Sunday 24 May 2020

Carry Minati Becomes the most Subscribed Youtube Channel of India, All records Broken

Carryminati(Ajey Nagar) Becomes the most Subscribed Youtube Channel of India, All records Broken

Carry minati Becomes the most Subscribed Youtube Channel, All records Broken
Carry Minati Becomes Most Subscribed Youtube channel

Carry Minati has become the most catchy and celebrated name of Indian Youtube Creator after he got into a hot piece of controversial topic titled Youtube vs. Tiktok. He published a roast video on Amir Siddiqui, a Tiktok celeb who offered an open challenge to roast him by Carryminati and Carryminati also did his conventional job in the most delicate way. Soon after his upload of that roast video the Youtube Audience went crazy and his video crossed 72 million views within a week. Carryminati Becomes Most Subscribed Youtube channel

Carryminati Dethrones Amit Bhadana, Becomes Youtube's Uncrowned King

Carryminati has recently achieved a milestone of 20 million subscribers, and thus become the first Indian Individual creator to achieve it and also with this he has flagged his name in the top position of the most subscribed Indian Youtube Indiviual.

So far, Amit Bhadana was holding the first position with 19.2 million subscriber. But Carryminati gradually pushed back every big individual creator and achieved the milestone on 26th of May, 2020. Before his celebrated video, his was standing with 10 millions subscriber. But the craziest controversy ever, the Youtube vs. Tiktok jacked up his subscribes double. But very sadly, his roast video was blue-penciled from the Youtube due to community guidelines as it contained some punches with cuss meaning. That video broke many records.
Saddened by Youtube's decision, he uploaded a reaction video, which was record breaker of his earlier video itself.

Some Rarely Known Facts About Carry minati (Ajey Nagar)

  • Carry Minati started posting videos on his Youtube channel in the year 2008, when he was just 10 years old.
  • Addicted A1, was the first Youtube Channel of Carry Minati.On this channel he uploaded game play of popular game Counter Strike. 
  • Carry Minati First Video on his Youtube channel AddictedA1, was about a game called "outlast".
  • His Youtube Channel "AddictedA1" was not very successful, He then changed it's name to "CarryDeol".
  • "Carry Minati" is his third Youtube channel, it is from where it all started. Where he started roasting people.
  • He holds a total of 5 Youtube Creator Awards.
  • One of the most interesting and rarely known facts about Carry Minati Youtube Channel is that, His videos received 3 copyright strikes, due to which his channel was banned from Youtube.
  • The video which turned the direction of Carry's life was his  video "Roasting BB KI Vines". Which was the first of his videos to cross 1 lacs views.

Other Interesting Facts About Carry Minati

1) Carry's Most Viewed Video

Stop Making Assumptions | Youtube VS TIK TOK is his most viewed video with 55M views and 8M likes after Youtube Vs. Tiktok but that was removed by Youtube due to community guidelines.

2. His Second most viewed video is Bye Pewdiepie with 32M Views and 2.1M Likes.

3. His Channel - At present Carry Minati has two main Youtube Channel.

(a) Carry Minati - 20M Subscriber (168 Vedios)
(b) Carryislive - 5.1M Subscriber (591 Videos)

4. Favourite Sports - Football, Cricket

5. Awards And Recognition - In the year 2019 he was listed as Top 10 Next Generation Leaders in Time Magazine's. 

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