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Lesson 5 | The letter all questions answers | Class 4 | English | SCERT

Lesson 5 | The letter all questions answers | Class 4 | English | SCERT

Lesson 5 | The letter all questions answers | Class 4 | English | SCERT
Lesson 5 | The letter | SCERT

Let's read a poem about a letter:

I am writing a poem about a letter
To send by the post;
It is to the person
I care for the most.

I write the date clearly
And put the address,
And begin ‘Dearest Mummy’
(Did anyone guess?)

My pen travels slowly
All down the long sheet,
Because I’m so anxious
To keep it all neat.

I carefully blot it
To dry up the ink-
Such nice blotting – paper
The color is pink!

I turn the page over
And on goes my pen,
Till lastly come kisses,
There’s just room for ten

The envelope’s ready,
I put the stamp on,
And run to the post box,
And now it has gone!

1. Write the rhyming words from the poem:

(a) host - post, most
(b) press - address, guess
(c) song - long
(d) meat - sheet, neat
(e) sink - ink, pink
(f) hen - pen, ten

2. Choose the correct answer :

(a) The letter is written to the girl's

(i) father
(ii) mother (Answer)
(iii) uncle
(iv) aunt

(b) To dry up the ink, I use

(i) an eraser
(ii) some chalk
(iii) some blotting paper (answer)
(iv) a piece of cloth

(c) How many kisses does the letter have room for?

(i) eleven
(ii) a ton
(iii) nine
(iv) ten (answer)

(d) The meaning of 'room' in the poem is

(i) study room
(ii) space (answer)
(iii) drawing room
(iv) a part within a house

3. Listen and repeat:
(a) slowly: The old man walks slowly.
(b) Quickly: The young girl walks quickly.
(c) brightly: The sun shines brightly.
(d) sweetly: The bird sings sweetly.
(e) happily: The girl dances happily.

Now, write the sentences from the poem that ends with -ly

(i) I write the date clearly
(ii) I carefully blot it
(iii) My pen travels slowly

4. Add 'ly' to get some new words. Write the words and make sentences with them. One is done for you:

(a) Love: Lovely – That flower look so lovely.
(b) Most: Mostly – I enjoy stories mostly.
(c) Neat: Neatly – We must do our work neatly.
(d) Brave: Bravely – Our soldiers fought bravely.
(e) Friend: Friendly – Ram is very friendly with all.

5. Sunita is a student of class IV. She has been given some work for the teachers day function. She will have to stay for an extra hour in school.. She wants to inform her mother. So she requests her teacher to send an SMS to her mother. Read what Sunita’s teacher writes:

SMS – Dear Mrs. Dey, Sunita will reach home late today. Pritam sir.

6.(a) Milan is Sunita’s classmate. Milan’s uncle and aunt live in Guwahati. He wants to visit them during the summer vacation. He has written a letter to his uncle to inform him about this. Here is the letter which Milan wrote to his uncle:

Dear Khura,

I am fine. How are you all? Hope you are fine.
These days I am busy with my studies. Our second unit test will be held from 15th of june to 28th june. After that, the summer vacation will start on the 1st of july. Our school will reopen on the 1st of August. My parents and I are planning to visit you this summer vacation. Will you and Khuri be there? I want to see a lot of places in Guwahati. We want to see the Kalakshetra and Shilpagram if possible. It will be fun to be with you all. Hope to see you soon.


6.(b) Milan’s uncle receives his letter four days later. He is very happy to get a letter from his nephew, Milan. Now he is reading the letter. He is very happy to know that Milan and his parents are coming to visit them. Now he is writing a reply to Milan.

Dear Milan,

I am very happy to receive your letter. We are fine. It is good to know that you are coming to visit us this summer vacation. Raju and Rosie are also very happy to know this. We are eagerly waiting for your visit. We will all have a lot of fun. I will try to show you all the places that you mentioned in your letter.

Please give my regards to Dada and Bou. Waiting for you all to come.


7. Little Mayuri is Rohit's cousin. She is trying to write a letter to Milan. Help Rosie complete her letter:

Dear Rohit,

I Hope You are fine. We all are fit and fine here. I am very happy to know you are coming to Digboi. Please send more letters to me.

with love, 
your sister,

8. Have you written a letter to anyone? Practice writing your postal address in the following box:

Name – Ajoy Limboo
C/O - Shri Binod limboo
House No. 574
Village - Digboi
Town - Digboi
District - Tinsukia
PIN - 786000

(a) Where have you seen this?
Answer: I have seen this stamp in a letter.
(b) What is it called?
Answer: This is called stamp.

9. Here are a few pictures of Milan's Visit to Guwahati.
Now, choose the sentences from the box correctly describe each picture. Write a sentence below each picture.


Picture 1: Milan was excited to see the chimpanzee at the zoo.
Picture 2: Milan cheered the football players in the stadium.
Picture 3: Milan went to the market with his uncle.
Picture 4: Milan enjoyed looking at the stars in the planetarium.

10. Let’s talk. Tell your friends sitting next to you about a place you have visited. He or she will then tell you about a place he or she has visited.

11. In Guwahati, Milan went to Beltola Bazar one morning with his uncle.

1. Let’s take some apples.
2. How much are they?
3. They are Rs. 120 per kg.

Milan and his uncle are at a grocery store.

1. Please give me one kg of kidney beans. What is the price?
2. How much is this packet of chocolates.
3. Kidney beans are Rs.20 a kg. The price of the packet of chocolates is Rs. 20.

Milan and his father are at a roadside stall of a vegetable vendor on Sunday. Complete their conversation.

MilanI like ridge gourds.
Milan’s FatherPlease give me one kg of ridge gourds. How much are they?
VendorRidge gourds are Rs. 20 per kg.

12. Let us practice saying these words aloud:
a) Letter  litter
b) Patter   pitter
c) fatter    fitter
d) bitter     better     butter

12. b) Let’s have some fun! Here is a ‘tongue twister’. Let us see who can read the tongue twister correctly and quickly.

Betty bought a bit of butter. But the butter betty bought was bitter. So betty bought a better butter to make the bitter butter better.