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Lesson 2 | The ant and the grasshopper questions answers | class 4 | SCERT

The Ant and The Grasshopper Questions Answers | Class 4

Lesson 2 | The ant and the grasshopper questions answers | class 4 | SCERT
The ant and the Grasshopper questions answers | Class 4

Read out Conversation between Annie and Hop.

Hop – Hello! Good morning, Annie.
Annie – Good morning, Hop. What’s the matter?
Hop – I’m very hungry. Will you please give me some food?
Annie – I have a good store of food. Didn’t you store some food for winter?
Hop – No, I didn’t. I spent my days singing and dancing.
Annie –Very bad, Hop. We should think about our future. We should save some food for winter. Anyway, I’ll give you some food this time. But only this time.
Hop – Thank you very much, Annie, I’ve learnt a lesson from now on I’ll work hard I’ll also save food like you.

1. Read and write:
Annie wants to write a letter to Hop. Let's help Annie to complete the letter. Fill in the missing words in the letter:

My dear Hop, 

Hope you are fine. What are you doing these days?Are you working hard? Or are you spending all your time, singing and dancingDo you remember what I said? I advised you to store food for the winter. Now I am very busy with my work. Soon it will be the winter season. I will meet you soon.

                                                                             Lots of love,

2. The bees store honey in a honeycomb. Ants store food for winter. Here are some places where we keep the money. Read them aloud:

(a) A piggy bank
(b) a bamboo tube
(c) a post office 
(d) a bank

3. Let’s read:

This is how Annie’s letter goes to Hop. Follow the arrow marks and read.

Annie puts the letter in an envelope. 
She seals it and pastes a postal stamp on it. 
She also writes the address on it.
Annie drops the letter in a postbox,
A postman collects the letter from the postbox. 
He takes it to the post office.
The post office sends the letter to Hop’s place.
A postman delivers the letter to Hop.

4. Here is a song that you can play a game with. Your teacher will show you how to play it. Sing and enjoy the game.

I wrote a letter to my mother,
On the way I dropped it,
A postman came and picked it up 
And put it in his pocket.

Questions answers of The Ant and the Grasshopper

5. Anjan is a good boy. He likes to do all his work on time. Read what Anjan does during the day:

Now, write what Anjan does every day.
(a) At 6 a.m. I, wake up
(b) At 7 a.m. I, eat breakfast
(c) At 5 p.m. I, play with my friends
(d) At 9 p.m. I, go to bed.

Sit in pairs and ask your partner what he/she does Every day. You and your partner can use these words to begin each sentence:

First I, wake up 
Next, I, brush my teeth
Then I, eat breakfast
After that, I, go to school

6. Read the announcement on the school notice board : 

The students of class III and Class IV will visit a flood relief camp next Sunday. Please bring old clothes and old books. Contact the class captain for bus timings.

Come one come all! 
Here’s an announcement for you. Our school is starting ‘Sanchayika’ – a small savings scheme. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Save your pocket money. It will grow tomorrow.

Now, answer the following in one word:

(i) Day of a visit to the relief camp Sunday.
(ii) The name of the small savings scheme 'Sanchayika'.

7. Listen to your teacher’s instructions and draw:

First open your notebook and find a blank page.
Then take your pencil.
Now draw a house on the blank page.
Then draw a tree to the left of the house.
After that draw a bucket to the right of the house.
Also draw a bird on the roof of the house.
Finally, colour the picture.

8. Read the words in the block. Some of them are in full forms, other in contracted forms. Circle the words in contracted forms:


(i) I’m
(ii) I’ll
(iii) Can’t
(iv) Couldn’t
(v) It’s
(vi) Isn’t
(vii) Let’s
(viii) That’s
(ix) Don’t
(x) Doesn’t
(xi) Didn’t
(xii) Won’t

Now, write the contracted forms of the underlined words: 

(i) Today I'm going to the market.
(ii) I'll buy a cricket bat.
(iii) I can't play with my old bat because it is broken.
(iv) My sister doesn't like to play Cricket.
(v) So she won't come with me.

9. Read the sentence:

The Grasshopper was singing and dancing. Therefore, he could not store food.

Now, join the two matching parts from each of the sentences given below. Write them together, beginning the second sentence with 'Therefore'.

(a) it is summer, therefore, we must store food for winter.
(b) Annie was busy therefore Hop did not meet her.
(c) Annie and Hop are friends therefore Annie helped Hop.

10. Do you know that ants are always busy and hard working? They work together and move in a line.

Choose words from the box and complete the sentences below.

Busy, tiny, hardworking, together, line 

(a) The ant is a tiny insect, smaller than a bee.
(b) Ants are always busy. They hardly take a rest.
(c) They are very hard-working insects. They are not lazy.
(d) Ants always move in a line, just like soldiers.
(e) Ants like to work together. They do not usually work alone.

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