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Jonathan swift wiki, biography,age, Famous works,satire ,Style,books,early life, education, family, wife ,children,quotes,facts.

Jonathan swift wiki, biography,age, Famous works,satire ,Style,books,early life, education, family, wife ,children,quotes,facts.

Jonathan swift wiki, biography,age, Famous works,satire ,Style,books,early life, education, family, wife ,children,quotes,facts.
Jonathan swift

Jonathan Swift is one of the famous writer and the greatest satirist of the 18th century Augustan Age in the history of the English literature.He is known and loved all over the world for his satire ,Tale of  a Tub and Gulliver's travels are the two greatest satire of swift .
In this post we are going to discussed about  Jonathan swift wiki, biography,age, works,poems ,early life, education, childhood,Father's name , mother's name, family, wife ,children,quotes,facts, pem name,characters of swift satire,notable works.

               Jonathan swift Biography

Jonathan swift (30 Nov 1667 - 19 Oct 1745)was an satirist, essayists,poet,priest,political pampheletr and cleric who became Dean of St.patricks cathedral,Dublin.

30 november 1667 Dublin, Ireland

19 Oct 1745 Dublin, Ireland (at the age of 77)

Jonathan swift


Abigail Erick

Issac Bickerstaff

satirist, essayists,poet,priest,political pampheletr


Augustan age

      Early Life and Family of Jonathan Swift

Jonathan swift was born in Dublin of English parents in 30 november 1667 .He was the second and the only son of Jonathan swift(father) and Abigail Erick(mother).He had an elder sister (Jane ).His father died of symphilis  seventh month before he was born.After the death of his father and after his birth his mother returned to England .At the age of one Swift was taken by his wet nurse to her hometown Cumberland, England.Later on he was left in the care of his uncle Godwin.
Jonathan Swift's family had an interesting literary connection One of the interesting connection is Swift's grandmother Elizabeth (Dryden)Swift was the niece of grandfather of poet John Dryden .

Jonathan Swift Education

Jonathan swift learned to read the Bible when he was under the care of his nurse .in the year 1673 Johnathan under the care of his Uncle Godwin was enrolled on one of the most prestigious schools in Ireland Kilkenny Grammar School.where he excelled in languages and enjoyed studying 1682(at the age of 15)he was graduated.After that he attended Dublin University four-year course followed a curriculum largely set in the Middle Ages for the priesthood. 
•Swift received his B.A. in 1686 "by special grace.
•Swift received his M.A from Hart Hall,Oxford in 1692.
•In 1702, Swift received his Doctor of Divinity degree from Trinity College, Dublin.


From Swift's life one can readily foresee the kind of literature he will produce,Swift's works are a monstrous satire on humanity. Following are the notable works of Swift 

Major Prose Works
•A tale of a Tub
•Battle of the books
•Gullivers travels
•A modest proposal

Essay,Tracts, pamphlets,Periodicals
•A meditation upon a Broom-Stick
•The Bickerstaff-Partridge Papers
•An argument against abolishing christainity
•The examiner
•On the conduct of the Allies

Notable Poems
•Ode to the Athenian Society
•Baucis and Philemon
•A Description of the Morning
•A Description of a City Shower
•The Progress of Beauty
•The Progress of Poetry

Personal writings
•When I Come to Be Old
•A journal to Stella


•Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
•May live all the days of your life.
He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.
A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart

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