Tuesday 25 May 2021

Assamese GK Daily || Assamese General Knowledge Questions || Frequently Asked Questions in Assamese ||

  1. 6 fishes Name in Assamese    

Answer: These are the Assamese names of some Local Fish: গৰৈ (goroi), চেঙেলী মাছ (sengeli maas), শ'লমাছ (holmaas), পুঠি মাছ (puthimaas), কাৱৈ মাছ (kawoimaas), খলিহনা মাছ (kholihonamaas) । 

  2. Who is known as Gana Shilpi in Assam?   

Answer: Jyoti Prasad Agarwala 

3. How much marks required to pass HSLC exam? 

Answer: The pass percentage is 30% marks at least that means you will have to score at least 30 marks in each subject.

    Again, you will have to understand the pattern of combined marks of theory and practical, because in subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Geography Elective etc. there is a combination of practical 10 marks and the written paper is conducted only for 90 marks. So, in this case you will have to score at least 3 marks in practical and 27 marks in written Examination. In total, it becomes 30 marks. In those subjects if you anyhow fails to get 27 marks in written examination your result may appear as fail.

    However, there is a provision if grace marking in SEBA HSLC Examination

4. Is the learner licence renewal? How can I slot booking after renewal in Assam?   

Answer: Once expires, you can easily renew a learner licence simply by visiting https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/stateSelection.do . Follow the steps explained below and you should get your learner license renewed instantly:

    i. In the Sarathi website select your state as ASSAM.

    ii. Now, from the LEARNER LICENCE drop down menu select EXPIRED LEARNER LICENSE ISSUE AGAIN

     iii. Now, enter your expired learner license number and date of birth and click on the submit button.

    iv. Next, you will have to upload a scan copy of your expired learner license in JPEG or PDF format.

    v. Once you follow all the necessary steps, you will have to proceed to pay necessary fees. The fee amount varies from case to case depending upon of your category license that you have applied for. When you proceed for payment the payment window will show your payable fee. You can pay it using your debit card easily. It also has other payment methods, you can easily select among them.

    vi. Once, fee is paid now you will have to take print out of the soft copies of Application Form, Photocopies of necessary documents and have to physically visit the District Transport Office of your district and submit the hard copies.

    vii. Wait for at least seven days, you will get a message in your registered mobile number about approval of your renewal of learner license.

    viii. As soon as you get the message of approval, you can again visit the Sarathi Parivahan site and download a soft copy of your approved learner license.



    i. After your approval message, for downloading the soft copy visit the Sarathi Parivahan site and select your state as ASSAM.

    ii. Now, from the LEARNER LICENCE drop down menu select PRINT LEARNER LICENCE (FORM 3).


5. I am an engineering dropout currently pursuing BA in English literature after graduation will I be able to apply for UPSC? 

Answer: Yes, of course. For applying UPSC Examination, you need to qualify at least graduation in any stream from a recognized university.


6. What is the oldest name of school in Assamese?

Answer: Tool (টোল)

7.What is the perfect meaning in Assamese of biodegradable?

Answer: জীৱনিম্নীকৰণ 

8.Which plant is very important in Assamese tradition especially today? 

Answer: In Assamese tradition there are many trees and herbs are important parts of day-to-day life. Among them, Banana trees and Tulsi shrub are most important plants as part of Assamese culture. Other important plants include Neem, Curry Leaves etc.

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