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HSLC 2016 | Question Paper | English | SEBA | ASSAM | Fully Solved


HSLC 2016 | Question Paper | English | SEBA | ASSAM | Fully Solved


(1)(a) Choose the meaning of the underlined word in the following sentence from among the alternatives given in brackets:1

Send me the rest, since I need it very much.
(relax/remaining part/be buried)
Answer: Rest – Remaining Part.

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(b) State whether the following are true or false: 1+1=2 

(i) On the day of inauguration Mandela was accompanied by 
his daughter Zenani.
Answer: True
(ii) Thabo Mbeki was sworn in as second Deputy President.
Answer: False.

(c) Choose the correct answer from among the alternatives given and complete the sentence: 1

(i) Coorg or Kodagu, the smallest district of Karnataka, is home to – 
a. Thick grass land, camels and indigo plantations.
b. Evergreen rainforests, spices and coffee plantations.
c. Dark clouds, thick fog and tea plantations.

(2) Where was Lencho’s house situated? 1
Answer: Lencho’s house was situated on the crest of a low hill.

(3) Who was the first Chief of Indian Army?1
Answer: The first Army Chief of India was General Cariappa. 

(4) According to Mandela, between love and hate which comes more naturally to human heart?  2
Answer: According to Mandela, to love is more natural than to hate for love comes more naturally to human heart than its opposite.

(5)What are the sports that Coorg offers to tourists? 2
Answer: The land of Coorg offers high adventure sports to its tourist. Adventurous sports include river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing, and mountain biking etc. 

(6) “But don’t send it to me through the mail because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks.” What made Lencho think that the post office employees are a bunch of crooks?        2
Answer: Lencho asked for a hundred pesos from God. But he received only seventy pesos through the mail. Without thinking much, he assumed that the rest of the money was pocketed by the post office employees. So, he thought that they were a bunch of crooks.

(7) Give a description of Dhekiabari tea garden as seen by Pranjol and Rajbir when they were driven through it.    3
Answer: Pranjol and Rajvir were driven by Pranjol’s father along the Dhekiabari tea garden. A gravel road went up through the garden. On both the sides of the garden there were acres of neatly pruned tea bushes. The tea pluckers were plucking tea wearing plastic aprons. Pranjol’s father had to give way to a tractor with a load of tea leaves, while driving through the garden. 

(8) What was Valli’s favorite pastime?    2
Answer: Valli had no playmates of her age in her locality. So, Valli’s favorite pastime was standing before front doorway of her house watching what was happening in the street outside.



(9) Choose from the box given below the words that rhyme with the following: 1X2=2
rage, house

taste, rest, cage, loud, fresh, mouse, vague

Answer: (a) rage –cage               (b) house – mouse

(10) Choose the meaning of the Underlined words from the alternatives given in the brackets: 1X2=2

(a) They do not sweat and whine about their condition.
(sing loudly/complain in an annoying voice/cry in joy)
Answer: Whine - complain in an annoying voice.

(b) I wonder where they get those tokens.
(feel happy / feel sorry / feel very surprised)
Answer: Wonder– feel very surprised.

(11) What does Sandburg think the fog is like?1
Answer: According to Sandburg, the fog is like a silent little cat.

(12) How does the fog come? 1

Answer: The fog comes silently like a cat and moves on silently. 

(13) What would the tiger have been doing if it were inits natural habitat? 2
Answer: If the tiger had been in its natural habitat. The tiger would be lurking in the shadow sliding through long grasses near the water hole. He would be roaring near the villages terrorizing the villagers.

(14) How old, do you think Amanda is? How do you know this? 1+1=2
Answer: Amanda must be a teen girl because she is a very moody girl and her mind is day dreaming. Moreover, she has acne.



