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Emily Bronte-Wiki-Short Biography-Life-And Works

Emily Bronte-Wiki-Short Biography 

Emily Jane Bronte - An English Novelist and Poet was born on July 30th 1818 in Thornton West Yorkshire England . Emily Bronte was the fifth of the six children of her parents Patrick Bronte( an irishman)  and Maria Branwell (cornish) .Emily published under the  pseudonym Ellis Bell.Sadly her mother Maria passed away in 1821 and left the kids desolate bleak and depressed.

Emily Bronte-Wiki-Short Biography-Life-And Works
Emily Bronte

Quick Facts about Emily Bronte

30 July 1818 Thornton ,west Riding of Yorkshire ,England

19 December 1848,Haworth,west Riding of Yorkshire

Ellis Bell

Poet, Novelist, Governess


Cowan Bridge school,Lancashire



Wuthering heights

Emily Bronte-Life-And Works

During her childhood Emily was mostly homeschooled by her father, while growing up except for one year at a religious school and lived in an isolated village being so far away from people caused her to live in her own separate worlds. Worlds which she created in poems and other works.

When Emily turned seventeen she tried normal schooling again and a year later began working a teaching position. Sadly she suffered a breakdown and gave it up, She then accompanied to her sister Charlotte, a year later to Brussels Belgium to study languages abroad for a year, it became very clear when they arrived in Brussels that Emily had a much easier time grasping the languages and impressed her professor she was described as having a finer more powerful mind than her sister.

yet tragedy struck again and brought Emily back home. The death of their art would make all the sisters return home and ultimately begin their legacy the return home allowed the sisters to become very close again this led to Charlotte finding poems verses written by Emily and the realization that all three of the sisters were poets. The Bronte sisters specifically Emily began writing during the Romantic period and completed nearly 200 poems,the Romantic period began approximately in 1770 hit its peak between the 1800s to 1850s. Very few of her poems were published during her lifetime so little in fact that only two copies in which she was featured in. or sold and. 

Emily Bronte most famous work was her only novel the 1847 Wuthering Heights published one year before her death. At first Emily Bronte was not credited with the publication of the wuthering heights the people believe the woman was incapable of writing such a sensual piece and credited their brother Branwell Bronte, it was only years after Emily's death that she became known as the author of the Wuthering Heights. Beth played a very big part in shaping the bronte's the other brother Bramwell died a year after the publication of the wuthering Heights due to the alcohol and opioids. 

It is believed that Emily had caught a cold at her brother's funeral which ultimately led to her death due to tuberculosis. Her younger sister Anne died five months later and also due to a severe case of tuberculosis. Charlotte was the last surviving of the sisters and did not die until six years later in 1855 due to pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Emily Bronte-wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights retells the story of two families and an orphan who was abandoned young and his effects on the two families it then becomes a love and revenge relationship between the orphan and what would be his stepbrother he is preferred by his adoptee and the son gains rage and disgust towards the orphan. on first published it was evident that it was not received with great regards it is said to bring out the worst in humanity sheer vengeance and cruelty that is displayed by the orphan was seen as inhumane it was received so bad actually that the grams lady magazine asked how a human being could have attempted such a book as the present without committing suicide before he had finished dozen chapters is a mystery her style of writing was very lyrical even the last sentence of the novel has deep meaning that could be viewed in the names of the character she created as romanticist she loved animals in nature and that too played over on the naming and creation of characters works being created in our modern generations.



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