writing and speech,Dialectal Variation
Difference between writing and speech

    A written form is essentially a representation of a spoken form.it is however ,very seldom an exact reflection of the spoken form . One letter may stand for a sequence of sounds X=KS , and a sequence of letters may stand for one sound (th) ,for the initial sound in thing or thin .
A single letter or sequence of letters can have many different phonetic values 'ough’ is very different in Through ,Rough, Cough, Bough , Hiccough and Dough .

The difference between writing and speech are found at all levels of Structure - Phonology, Morphology ,Syntax , Vocabulary and Style.


Dialectal Variation

In speech as well as in writings Dialectal variations is a very common feature.

For example , in the British and the American variety of English ,we have colour-color, Centre-center .

But the difference between the spoken English of Britain and the united states are considerably more numerous and often much Greater. Writing often fails to represent the phonology fully and accurately.

Accents and tones, despite the diacritical marks , are generally not captured fully by writings system . universally dialectal Variation in a written language is almost much slighter than in the associated spoken language . Reason of which may be the single base, the dialect from which the written language might have developed ,another reason may be an effort to produce a new literary language which is not merely a reflection of any single dialect but a composite of many.

How written form is influenced

Written form are influenced not only by their associated spoken forms ,but also by other written languages. This often happens in bilingual and multilingual communities.
For example : Older manuscript of Sanskrit and Hindi have a very few marks of Punctuation,But the modern hindi has adopted the punctuation system of English without capitalization .
Linguistics change is another factor influencing the fit of written and spoken language.



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