Tuesday 30 March 2021

How to Score 90+ in English Subject of the Board Exams || Score Good Marks in English || Pro Tips and Tricks

how to score good marks in english


Most Indian kids do their schooling in their native languages. So, they find English Language a "Kawab me Haddi", a Bone in a Burger. Today's blog is dedicated to those students who find it very difficult to score good marks in English in their Board Examinations. Students find English subjects an unfamiliar language, but if they know how to catch the halter of this English Horse, it will run smoother and faster like never before.

Are your a student of class 10, appearing for board exams conducted by state boards like SEBA, PSEB? Then this post is for you.

Scroll below to find some cool tips and tricks on how to score good marks in English.

Tips and Tricks

1. Think Easy, Make it Easy: 

All the hurdles actually comes from your mind. Jonathan Culver rightly said, "The English Language is a work in progress, have fun with it."It is you who are to be blamed for finding English difficult. Just think if English Language had been so difficult, why is it the mostly spoken international language? It is a language of international community.

So, never ever think that English is a tough subject. Once you convince yourself that English is just your cup of tea, 99% of the battle is won that moment. Rest 1% will now depend upon your pattern of study, grasping capacity and building of understanding of the language.


2. Your Textbook is Your Weapon:

The honest secret to do an excellence in any subject including English is reading the textbook lessons very attentively. While reading your textbook lessons, you must focus on the followings:

  • Reading with understanding: Mere reading once is not sufficient unless you understand the complete topic or subject matter of the chapter. For that you need to read and read and read again and again the lesson so that next time anyone ask you about the story of the lesson, you should be able to narrate it clearly and confidently.
  • Reading with knowledge building: While reading your chapter, your parallel goal should be to grasp a good command over the topic. You can learn the difficult words, grammatical patterns used in the lesson.
  • Reading with discovery of possibility: The bigger goal of your study is now to score good marks. You can fulfill that only if you know what sorts of questions may be asked from the lesson. You need to find them and note them down from the lesson.


3. Previous Years' Board Papers is a Masterstroke:

If you want an assured success in English, then best way to start is to collect and solve the previous years' State Board Papers. It will give you a broad idea about the patterns of probable questions. You should check what sorts of questions are asked from each chapter. Now this will help you to improve your study of the subject matter.

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4. Memorize

Next, you should try to memorize the questions and answers chapter wise. However most kids find it difficult to memorize everything word by word. So, you need to remember the trick "Memorize the skeleton, not the Flesh". This means you should focus on concept building and applying it to create your own answers. 

That's why we insist on reading your lessons with understanding. If you understand the concept or the summary of the lesson, then no matter what sorts of questions are asked you should be able to phrase your own answer.

  • Memorize the objective
  • Visualize the subjective

The above points mean that you should only try to remember the objective type questions from a lesson, rest the subjective parts, you should try to visualize the concept and try to answer subjective questions in your own language. You need not to go with a hi-fi English language. Whatever your answers be, you can phrase them in simple English. You can follow simple patterns of sentence making to create your own answers.

5. Command Over Grammar:

Knowledge of Grammar makes a language subject complete. So, apart from your textbook, you should also carry a Grammar Book to enhance your grammatical knowledge. Grammar is the soul of a language. If you hold it, you hold the subject altogether. No matter how much hard questions are asked, you should be able to answer it with your concept of the subject matter and grammatical knowledge.

Thus, concepts of textbook lessons  and knowledge of grammar is the only combination that can help you to score highest marks in English Subject.

Author: Dipankar Dutta

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