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Compare and Contrast Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton essay , A tale of two cities notes



Compare and Contrast Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton essay , A tale of two cities notes
Compare and Contrast Carton And Darnay

A Tale of Two Cities is a tale of two heroes says John Gross. He , however qualifies his statement when he says that Charles Darnay is a paste board character completely undeveloped . He is far more striking figure belongs to the line of cultivated wastrels and plays an increasingly large part in Dickens Novel during the second part of this career. Sydney Carton and Darnay meet each other, for the first  time at the old Bailey trial. Darnay is the accused and Carton is the assistant to the accused defence counsel. When Stryver, the defence council does not know how to get Darnay acciquated with all his pomposity and boisterous language, Carton casts a look at the large mirror on the court on which are reflected all the character present on the trial. Once look is good enough for a men of quick reception like Carton. He finds and strongely enough nobody has notice in the striking resemblance between Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton. Sydney Carton who is extremely toungue tied writes a few words in a note and passes it on to Stryver. At last stryver has got a fair land to stand upon two persons looking unimaginably alike. He draws the attention of the court and the court is alert Stryver cause a victory and Darnay is given the benefit of the doubt and acquitted. It is at the court that Carton and Darnay look at Lucie, one of the witness a develop a strong liking for her to mature into love. Sydney Carton goes home at looks at his image on the glass. He thinks aloud; “why should you particularly like a man who resemblance you”…come on and have it out in plane words you hate the fellow”.

Sydney cannot like his double Charles Darney. He does not know why Darney also cannot talk kindly to Carton. That is why Lucie Appeals Darney to take lenient view of Carton who bears deep wounds in his heart. But inspite mutual antipathy Sydney saves Darnay, not once but twice and at the second stage he gives his life to safe Darney’s lives. Those are few common traits in their characters. But some traits are certainly common both are kind Hearted, both have nobility of soul. But Darney is consistently passive where as certain is refreshingly active after meeting Lucie.

Darney is an aristocrats and has blue blood, rolled in wealth and luxury.He wanted to renounce these aristocrat lives when he realizes that there is vast tragedy is tented with the blood, sweat and tears of the poor tenants. He disowns the rich ancestral heritage with no regret. He lives for London and walks out a bear existence as a French tutor. When he goes back to Paris in response from a call of his servant Gabelle he stays at the ancestral Chateau, the uncle and the nephew are drawn into a heated debate, Marquis d’ Evremonde the uncle is a champion or repression, the nephew upholds the cause of the poor and the oppressed his idealism again places him on the pedestal and he advocates the cause of the down trodden. And yet he is not a revolutionary for revolutionary implies action that is good or bad but for him French Revolution means Liberty, Equality and fraternity. All the adult heroes of the Dickens are great Lovers. In respect of love he is not more ardent then Sydney Carton. Lucie has love for Darnay, Sympathy and compassion for Carton. Lucie’s choice is not wrong, for Darnay loves her heart and soul ,He had the honesty to reveal his identity to Dr.Manette who thought deeply over the matter and accept him to ensure his daughter happiness. He cannot marry without Dr.Manette blessing perhabs he would not have made the proposal for marriage had he known the part that his father had played in burying his father-in-law alive in the Bastille for 18 years. He has a human heart that he would not hurt anybodies feelings. He has never looked upon Sydney Carton as his rival. He has never gone upon his words. Darnay is ocassionaly indiscrete but he is not conscious of his indiscretion Darnay has always been regarded by all as sober and composed even in trying circumstances Darnay has many virtues but he is undeveloped. He is a man of counter action rather than action. He is passive , cannot act but is acted upon. He can feel for others but cannot lift a finger to be of any use to anybody even to himself . Such a man can be praised an even adored. But in the struggle for existence he is misfit, a frail leaf in storm.

Sydney Carton has not been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He lost both his father and mother, while quite young. In the gallery of portraits painted by Dickens, Sydney Carton is the cynosure of all eyes. His life has been consistently uphill. Even in his boyhood he ,with his sharp intellect and the urge to do good to others, worked out the exercises assigned by the fellow students, but had not the time nor the desire to draw the attention of his teacher to his exceptional abilities “ I care for no man on earth, and a no man cares for me “. There is cynicism there is pessimisim in his words but he hide himself in the placid shell of cynicism. He has laid bare his heart only for Lucie for Lucie knows how to unlock a heart. A little sympathy, a little compassion , a little understanding that is all one need to know a man. She feels Sydney Carton has a bleeding heart. He can show what magnificent things is capable of and Sydney Carton had done more magnificent things then she is dreamt of.

Charles Darnay is endowed with many virtues . He is sober ,loving a humanitarian, But he always lived in the world of thought and imagination. He is never translated any of his noble into action, such a man is admired but such a man is of little use in the society Sydney Carton is Darnay’s antithesis. Darnay is a man who can, in grammertical terms be called an illustration of passive voice. Sydney carton is an illustration of active voice. A single look at Darnay at the old Bailey trial determine his course of action. He says nothing to Stryver. He,simply hands over him a note about the striking resemblances between Darnay and Carton .Darnay has acted once and then unwisely , he leaves for Paris without the knowledge of Lucie and Dr.Manette. He had gone to Paris to find Gabelle arrested. And he himself get arrested and causes untold sufferings to all his people a great man has to die for him. Darnay remains a doll in the showcase, who looks beautiful, but cannot move unless wire pulled .
Sydney carton even while apparently list less, is not really so, he help Stryver in every legal case . He expect neither recognition nor any credit praise or recognition from Lucie .
Carton has been to the wineshop of the Defarge’s, not for a drink but another coincidence comes in handy. He over hears among the revolutionaries. Fortune favours a man of action. He overhear the conversation though in a harsh voice that Lucie and her daughter would also be killed for they are as to the member of Evremonde family. Sydney Carton forthwith does everything to expedite the deparature of the Manette’s from Paris. He had always sized up the situation. He knows the bloodthirsty revolutionaries do not put of things for tomorrow what they can do today.

Carton Becomes a martyr in the true sense of the term. He becomes a Christ like figure. His heart is filled with great love for all . He inspires the poor seamstress to face death calmly to have life eternal. Immediately before his execution he envisions a brighter and happier world, where there would no cruelty, no fratricidal strife, but only universal love and bliss. His execution does not made him a tragic figure it regenerates mankind .


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