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factors contributing rise of novel in 18th century

       Factors contributing the rise Of  Novel in the 18th century

factors contributing rise of novel in 18th century

Factors contributing the rise Of  Novel in the 18th century

The 18th century is known as the "Flowering" period of modern novel. The four wheels of the novel -Richardson , Fielding , Sterne and Smollett happened to be during this age. In fact,the seeds of the modern novel were sown during this period .in this period the novel grew rapidly and rose to its hey-day. This period proved to be the golden period of the novel.

 Factors contributing to the rise of the novel during the 18th century.

(1) The decline of the Drama:

It is notable that the drama grew as Romans people of every age craved for entertainment and during the Elizabethan and the Jacobian ,this entertainment was provided by the drama ,but later on ,the drama became artificial and immorals . People needed some other form of literature for entertainment and so it was the novel which fulfilled their desire and took the place of drama .

(2) Rise of periodical essay :

In fact the seeds of the novel were laid in the periodical essay of the Addison and Steele . The origin of the novel of the character and of the social and domestic novel is found in the pages of the spectator. The periodical essay paved the way for the emergence of the novel.

(3) Ready -made material

The material useful for the rise of the novel was ready during the early years of the 18th century. The prose medium useful for the novel was ready in the form of essay . Great writers like Bunyan and Swift had already created the atmosphere of realism, adventure and morality .

(4) Leisure :

The immense leisure of women during the 16th century is a next reason for the rise of the novel during the age. the age was full of peace and prosperity . Women were not allowed to take part in politics and administration be of the estate . Woman of high society and above of middle class got leisure ,so most of them were driven on to literature . Maids and servants to enjoy reading as they too got leisures ,thus there emerged a few new class of readers . The novel provided them with the good readings ,not only this but their tastes and life found reflection in the novel.

(5) Rise of the Publisher:

Like the readers the publisher too emerged on the scene in the 18th century.

(7) Circulating Library :

These libraries made common people read with less money . The romances of the 17th century were costly and so affordable for rich people only . But the novels in the 18th century were comparatively cheapers .The circulating libraries made the novel cheaper and available even for common people.

(8) Proper form of entertainment:

Unlike the drama and the epic, the novel was a proper form of entertainment . The drama needed stage and could be shorter . But the novel was free from stage directions .The writers and the readers were not bound by time ,The writers could take their own time to write and the readers could read the novel whenever they wished to read .

Some others factors :

• Rise of common people
• Wider scope
• No limitations of classicism




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