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Who were called Cavalier and caroline poets , age , major poets name , features of caroline poets

 Who were called Cavalier and Caroline poets , age , major poets name , features of Caroline poets

Who were called Cavalier and caroline poets , age , major poets name , features of caroline poets
Cavalier and Caroline poets, poems, features

 Who were Called Cavalier and Caroline poets ?

The cavalier or the Caroline poets were group of poets of the Mid Seventeenth century who sided with King Charles I , against the parliament. Robert Herrick , Thomas Carew , Sir John Suckling and Richard Lovelace are the Caroline poets. These poets were the followers of Ben Johnson and they were popularly called as “ Son’s Of Ben ”. However, some of them were also followers of John Donne. Cavalier and Caroline poets were also called as "Sons Of Ben" . Read Metaphysical poetry of John Donne

Major Cavalier and Caroline age Poets

 The following are the major Cavalier and Caroline poets -
They had their learning towards the King and the court party as against the Puritans and the Parliament but they did not use their poetry as a means of propaganda against the enemies of the King. They were basically lyrical poets and dealt with Love , beauty and war as they derived from Ben Johnson the clarity and Lucidity of expression control of emotions, flexibility of phrases and sophistication of tone. Some of the name of the poet of their schools are Herrick , Carew , Lovelace , and Suckling .

Features Of Caroline Poets

 The following are the Features of Caroline Poets -

(i)                  The Cavalier poets mirrored the mood and temper of the age . Its presented the theme of licentious and indescency. Thus reflecting the coarseness and corruption of the royal court and the courtly circles to which most of the poets of this school belonged to .

(ii)                The poets belonging to this school also wrote poems on nature. They showed a love for natural scenes and sights and wrote about birds, trees, plants and flowers they also wrote poems celebrating the beauty of their beloved which were known as love poems .

(iii)               The Caroline lyrics are rhythmic and charming but there is also something trivial about them may be these was a reason behind it as their writing reflected triviality of their times .

(iv)              The Cavalier poets revealed lyrical power of a high order. They were very observers of light and nature and described everything minutely and with emotions. They show a love for natural scenes and sights and wrote about birds, trees, plants and flowers. The forces of nature are abound in their lyrics.

(v)                Their poems were basically mashed with more attention to polish and elegance and often achieved the calm of perfection. Though it resembled its predecessor. The Elizabethan lyric it lacked in spontaneity and elegance.

The Caroline poets wrote lyrics similar to the Elizabethan lyrics and were publish in Miscellaneous and Anthologies .

What Did Cavalier poets wrote about? Qualities of Cavalier poets , Major works of Cavalier and Caroline Poets

 Major Caroline poet's name and works ,Contribution to English poetry

Following are the name of major Caroline poets and their famous works and qualities


Robert Herrick was one of the greatest of the Caroline lyricists. He was the chief of those who called themselves Son’s of Ben. His two volumes of poem are Noble Numbers and Hesperides ,which were published in 1647 and 1648 respectively. Both are collection of short poems sacred and profane. He is well known for his lyrics , freshness , passion , felicity , Herrick was strongly influenced by Johnson and the classics. Among the best known of his shorter piece are To Anthea, To Julia and Cherry Ripe the poem of Herrick fall into three divisions –

(i)                  The amatory

(ii)                The religious verse and

(iii)               A number of epigrams.

Among these the religious poems are much better. In the poem called the The litany, religious poem we see now even his gay and sensuous nature descended at times that dark shadow of religious terror which later found its final and appealing expression in

“The Grace Abounding of John Bunyan“. His lyrics of love are delightful and lucid. He takes leisure in describing purely physical beauty. However , Herrick had sincere love of the country. He even admired the town life. He was nature lover too. He love flower and particularly he devoted his lyrics to Daffodils , Tulips and violets etc.

Thomas Carew Poems and Works

Thomas Carew , may be called the inventor of Cavalier love poetry. He was known as a courtly and polished love poet. Due to the peculiar combination of the sensual and the religious which marked most of the Minor poets of the 17th Century. He is frankly sensuous ,ardour and some warmth of imagination in his writings. He was far more a mere poet than Herrick far more Lucid than Donne and far less classic than Johnson. In a nutshell he stands next to Herrick among the Cavalier poets on account of felicity of phrase and tone fuchess of verse .


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