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AHSEC Class 11 | Sentence Transformation | English Grammar with previous year questions

AHSEC Class 11 | Sentence Transformation | English Grammar with previous year questions

AHSEC Class 11 | Sentence Transformation | English Grammar with previous year questions

H.S. 2017

Stephen Hawking is the most famous scientist of this generation. (Use the comparative degree of ‘famous’)
Stephen Hawking is more famous than any other scientists of this generation.

She knows any address. (Make it complex)
She knows whatever may be the address.

H.S. 2018
He did not know my name. (Make it a complex sentence)
He did not know what my name was.

Guwahati is the oldest city in the North – East. (Use the comparative degree of ‘oldest’)
Guwahati is older than any other cities in the North – East.

H.S. 2019

He confessed his crime. (Make it a complex sentence)
He confessed that he had committed a crime.

No other girl in the class is as good as Sita. (Use the superlative degree of ‘good’)
Sita is the best girl in the class.

Interchange of Degree

This is the best book on the subject. (to comparative and to positive)
Comparative: This book is better than any other book on this subject.
Positive: No other book is as good as this book on the subject.

This is one of the easiest poems in the reader. (to comparative/to positive)
Comparative: This poem is easier than many other poems in the reader.
Positive: Very few other poems in the reader are as easy as this poem.

This is one of the best colleges in the North. (to comparative/to positive)
Comparative: This College is better than many other colleges in the North.
Positive: Very few other colleges in the North are as good as this.

He is more intelligent than you. (to positive/)
Positive: You are not as intelligent as he is.

The Rajdhani Express runs faster than any other train. (to positive/to superlative)

Positive: No other train is as fast as the Rajdhani Express.
Superlative: The Rajdhani Express is the fastest train of all.

No other boxer is as great as Mary Kom. (to comparative/to superlative)
Comparative: Mary Kom is greater than any other boxer.
Superlative: Mary Kom is the greatest boxer of all.

Gold is more precious than most other metals. (Change into superlative degree).
Gold is one of the most precious metals.

Guwahati is bigger than any other city in the North-East. (change into positive)
Very few other cities in the North-East are as big as Guwahati.

No other fruit is as sweet as the mango. (Rewrite in comparative)
Mango is sweeter than any other fruits.

Interchange of Clause

I know his name. (to complex)
I know what his name is.

He came in the morning. (to complex)
He came when it was morning.

I am sure that I shall pass. (to simple)
I am sure of my passes.

He hoped that he would win the prize. (to simple)
He hoped to win the prize.

On going there, I found the door locked. (to complex)
When I went there, I found the door locked.

Mr. Barrack Obama, the president of the United States, visited India last year. (to complex)

Coming home, he began to work. (to compound)
He came home and began to work.

In spite of his wealth he is unhappy. (to compound)
He is wealthy but unhappy.

Speak the truth and I shall pardon you. (to complex/to simple)
Complex: If you speak the truth I shall pardon you.
Simple: I shall pardon you on speaking the truth.

I did this and so offended him. (to complex/to simple)
Complex: As I did this, I offended him.
Simple: By doing this I offended him.

He will certainly go. (change into complex)
It is certain that he will go.

I know what his intentions are. (change into simple)
I know his intentions.

I shall never forget you. (change into interrogative)
Shall I ever forget you?

You must work hard to succeed. (change into compound)
You must work hard and you will succeed.

This proves that he was innocent. (Change into simple)
This proves his innocence.

Unless you drink this medicine, you will not get well. (Rewrite using ‘if’)
If you drink this medicine, you will get well.

Is it not a foolish idea? (Transform into a statement)
It is a foolish idea.

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