(15) (a) Briefly describe how Ausable defeated Max’s scheme to take away the report. 5
Answer: Ausable was a secret agent who was spying a report on missile. He did not look smart and intelligent but he proved his intelligence by misguiding Max. Max was another secret agent. He tried to collect the report from Ausable at gun point. Ausable was staying in a hotel. But in spite of Max’s appearance he sat heavily and calmly on the chair and he chided the management for not correcting the balcony. The balcony was constructed for the other apartment, a portion of it was extending adjacent to Ausable’s room. So, anyone could enter his room from the other apartment. However, Max said that he had to find some other way to enter the room. And he was not aware of the Balcony. Meanwhile the doorbell rang and Ausable said that he had called the police for security reason. Max was frightened. He then jumped out of the window to escape and hide himself on the balcony. 


(b) How did the young lady trick Horace Danby?     5
Answer: Horace Danby met a lady at the house of Shotover Grange. The lady introduced herself to be the wife of the owner of the house. Horace was very much afraid of being caught red handed by the lady of the house. But the lady very sociably without showing much fear and surprise of meeting a thief in her house. Horace saw a good chance to convince the lady for his escape. But the lady proposed that she would let him go only if he broke the safe for her. The lady acted so confidently that Horace Danby could not have the slightest doubt that she was not the lady of the house.  She had firmness in her voice. She invented a false story and told him that she wanted to wear the jewels as she had to go to a party that night. She also threatened him with the idea of prison. Thus, Horace Danby fall prey to the lady who was actually another thief. She stole the jewelry with the help of Horace Danby. Horace was arrested in charge of stealing the jewelry at the house in Shotover Grange. His fingerprints on the box worked as proof against him. 

(16) (a) Briefly describe the extraordinary behavior of Mrs. Hall’s furniture?
Answer:  After Griffin occupied a room in the inn of Iping, many extra ordinary things happened. One morning the land lord and his wife of the inn found that the door of the room of Griffin was open. They peeped around the room and found none in the room. They saw that the clothes and bandages of griffin were lying about in the room. Mrs. Hall heard a sniff close to her ears but she found nobody. A moment later, the hat on the bedpost kept up and dashed itself into her face. The bad room chair started moving and attacked them. As they turned away in terror, the chair pushed them out of the room. Mrs. Hall almost fell down the stairs in hysterics. She was convinced that the room as hunted by spirit and that the spirit had some link with the strange scientist, Griffin.

Griffin was suspected of having a hand in the burglary at the clergy man’s home. Mrs. Hall questioned him on the stage happenings in his room. He then threw off his bandage, whisker, black glass and false nose. The people were horrified to see a headless man. When the police came he threw all the garments and became invisible and ran away. 


(b) Give a description of the first meeting between Bill and the young lawyer? 5
Answer: The young lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve a summon on Oliver Lutkins. Lutkins could be a very important witness in a case for the law firm. They sent several letters, but received no response. At the station Bill introduced himself as Bill but not as Lutkins. If he wished he could do that at the very first instance. Then he made lawyer to hire his hack for two dollars an hour. Bill took to every possible location where Lutkins could possibly be. He moved him around the city for six hours and pocketed the fare but did not reveal his real identity. Bill did not allow the lawyer to enter the shop where Lutkins could be and asked them all by himself if they had seen Lutkins. Thus, he managed his locals to act as if they had not seen Lutkins and Lutkins might be at a different place. So, they had to follow him to a different location, and they missed him just by a few minutes. Actually, his confident behavior, support from his local friends and his cleverness made the lawyer a fool. It was quite interesting that he was such a foolish lawyer that he took an unknown man into his confidence so easily and got victimized.



(17) Fill in the blanks with the right determiners:  1/2X4=2

(a) Ramen comes home twice a month. (a/an/the)
(b) Mr. Bell rang the bell of alarm and I woke up. (a/an/the)
(c) A busy person has little time to waste. (little/a little/the little)
(d) Only a few of the applicants were found suitable. (few/ a few/the few) 

(18) Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition from the choices given in the brackets:      1/2X4=2 

(a) The cow lives on grass. (by/from/on)
(b) He lives from hand to mouth. (on/from/by)
(c) He is appointed to the post.  (in/to/at)
(d) She is junior to me by three years. (to/from/than)

(19) Rewrite the following sentences putting the verbs in the brackets in their correct tense form: 1X2=2

(a) It is time we went to bed. (go)
(b) She behaves as if she knew everything. (know)

(20) Change the form of narration of the followings: 1X2=2

(a) “Can you drive a car?”, I said to Rahim.

