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Kim Jong-Un, Biography, Wiki, Wife, Height, Net worth , Birthday, Daughter, Son.

Kim Jong-Un| Biography| Wiki| Wife| Height, Net worth | Birthday| Daughter| Son

Kim Jong-un, The third highest amongst Koreans after Ban Ki- Moon And Lee-Kun-Hee and Ranked as the 46th most powerful person in the World by Forbes Magazine in the year, 2013, is the Chairman of the Worker's Party of Korea And The Supreme Leader of North Korea, who is serving since 2011. He succeeded his father who was a dictator and is known for the credit of completing North Korea’s Nuclear program. His life is a mystery for the West due to his brutal suppression of opposition and human rights violations. Despite immense pressure of the whole world, he succeeded to complete the nuclear program.Read further for Kim Jong-Un,Biography, Wiki, Wife, Height, Net worth , Birthday, Daughter, Son.


Everyone now Knows North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un as a dictator But what do we really Know About Kim Jong-Un ?

36 years old, reportedly have a good sense of humour with his schoolmates during the 1990's, He is also obsessed with basketball,especially the Chicago Bulls.He was known to his friends at the Swiss School as a "Pak-Un" and as the son of a staff member of the North Korean Embassy, not as the leader"s son.

A former Colleague of Kim Said:

"He had a sense of humor and his relationship was good with everyone, even with those students who came from countaries that were enmity with North Korea"

To know more about him Read further Kim Jong-Un, Wiki, Biography, Birthday



Full Name - Kim Jong-Un

Date Of Birth - 8 january 1983
Birth Place - Pyongyang, North Korea.
Age - 36 Years
Nationality - North Korean.
Political Party - Worker's Party of Korea


Kim Jong-li (Father)

Ko Yong-hui (Mother)
Children - Kim Ju-ae And possibly another two
Wife - Ri Sol-ju


HEIGHT - 1.7 M
WEIGHT  - 84 Kgs (approx)

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Birth, Childhood, And Education

  • Date of birth of Kim Jong-un is unknown and much of Kim Jong-un life remains a mystery to West.
  • Several reports tell that he was born in 1983 or 1984.
  • His mother worked hard for Kim Jong-un to be his father’s successor, and she died in 2004.
  • After seeing Kim’s temperament and energy, his father started to groom him.
  • It is believed that Kim Jong-un may have been educated abroad in Switzerland.
  • In mid of 2000, Kim Jong-un started to attend Kim Il-sung Military University.
  • Initially, he had no thought to take up his father’s mantle but when his father awarded him a series of high-profile political posts then he thought to became his father’s successor.
  • After the death of Jong-il in 2011, Kim jong-il ascended to power.
  • Surprisingly, he became most powerful man in North Korea at the age of 27.
Kim Jong-Un,Biography, Wiki, Wife, Height, Net worth , Birthday, Daughter, Son.


Family of Kim Jong-un

  • Kim Jong-il was youngest and third among his siblings.
  • His mother’s name is Ko Young-hee who was an opera singer.
  • His mother had wish for Kim Jong-il to become a successor of his father and she would call him “Morning Star King”.
  • His father who was also a dictator and communist came into power in 1994 and ruled it until his death 2011.
  • Grandfather of Kim Jong-un was also a dictator and ruled the country whose name is Kim Il-sung.

Suppression of Opposition

  • After taking the leadership of the country, Kim Jong-un executed many high profile army and political officials to suppress opposition.
  • A senior advisor of Kim Jong-un who was his own uncle was also executed by him.
  • He executed those officials for being traitors and trying to overthrow Kim Jong-un’s regime.
  • Kim Jong-nam was half-brother of Kim Jong-un and an open critic of him.
  • He died at Kuala Lumpur airport in Feb 2017. Suspect of his murder was also Kim Jong-un.
  • Furthermore, condition of prisoners in concentration camps was miserable.

Nuclear weapons development

  • Kim Jong-un continued his father’s mission of developing nuclear arms.
  • North Korea launched a satellite but it failed in April 2012.
  • With the help of a long-range missile North Korea successfully launched a satellite into orbit in December 2012.
  • It showed to the World community that North Korea has long-range missile technology.
  • North Korea tested its nuclear technology underground in 2013 which was condemned by entire world.
  • Although sanctions imposed on North Korea, it carried out nuclear tests again in 2016.
  • This time world demanded for denuclearization of North Korea.
  • South Korea showed special concern over its safety and integrity.
  • Kim jong-un presented medium long-range ballistic missiles on a site in 2017.
  • The test sparked outrage from the West and U.S called an urgent United Nations Security Council meeting.Kim Jong-un,Net worth,Birthday,Daughter,Son


Personal Life of Kim Jong-un

  • Kim Jong-il personal life is very controversial.
  • Date of his marriage is not yet confirmed. Several report show that he married with Ri Sol-ju in 2009.
  • And news of Kim jong-il ‘s marriage revealed in 2012.
  • Numerous unofficial resources report that Kim jon-il has one child also.
  • However, his relation with public is quite different from his father.
  • Amalgamation and understanding of Kim Jong-il with workers and soldiers are better than his father and his grandfather.
  • Besides all of these, he likes music and dance and basketball as hobbies.
  • He danced with his wife on new year’s night which was telecasted on TV.
  • As far as basketball concerns, he invited and welcomed the American basketball player named Dennis Rodman

Cyber attack on Sony Pictures

  • Sony picture released a comedy movie- The Interview- which portrayed the dictatorship of Kim in funny way.
  • Ridicule did not stop on the fun of dictatorship of Kim, instead of this, movie showed assassination of Kim.  This movie was ripped to shred by North Korean.
  • Hackers of North Korea added fuel to the fire by hacking the website of Sony Pictures and relation between North Korea and the USA exacerbated.

Economy of North Korea and Kim Jong-un

  • Poverty rate of North Korea is very high.
  • North Korea has faced drought and food shortage.
  • Due to sanctions, economy graph is aggravating day by day.
  • Kim has vowed to focus agricultural and economic reforms and he is breaking the ice about food crisis.
  • He brought some education reforms for the prosperity of country.
  • He is determined to bring prosperity to North-Koreans in face of adversity.
After reading the ,Kim Jong-Un,Biography, Wiki, Wife, Height Now we can Conclude that he is very straightforward, humorous, and attentive,After meeting him, Donald Trump said, "I learned he was a talented man. I also learned he loves his country very much." He added that Kim had a "great personality" and was "very smart".

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