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Satish Dhawan, wiki , Biography, Wife , Family , Education , Awards

Born In Srinagar, on 25th September 1920 , Satish Dhawan ,the father of Aerospace Engineer, was an Indian Mathematician and aerospace engineer. He was also regarded as the one of the most eminent researchers in the ground of boundary layers and turbulence, He is the person who played a very significant role in successful and indigenous development of the Indian space programme. Satish Dhawan is one of India's most well known scientist and institution builders , Read More Satish Dhawan Wiki , Biography , Education, Death .

Satish Dhawan, wiki , Biography, Wife , Family , Education , Awards

Satish Chandra wiki , Biography


Personal Information

   Born - 25th September ,1920 .

   Birthplace - Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir .
   Full name - Satish Chandra Dhawan .
   Died - 3 January 2002 .
   Popularity at - Indian space programme.
   Profession - Chairperson and Researcher.
   Nationality - Indian .
   Awards - Padma Vibhushan .
   Succeeded by - Vikram Sarabhai
   Preceded by - M.G.K Menon
   ISRO Chairman - (1972-84 )
   Fields - Mechanical and aerospace engineering
   Doctoral Advisor - Hans W. Liepmann .


    •Nalini Dhawan
    •Age - 82 (2002)

Satish Dhawan Education and qualifications

Graduated from -  University of Punjab , there he completed BSC in physics and mathematics.
University of Minnesota - Master of science in aerospace engineering.

California institute of technology
Minneapolis and an Aeronautical engineering degree , Double PhD. In mathematics and aerospace engineering.

Satish Dhawan also studied in Govt. College of Ludhiana. Today that college is named after his name Satish Chandra Dhawan ( S.C.D ) government college .

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Satish Dhawan, wiki , Biography, Wife , Family , Education , Awards



  • Direct Measurements of Skin Friction (1951)
  • Some properties of boundary layer flow during the transition from laminar to turbulent motion .


  (1) He was senior scientific officer in Indian institute of science, Bangalore in the year 1951 .

  (2) He was appointed as professor and head of the department of aeronautical engineering in the year ,1955 .

  (3) He was also a visiting professor of California institute of technology, US in the year 1971-72.

  (4) Dhawan , was also appointed as the chairman , research council in National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore from 1984-93.

  (5) He was appointed as the president of Indian academy of sciences from 1977-79 .

  (6) Appointed as the chairman of ISRO (Indian space research Organisation) from 1972-84.

  (7) Appointed as chairman of Indian space commission from 1972-2002 .

Awards and Recognition and Honours

   (1) He was awarded India's second Highest civilian award ( Padma Vibhushan ) in the year , 1981 .

   (2) He was also awarded the India's third highest civilian award ( Padma Bhushan ) in the year , 1971 .

  (3) Awarded Indira Gandhi award in the year 1999 for national integration .

  (4) Indian institute of science Awarded him Distinguished Alumnus award .

   (5) California institute of technology awarded him Distinguished Alumnus award in the year ,1969 .


   (1)The satellite launch centre of Sriharikota , which is located in Andhra Pradesh, was renamed to the Satish Chandra space center .
  (2) The Govt. college of Ludhiana in which he studied is named after him Satish Chandra Dhawan government college .

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