I asked Rahim if he could drive a car. 

(b) The stranger asked me if I could tell him the way to post office.
The stranger said, “Can you tell me the way to the post office?”

(21) Change the voice of the followings: 1X2=2

(a) The students elected him secretary.
He was elected secretary by the students.
(b) The stage was decorated by the students.
The students decorated the stage.

(22) Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into a single sentence: 1X2=2

(a) The moon is round. It has been proved. 
It has been proved that the moon is round.
(b) Where does he live? Do you know it?
Do you know where he lives?

(23) Choose the correct alternative from the choices given in the bracket and fill in the blanks: 1

 (a) My warning had no effect on the boy. (affect/effect)


(b) He refused to accept the money. (denied/refused)

(24) Make sentences to illustrate the meaning of any two of the following: 1x2=2

(a) Bring up: {ডাঙৰদীঘলকৰা}: Mothers bring up their children with great care. 
(b) Look for: {সন্ধানকৰা}: The Company is looking for good employees.
(c) Give up: {ত্যাগকৰা}: He has given up the habit of drinking.
(d) Look after: {প্ৰতিপালনকৰা}: Shankardev’s grandmother looked after him in his childhood. 

(25) Correct the errors in any two of the following sentences: 1X2=2

(a) The scenaries of Arunachal Pradesh is charming.
The scenery of Arunachal Pradesh is charming.
(b) I am feeling cold.
 I feel cold.
(c) Bread and butter make a good breakfast.
 Bread and butter make good breakfast.
(d) The news are true.
 The news is true.



(26)(a) Translate into English: (Group-From Assamese to English) 1X5=5

(a) এই কিতাপখন মোৰ আৰু সেইখন তোমাৰ ।
Answer: This book is mine and that is yours.
(b) সোণ এবিধ মূল্যৱান ধাতু ।
Answer: Gold is a precious metal.
(c) অনুগ্ৰহ কৰি তেওঁক দৰ্জাখন খুলিবলৈ কোৱা ।
Answer: Please ask him to open the door.
(d) তেওঁ যেতিয়া আহিছিল মই বাতৰি কাকত পঢ়ি আছিলো ।
Answer: When he came, I was reading newspaper.
(e) আলিবাট পাৰ হওঁতে সাৱধান হ'বা ।
Answer: Be careful while crossing the road. 


 Give the substance of the following passage:    5 

It is very difficult to get rid of bad habits. So, one should be very careful that one does not form bad habits during the early years of life. idleness is one of such bad habits. Every boy and girl should be diligent. They should avoid idleness like poison. Some of them love to remain in bed long after day break and get out of bed most unwillingly. Even after that they waste time over trifles and spend as little time as they can in reading. As a result, they cannot learn much as they should. what is worse, they become so accustomed to such a bad habit that they cannot shake it off- even with their greatest efforts. This bad habit then holds them hard in its coils like a large snake.

Answer: Bad habits affects badly

Bad habits are very hard to eliminate from life. So, its formation must be prevented at an early age of life. For that, hard work is necessary. Idleness is such kind of poisonous bad habit, and it must be avoided. Waking up too late is perhaps a sign of such idleness. They like to spend time in fruitless deeds, but does not get involved in useful activities like reading etc. Because of which learning process is interrupted. If bad habits become a part of one’s life, that person cannot remove it, even if he or she wishes to do it so.

(27) Write in about 150 words on any one of the following topics:  6

Answer: (a) The festival you like most.

Modern people follow a busy schedule and they get little time to spend time joyfully with the families. But a festival puts a halt to this and gives a chance to rejoice the life. Of course, being an Assamese, my favourite festival is Bihu.  Bihu is the national festival of Assam which pours divine joy in the hearts of the Assamese people.

     Bihu is celebrated in three different shades – Bohag Bihu, Kati Bihu and Magh Bihu. Bohag Bihu is observed in the middle of the month of April. It is the beginning of new Assamese year and the season of spring. They worship cows in this Bihu and prepare different bakeries (Pithas). The younger take blessings of the elderly people. They enjoy Bihu dance and songs. It is also called as Rongali Bihu, (Bihu of Joy). 

     Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu is observed during the middle of the month of October. As the farmers dry their stock of paddy by the middle of the Assamese year, they pray under the Tulsi trees to the almighty for robust growth of their crops. As the farmers become penniless, this Bihu is called Kongali Bihu (Bihu of Impoverished).
Magh Bihu is observed during harvesting season that is in the middle of the month of January. As the farmers have harvested their paddies, they arrange grand feasts. They make a thatched hut called BhelaGhar and set fire at the Meji as a customary practice. This Bihu is called Bhogali Bihu, (Bihu of Lavishness).  

  The series of Bihu bring great joy amongst the Assamese community. I like to be a part of my local Bihu Dance group. I put on new dresses and have fun with my friends. I like the most about Bihu is that Bihu is not mere a celebration but a tradition to express tenderly love to the friends and families and to show respect to the elders. It is all about joy of togetherness. Perhaps this festival teaches how people can share humanity, tenderness in a joyful way amongst the greatest community of human beings. 

(b) Television as a source of knowledge

Television is an old and a popular medium of entertainment. It has been serving the people since many decades. It was first discovered by John Loggie Baird in 1926. Television has brought revolution to the world of entertainment.
    Television is not only entertaining but also a learning tool. Television has entered to every household soon after its discovery. Television is popular in every country because of its wide varieties of programmes. It attracts the house wives by telecasting serials of plays. The constructive talk shows, debate shows, infotainment-based shows enhance the knowledge base of the students. For example, the Discovery Network telecasts wildlife-based shows. The government uses television to promote its schemes and topics in public interest. 
Television has helped to modernize the thoughts of the uneducated people and it has helped to stop many superstitions. Even kids are benefited.  The kids’ channels telecast cartoons which help the kids to develop their personality. In modern time,the tele-shopping channels have started using television as a platform to sell their products. 
    In spite of its benefits, some people have titled it as an idiot’s box. It has much harm also. It increases the idle nature because the shows are of long durations. Moreover, the contents of the television may be offensive, sexual and may break public harmony. Students may fail to select suitable programmes and end up wasting their precious time. Today, the politicians use television channels to promote their agenda and pollute the public order. 
     As the television has both of the good and evil effects, so the students should select the programmes carefully. 


Write a story in about 150words using the outlines given below and add a title to it: 6

{Outline: A hungry fox sees a crow with a piece of meat – wishes to have the piece of meat – praises the crow – asks the crow to sing – the crow sings – the piece of meat falls down from her beak – the fox picks it up and runs away.}

 A Flattering Fox

      Jack, the fox was infamous in the jungle for his mischievous behavior. He used to put other animals in trouble using his clever ideas. Because of his mischiefs, other animals did not like to be his friends.
      One day Jack, the fox set out on a journey along the jungle. After covering a long distance, he felt tired and he decided to take a little bit of rest under a tree. He was equally hungry too. Then, his eyes fell on a crow sitting in the tree. The crow had a piece of meat in the beak. The fox could stop his temptation and wanted to have it.
       An idea suddenly struck in his mind. He, with a very soft voice, called the crow. “Your voice is god gifted, whenever I hear you singing, I feel I am lost in heaven.” The crow was amused. 
Jack further spiced up the conversation, “Will you sing a song for me? It will be my biggest pleasure if I hear you from very near.” The crow lost all the control. It could not refuse such a humble request and opened its mouth to sing.
      Lo! As soon as it opened its beak, the piece of meat fell down. The fox took the piece and said, “You are too foolish to sing a song for me.” The crow understood that it was deceived by the fox. Thus, the fox was able to relinquish his hunger using his master tricks. 

