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Ynes Mexia Wiki , Biography ,Cause of death , Age ,Net Worth, Husband

Ynes Mexia Wiki , Biography ,Cause of death , Age ,Net Worth, Husband .

Today on 15 September 2019 ,Sunday  Google Doodle Celebrates Mexican-American Botanist and explorer  Ynes Mexia in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month .Today in this post We will know Why Google Doodle is celebrating Ynes Mexia on 15 September.

Ynes Mexia Wiki , Biography ,Cause of death , Age ,Net Worth, Husband


Ynes Mexia was popularly known for her collection of Novel plant specimens from areas of Mexico and South America  , Moreover she was the most skilled plant collector of her time.
On this day in 1925 , Mexia was then 55 years old , started her first plant collection trip to Sinaloa ,Mexico in search of rare botanical species ,under the tutorship of Roxanna Ferris ,a Botanist of Stanford University . During this trip she fell off a cliff and was injured  ,she despite falling off a cliff and risking her life and limb ,Mexia brought 500 specimens , including several new Species . "Mimosa Mexiae" was the first species which was discovered on this excursion and which was named after Mexia . Read Further Ynes Mexia Wiki , Biography ,Age ,Net worth , Cause of death ,Google Doodle Celebrates Ynes Mexia .

Ynes Enriquetta Julietta Mexia popularly known as Ynes Mexia was born on May 24 ,1870 in Washington D.C to Enrique Mexia and Sarah Wilmer . Mexia was a Mexican-American Botanist known for her collection of Novel Plant . "Asteraceae" is the new Genus which was Discovered by Mexia .

Ynes Mexia Wiki Biography

Born - May 24 ,1870
Birth place - Washington D.C.
Nick name - Ynes Mexia
Full Name - Ynes Enriquetta Julietta Mexia
Nationality- American
Citizenship - Mexico , United States
Awards - Life member of the California academy of sciences.
Profession- Botanist

Ynes Mexia Cause of death 

She died on July 12 in the year 1938 , in Berkeley from Lung Cancer after falling I'll on a collecting trip to Mexico .

Ynes Mexia Family 

Father's Name - Enrique Mexia ,
Mother's Name - Sarah Wilmer

Ynes Mexia Husband

Mexia was Married to Spanish German Merchant Herman De Laue in the year 1897 but soon the marriage ended after the death of her husband in the year 1904.
Mexia second husband was 16 years Her junior ,D.Augustin Reygados ,the second marriage  did not last long and they got divorced in 1908.

Ynes Mexia Age and Net worth

Ynes Mexia Age - aged (68)
Ynes Mexia Net worth- Not known.

Ynes Mexia Education

• Mexia received her early education at the age of 15 years at Saint Joseph's academy, Maryland.
• Mexia received her primary education in private schools in Philadelphia and Ontario, Canada.
• She matriculated at the University of California, Berkeley.

However,She never Received a degree .

Ynes Mexia career 

• She discovered and brought 500 specimens including several new Species of which the first species was named after her ,Mimosa Mexiae.
• After her trip to Mexico she travelled over the next 12 years to the places like Argentina, Chile , Brazil , Peru , etc . Throughput her career she has Discovered 150000 specimens.

Ynes Mexia Awards Recognition and Discoveries

• Life member of the California Academy of sciences.
• Ynes Mexia discovered a new Genus of Asteraceae .
• Mimosa Mexiae was the first species to be named after her ,which was discovered on her excursion to Mexico .
• Mexia is one of the most collectors of botanical Specimen in History.
• Mexia has Gathered 150000 specimens throughout her career.

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