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A Brave General | Class 3 | English | Lesson 3 | SCERT Solutions | Assam

A Brave General | Class 3 | English | Lesson 3 | SCERT Solutions

A Brave General | Class 3 | English | Lesson 3 | SCERT Solutions | Assam
A Brave General | Class 3 | English | Lesson 3 | SCERT Solutions | Assam

1.    Read the sentences and write ‘yes’ or ‘no’:

 a)    Chakradhwaj Singha was a brave general.

Answer: No.

 b)    The king had to pay huge sums of money to the Mogul emperor. 

Answer: Yes.

 c)    Chakradhwaj Singha wanted to fight the Moguls.

Answer: No.

 d)    Chakradhwaj Singha appointed Lachit as the Borphukan.

Answer: Yes.

2.    Read the text and see how much you have understood:

a)    What is the name of the king in the story?

Answer: Chakradhwaj Singha.

b)    What did Chakradhwaj Singha decide to do?

Answer: King Chakradhwaj Singha decided to fight the Moghuls and recover the lost part of his kingdom.

c)    Give the name of the person who was selected to become the general.

Answer: Lachit Borphukan was selected to become the general.

d)    What did the attendant do that made Lachit so angry?

Answer: Lachit was so angry because the attendant took off Lachit's turban.

e)    What did the king want to test in Lachit?

Answer: The King wanted to test if Lachit was brave and had self-respect.

3.    Pick out words from the box and fill in the blanks to complete the sentences given below:


a)    The Western part of the kingdom was under the Moguls.

b)    The king wanted to fight the Moguls.

c)    The king needed a brave general.

d)    The king wanted to test Lachit.

e)    The king presented a sword to Lachit.

4.    Rearrange the words to make sentences:

a)    The king huge sums of money to pay had

Answer: The King had to pay huge sums of money.

b)    King presented the Lachit sword with a 

Answer: The King presented a sword to Lachit.

c)    The king Lachit called chamber to his

Answer: The King called Lachit to his chamber.

d)    Chamber rushed into an attendant the royal

Answer: An attendant rushed into the royal chamber.

e)    The a brave general needed King

Answer: The King needed a Brave General.

Now, rearrange the sentences in the correct order according to the story:

5. (a)  Read aloud the two sentences:

Chakradhwaj Singha was brave.

He was a brave king.

Notice where the describing word brave is placed. In the first sentence, it is placed after ‘was’. In the second sentence, it is placed before the naming word. Many describing words can be placed in both these places.


5. (b) Read the sentences about Lachit Borphukan:

Lachit Borphukan was brave.

Now write another sentence about him using the word ‘brave’.

 Lachit Borphukan was appointed as a general because he was Brave


5.    Mita wants to climb a tree. But she is afraid. Look at the pictures below. They show how Mita is learning to climb a tree:

Answer: (i) Mita is trying to climb the tree.

                (ii) But she is afraid to climb it.

                 (iii) Her father is showing her how to climb the tree.

                 (iv) Mita has bravely climbed the tree.


6.    Look at the pair of words and fill in the blanks:

(a)    Need – Needed

(b)    Want – wanted

(c)    Select – selected

(d)    Rush – rushed

(e)    Appoint – appointed

(f)    Present – presented

7.    Read aloud the pair of words:

Now, make sentences using words from any two pairs:

Answer: (i) Sita Wants to become a Doctor

               (ii) She became what she wanted to become.

9.    Write three sentences about what you do every day and three sentences about what you did yesterday or last Sunday:


(a) I play Carrom board

(b) I do exercise

(c) I cook a meal


(a) I played football

(b) I cooked Food

(c) I did Exercise

10.    Let’s make new words by joining two words from the clouds. You will find these words in the story of ‘The King and the Spider’. One is done for you:

(a)    Cob+web = cobweb

(b)    Battle+field = Battlefield

(c)    King+dom = Kingdom

12.    We can use these ‘Wh’ words to ask questions. Let us use these words and frame questions to know how much we have understood the story ‘The King and the Spider’.

(i)    Where did the spider try to weave the web?

(ii)    What did the spider do?

(iii)    How did the king go to a deep forest?

(iv)    Why did the king run away?

(v)    When did the king go?

18.a) Sing and enjoy this rhyme:


Work While You Work,

Play While you play.

This is the way

To be happy each day.

All that you do,

Do with your might,

Things done by halves,

Are never done right.

18.b) Find the rhyming words in the poem and write them:

(a) Play - Day

(b) Might - Right 

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