(28) Answer either (a) or (b)
Write a letter to your friend telling him about your daily life. 5

March 01, 2020
My dear friend Manab,
              How are you? I am fine here. Time is very precious and a good time management skill is the prime ingredient of success. Today, I am going to write about my daily life so as to tell you how I manage my daily life. 
              My daily life begins at 5 O’ clock in the morning with the sound of birds chirping which alarms that another busy day has just started. Soon after I leave my bed, I step out to a nearby open field to have some exercise and to feel the freshness of morning air. Coming back, I have a cup of tea or milk and sit on the study table. Then at 7 O’clock, I start my preparation for school and leave for school at around 8.30 AM. 
              At school, we have the specific routine and life at school goes on in a mechanical way. During break time I have some joyous activities with my friends. 
         By the Afternoon the school is over and I have some time to spare with my neighborhood friends. Whenever I have any vacations, I like to visit my relatives and go for outing with my family. As time is more precious than any costly metal, I see to it that in my daily life, even a single moment is not wasted. 
              Please write a few words about yours. Convey my regards to your parents and your brother also.
Your loving friend

Write a report for a local daily on the basis of the information given below: 5

i) 20-11-2015
ii) Guwahati
iii) The Guwahati book fair commenced.
iv) Opened by the Governor of Assam.
v) Publishers from the state and outside it participated.
vi) Nice opening function – large gathering and good sale expected. 

The glorious book fair of Guwahati began

Guwahati, 21st Nov; “Books are the mirrors of the society.” said Hon’ble Governor XYZ inaugurating the glorious book fair of Guwahati which began yesterday with new glazing. According to the organizing committee, more than 164 Publishers from Assam and other states like West Bengal, Punjab, Delhi, and Chhattisgarh etc. are participating in the book fair. On the inaugural day, three books of three eminent writers were unveiled by the Governor. On the very first day there was a heavy rush of book lovers. To see the response from the public, the organizing committee as well as the publishers were excited. Prominent author Dr. Saber Sharma commented that that was a good sign for the culture. 

(29)(a) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Paper is one of the most important articles that we use in our day to day life. If there had been no paper our civilization would not have progressed so fast. Great scientists write their thoughts on paper first and then they carry out their experiments. Great engineers draw their plans on paper first and then build houses, bridges, dams, and so on. Great thoughts are written or printed on paper for everyone to read. If there were no paper we would not have all the good books that are available in the world. Without paper it would be difficult for the people of one country to know about the people of another country.    
i. Mention three uses of paper.     1
Answer: Paper has great uses for the civilization. Scientists work out their new inventions, engineers draw their plans and great thoughts are either written or printed on paper.

ii. Why is paper the most essential thing for mankind?  2
Answer: It is the paper on which great thoughts are first written or printed. From scientists to engineers, they put their workings first onto the paper. Our civilization has progressed greatly because of paper as thoughts of one generation to the next can be transferred through paper. In fact, paper writes the fate of the mankind, so paper is a most essential thing for the mankind.

iii. What would have happened if there were no paper?    2
Answer: If there were no paper, great books could not be made available to the people. One country could never know about the people of another country. Even great thoughts could never be brought into reality. It also had hampered the works of scientists and engineers and other thought makers. 

(29)(b)Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow: 

It was a new bus, its outside painted a gleaming white with some green strips along the sides. Inside, the overhead bars shone like silver. Directly in front of Valli above the windshield there was a beautiful clock. The seats were soft and luxurious.
   Valli devoured everything with her eyes. But when she started to look outside, she found her view cut off by a canvas blind that covered the lower part of her window. So, she stood up and peered over the blind.
    The bus was now going along the bank of a canal. The road was narrow. On one side there was the canal and beyond it, palm trees, grassland, distant mountains and the blue, blue sky. On the other side were a deep ditch and then acres and acres of green field – green, green, green as far as eyes could see.   

i. What was the inside of the bus like?   2
Answer: As the bus was a new one the overhead bars inside the bus were shining like silver. Above the windshield there stuck a beautiful clock. The seats were soft and luxurious. 

ii. Why did Valli stand up on the seat?     1
Answer: Valli had to stand up on the seat as her outside view was cut off by a canvas blind.   

iii. What could be seen outside as the bus was going along the bank of a canal? 2
Answer: On one side of the canal one could see the palm trees, grassland, distant mountains and the blue sky. Where on the other side there was a deep ditch and acres of green field beyond it. 

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