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Samuel beckett wiki short biography | life and works | education

Samuel beckett wiki short biography | life and works | education

Samuel Beckett Short Biography

Samuel Barclay Beckett popularly known as Samuel Beckett was an irish avant-garde,novelist,playwright,theatre,director,and poet,who lived in paris for most of his adult life and wrote in both english and french.He is the most influential writers of the 20th century.

Becketts works offers a Bleak,Tragicomic outlook on human existence,often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour,and became increasingly minimalist in his later career.
He is regarded as one of the last modernist writers and one of the key figures in what Martin Esslin called the ''Theatre Of The Absurd''

He was also awarded the nobel prize in literature in 1969 ". His writings were in new forms for the novel and drama in the destitution of modern man acquires its elevation .He was also elected saoi of aosdana in 1984.

Samuel beckett wiki short biography-life and works-education

Quick Facts of Samuel Beckett

13th April 1906,Dublin, Ireland

22 December 1989,Paris, France

Andrew Bells

william frank beckett (Father)
maria jones roe (mother)

frank edward beckett(elder brother)

Suzanne Dechevaux dumesnil

Novelist, playwright,poet,theatre director,essayist, literary translator.


Drama,fiction,poetry, screenplays

Theatre of the Absurd

Waiting for Godot
The unnamble
How it is

Nobel price in Literature

Samuel Beckett Birth  Early Life And Education

Samuel Beckett was born on good friday ,13th April 1906 to William Frank Beckett ,a quantity Surveyor and Maria Jones Roe ,a Nurse,when both were 35.They had married in 1901.Beckett had one elder brother,Frank Edward Beckett.At the age of five ,Beckett attended a local playschool,where he started to learn music,and then moved to Earlsfort house school in the city centre near Horcourt 1919,Beckett went to Portora Royal School in Enniskillen,country Fermanagh And then Proceeded to trinity College,Dublin where he eventually took his M.A degree.

Beckett after his graduation took up the post of Lecteur d'anglais at the ecole Normale superieure in Paris .While there he was introduced to renowned Irish author James Joyce ,This meeting had a profound effect on the young man . Beckett assisted Joyce in various ways ,one of which research towards the book that became Finnegans wake.

Samuel Beckett Later Life And Earlier Works

Beckett initial appeared on the literary scene as a comparatively typical member of the highbrow experimental cluster that encircled James Joyce in Paris.He had a lot of in common with writer, both socially and intellectually.

Joyce was significantly affected by Beckett's essay on "Dante... Bruno...vico...Joyce,".
And thought that Beckett had promise.
Beckett was considerably devoted to Joyce,it was perhaps this devotion to Joyce that made someone suggests ,in all seriousness,that Beckett was his own model for Lucky to Joyce's Pozzo in Beckett's first important play , Waiting for Godot.

Their was natural bond between Joyce and Beckett including their backgrounds and their intellectual tests were similar ; but more than that were chronic victims of depression.


Beckett has never been a prolific writer.,his ''Waiting for Godot" made him famous .Till 1953 ,He had published just a few books which include Short study Of Proust,two slims volumes of poetry ,a book of short stories called More Pricks than Kicks and some novels likeThe unnamable, Malone dies.

Till 1950 Beckett was known only to the most devoted ,Followers of the Avant-Garde .Yet only 16years after the first performance of Waiting For Godot Beckett was awarded The Nobel Prize for Literature.

Samuel Beckett wrote both in French and English, however his most well-known works, written between WWII and therefore the Sixties, were written in French.Early on he completed his writing had to be subjective and are available from his own thoughts and experiences.
His works are stuffed with allusions to alternative writers like Dante, mathematician, and writer.Beckett’s plays aren't written on ancient lines with standard plot and time and place references.Instead, he focuses on essential components of the human condition in dark mirthful ways in which,This kind of writing has been referred to as “Theater of the Absurd” by Martin Esslin, bearing on writer Prince Albert Camus’ construct of “the absurd.” The plays specialise in human despair and the can to survive in a very hopeless world that provides no facilitate in understanding.

By the late 1980s, Samuel Beckett was in failing health. Beckett's wife Suzanne, had died in July 1989. His life was confined to a small room where he would receive visitors and write. He died on December 22, 1989, in a hospital due to  respiratory problems just months after his wife.


   (I)Murphy    (II) Watt   (III) The trilogy comprising Molloy,Malone Dies. And the unnamable.

(I) Waiting For Godot.
(II) Endgame
(III) Krapp's Last Tape
(IV)Happy Days
(V) Play

Radio , Television and Cinema Works

(I) All that Fall
(II) Embers
(III)Eh Joe.



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