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English Basic sentence structure ,example,role of main elements

                           Basic sentence structure

 English Basic sentence structure ,example,role of main elements
Basic sentence structure

English sentence structure is a simple sentence in English consists of the subject and the predicate . The subject either be a noun or a noun phrase or even a pronoun . The predicate on the other hand consists of primary the verb and in many cases one may find that the verb is followed some constituent like adverbial ,a prepositional phrase or even a noun phrase .these are basically 5main constituent or elements of sentence structure, they are subject ,verb compliment ,object and adverbial ,thus ,there are minimum of 2 constituents .
Subject + verb ; and a maximum of 5 constituent"


For example :

The Board (Subject) Nominated (Verb) Bishal (Object) the captain(Compliment) on Tuesday (Adverbial).

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  • Role of Main elements in the sentence structure

(1) Subject and its role in the Sentence:

Subject is the integral part of the sentence ,it being either a noun or pronoun or noun phrase is always tied to in arguement with the verb.
When a sentence is in a active voice and it's turn ,into the passive the subject voice of the active become object or the passive. Read Speech Mechanism

(2) Verb and it's Role:

The second constituent is the verb. There are 3kinds of verb. (I) linking verb,and  helping verb, (II) intransitive verb, (III) Transitive verb.
In the case of linking and helping verb there is requirement of the compliment or a subject for compliment to complete.Thus in this way the linking verb ,joins together the subject and it's complimentary .

For example : Priya is a Doctor

In case ,of intransitive verb it doesn't require a object or a compliment to complete though it should be noted optionally an adverbial can be used .Thus Priya, argues (vehemently) ,
In case of Transitive verb there is a requirement of obligatory object the transitive verb can be passive ,

For example: Charles Dickens has written a Novel.

(3). Compliment and its role in sentence:

The role of a compliment is that it follows a linking verb and hence complete the sense of the verb .Thus , the compliment tells more about the subject .

For example: The street is cheap.

(4) The object and its role in sentence:

Object consists of two types ,the direct and the indirect object .
A Direct object is used when only one object is required , coming right after ,the main verb,the transitive is usually a person or a thing which is directly influenced by the verb action, thus

for example:

Sachin hit the cricket bat with great force .

In case of indirect object ,though it's also comes directly after the main verb .it is also usually followed by the main verb ,

For example: Anjan told a lie.

(5) Adverbial and its use :

An adverbial can be anything like an adverb , a noun phrase , a prepositional phrase or even a clause , thus as an adverb the night guard sleep here ' ,and a prepositional phrase ,the night guard sleeps in chair .
An adverbial does not have a fixed position and can occur anywhere in beginning ,middle , or in the end of sentence.

For example: I crossed the river Tentively,
                         I Tentively crossed the river ,
                        Tentively I crossed, the river.



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