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Gita Gopinath Wiki, Biography, Salary, Husband, Religion , Education -IMF Chief Economist

Gita Gopinath Wiki, Biography, Salary, Husband, Religion, Education -IMF Chief Economist

  • What is the International Monetary Fund?
  • Gita Gopinath
  •  Wiki, Biography
  •  Early life and Education
  •  Holding of Offices
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Gita Gopinath Wiki, Biography, Salary, Husband, Religion , Education -IMF Chief Economist
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Born on 8th December 1971 in Kolkata, India Gita Gopinath is the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund, She was appointed as Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund in October 2018 and assumed the office of IMF on 1 January 2019. Along with Chief Economist of the international organization, she is also a co-director of the International finance and macroeconomics program at the national bureau of economic research. Moreover, she has worked as the Economic Adviser to the Chief Minister of Kerela (Pinarayi Vijayan). Read Further Gita Gopinath Economist, Wiki, Biography, Salary, Husband Religion.

What Is the International Monetary Fund?

International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund or IMF formed in 1944 at the Bretton woods Conference is an international organization that works to support global monetary cooperation, to secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, sustainable economic growth promoter high employment globally depending on world bank. Read More Gita Gopinath IMF chief Economist, Husband,

Gita Gopinath wiki biography ,salary

Gita Gopinath wiki Biography

Personal Details
•Full name - Gita Gopinath
•Nickname - Gita
•Born  - 8th December 1971
•Birthplace - Kolkata, India
•Nationality - Indian-American
•Occupation - Chief Economist of IMF
•Religion - Hinduism

Gita Gopinath Family
Gita Gopinath Father's name
 • T.V. Gopinath

 Gita Gopinath Mother's name

 • VC Vijay Lakshmi

How old is Gita Gopinath/Gita Gopinath Age
Gita Gopinath Age - 47 years Old

Gita Gopinath Net worth & Salary

Net worth - $800,000 USD
Salary - Not known.

Gita Gopinath Husband and Kids
Iqbal Singh Dhaliwal is the husband of Gita Gopinath, he was born in the Sikh family in Amritsar, He was the classmate of Gita at the Delhi School of Economics.

Gita Gopinath Husband Religion


Gita Gopinath kids

Gita Gopinath Height & Weight
Height - 5.6 Inchs (167 cm)
Weight - 60kgs (approx)

Gita Gopinath Early Life  and Education

Born on December 8, 1971, in Kolkata, during the Bangladesh war, Gita Gopinath is the younger daughter of TV Gopalan and VC Vijaylakshmi residence of Mysuru, Her mother V.C Vijaylakshmi ran a very popular playhouse from last 35 years.

Her parents are from Kerala, Her father  TV Gopinath is related to the late A.K Gopalan, an Indian communist leader, and her mother is from the Vediyara Chandrothu family.

Gita Gopinath Education

•  Schooling at Normal Convent school in Mysore

• Bachelor of Arts from Lady Shri Ram College for women in 1992 (Delhi University)
•  M.A in Economics from Delhi School of Economics (Delhi University).
•  Ph.D. degree at Princeton University.

Gita Gopinath Holding of Offices

• Gita Gopinath is the John Zwaanstra professor of International Studies, the professorship which is established on behalf of John Zwaanstra.

• Gita Gopinath was appointed Chief Economist of the IMF in October 2018 and assumed her office on 1 January 2019.
• She is is Co-director of the International Finance and macroeconomics program at the National Bureau of economic research.
• Economic adviser to the Chief Minister of Kerela.

Gita Gopinath Awards and Honours

• In the year 2019 awarded Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, the highest honor for a person of Indian origin, by the President of India.

• Named as one of the Top 25 economists under 45 by the IMF in the year 2014 .
• In the year chosen as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.


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