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Lesson 5 | A Holiday in Delhi All Questions Answers | Class 6 | English SCERT

 Lesson 5 | A Holiday in Delhi All Questions Answers | Class 6 | English SCERT 

Lesson 5 | A Holiday in Delhi All Questions Answers | Class 6 | English SCERT
A Holiday In Delhi Questions Answers

Do you recognize the pictures given below? They are all places of historical importance and tourist Interest in Delhi. Their names are given in jumbled order. Working in pairs, find out their names and write them in the space given below. 

1) Parliament House 

2) Rashtrapati Bhavan 

3) India Gate 

4) Red Fort

5) Lotus temple 

6) Qutub Minar 


1. Let's see how much you have understood the lesson. Read the sentences below and put a tick on the correct option to complete each sentence:


(a) Rishov, Rishika, and their parents went to Delhi during their 

(I) Summer holidays

(II)Puja holidays

(III) Winter holidays

(Iv)Bihu holidays 

Answer: (II) Puja holidays

(b) They went to Delhi by 

(I) air

(II) bus

(III) train 

(Iv) their own car 

Answer: (I) By air

(c) Maple inn is a lovely

(I) palace 

(II) fort

(III) restaurant

(Iv) hotel

Answer: (IV) hotel

(d)  Rishov found a wallet lying on the 

(I) the seat of the bus

(II) the floor of the hotel

(III) the floor of the bus

(Iv) bus stop

Answer:  (III) Floor of the bus

(e) The person who dialed the number was 

(I) Rishov

(II) Rishov's father

(III) Rishika

(IV) Rishov and Rishika's father

Answer: (I) Rishov

(f) The person who was very happy to receive the wallet was 

(I) Rishika

(II) Rishov

(III) Rajeev Sharma 

(IV) Rishov and Rishika's father

Answer: Rajeev Sharma

2. Here are some sentences about Rishov and Rishika's holidays. Arrange the sentences in chronological order (as they happened in the story). 

(a) They saw the Red Fort and India gate

(b) They went to Agra

(c) Rishov and Rishika pleaded with their father for a holiday trip to Delhi.

(d) They returned the wallet to its owner.

(e) Tickets were brought and the hotel was booked.

(f) Rishov found and picked up a wallet lying on the floor of the bus.

Answer: (a) Rishov and Rishika pleaded with their father for a holiday trip to Delhi

(b) Tickets were brought and the hotel was booked.

(c) They saw the Red Fort and India gate.

(d) Rishov found and picked up a wallet lying on the floor of the bus.

(e) They went to Agra

(f) They returned the wallet to its owner.


3. (a) What is a diary entry? Read to know.

A diary entry is a written record of one's thoughts, feelings, opinions, and plans that have occurred during the day. These entries are arranged by date. 

Diary writing format: 

(I) Write the date of the entry on the left-hand corner of the entry.

(II) Choose the topic of the entry.

(III) One can address the diary as "Dear Diary" or give the diary a name. 

(b) Rishov is trying to record the important points about their holiday in his diary. Working with a friend, read the lessons, and help Rishov to complete the diary entry : 

October 5th: Started our journey to Delhi

Places we visited: India gate, Red Fort and Taj Mahal.

The hotel we stayed in: Maple inn in South Delhi.

What I found under my seat: wallet

Who it belonged to :  Rajeev Sharma

How I found  Mr. Sharma: I found a slip of paper with a few telephone numbers along with Rajeev Sharma number, I dialed his number from my father's mobile phone. I told him that we are visiting Agra and would be stopping at the Taj Mahal are, also gave him the name and number, color, and model of the bus. After receiving the Agra tourist bus stop I found Rajeev Sharma and returned his Wallet back.

Where I returned the wallet: Bus Stop

The most memorable thing about our vacation: One of the most memorable things is the Finding of the wallet and returning it back to the owner.

4. Now, try to record the important points about one of your holidays. You may work in groups to complete your diary entry. You can check the points on the left if you like.

Date of your Journey: January 14

Places you visited: Pangshu pass, Lake of no return

Places you stayed in: Arunachal Hotel

What you did there: camping, trekking

What Interesting things happened to you: I found a wallet full of money

What you most liked about that holiday: Trekking

Which place you would like to visit in the future: Majuli.

5. Rishika is talking on her mobile phone with her friend Minati who lives in Delhi. Read the conversation between Rishika and Minati. The conversation is not given in proper order. Re-arrange the sentences spoken and write them in sequence in the space given.

(1) Rishika: Hello! How are you Minati?

(2) Minati: Fine. How are you Rishika?

(3) Rishika: Fine, thank you! We're coming to Delhi.

(4) Minati: oh! It will be nice to meet you all again. When are you coming

(5) Rishika: We'll reach on the 5th of October.

(6) Minati: Are you coming by air?

(7) Rishika: Yes, by Air India.

(8) Ok, dear. I will be at the airport.

6. Let's learn some negative sentences. They are sentences express a negative meaning using 'No' or 'Not'.

Change the sentences into negative:


(I) We'll go by air.

Answer: I won't go by air.

(II) Their mother too was on their sides.

Answer: Their mother wasn't on their sides.

(III) The Red Fort amazed them

Answer: The Red Fort Didn't amaze them.

(IV) Rishov's father booked two rooms in the hotel.

Answer: Rishov's father didn't book two rooms in the hotel.

(V) The wallet must be returned

Answer: The wallet must not be returned.

(VI) Rishov told him how he had found the wallet.

Answer: Rishov didn't tell him how he had found the wallet.

(VII) He gave the man the bus number

Answer: He didn't give the man the bus number.

(VIII) Open the wallet, please

Answer: Please, Don't open the wallet 

8. Find new words form each of the following words and write them out in the space given. One is done for you.


(a) Below - Low

(b) Wallet - Let

(c) person - son

(d) father - her

(e) smile - mile

(f) lawns - awn (and what not)

Finds more such words from your text and add them to your list.


(a) Was - as

(b) pestered - red

(c) for - or 

(d) his - is

(e) holidays - days

(f) she - he

(g) reluctant - ant

(h) that - hat

(I) what - at

(j) about - out

(k) Father - fat

(l) will - ill

(m) time - me

(n) Gate - ate 

(o) bus - us

9. Read each row of the table below and make a sentence taking the words from each of them.


Here is an example: Rang Ghar - Sivasagar - monument

Rang Ghar is a monument in Sivasagar, Assam.

(a) Taj Mahal - Agra - Monument

Taj Mahal is a monument in Agra

(b) Maple inn - South Delhi - hotel

Maple inn is a hotel in South Delhi 

(c) Red fort - Delhi - fort

Red Fort is a fort in Delhi

(d) India gate - Delhi - monument

India Gate is a monument in Delhi

(e) Agra fort - Agra - fort 

Agra Fort is a fort in Agra

10. Did you like reading about Rishov and Rishika's holiday? Imagine you are planning to visit a place of interest. How would you prepare yourself for the visit? Write a few sentences about your plan. You may include the following points. 


(a) how you will travel 

Answer: By air

(b) Who will go with you

Answer: My parents and my brother

(c) What you plan to see

Answer: Tajmahal

(d) How are you feeling about the visit

Answer: I'm feeling very excited to visit Taj mahal with my family.

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