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Georgion School features,poets,poetry

                         Georgian Schools 

 Georgion School features,poets,poetry
Georgian Schools of poets and poetry
Georgian poetry covers the period from 1910 To 1935 . The term "Georgian" is used because during this period "KING GEORGE V" presided over destinies of the British empire .The Georgian poet's wrote poetry in a typical way so their poetry has common features.

Features of Georgian Poetry

(1)it is simple and is in the romantic vein.

(2) There is a positive aim in the type of poetry.

(3)Nature is depicted in a natural and beautiful way.
(4) It is free from gorgeous expressions and thoughts.
(5) It revolts against the Victorian didactism .

(6) Nature, Love , Childhood , old age ,sleep and animals are the recurring themes of the Georgian poetry .

(7) It is the poetry for common people and not only for the learned.

(8) It is full of pure melody .

(9) It avoids philosophic and religious themes.

(10) The Georgian poet's have many ample use of archaic diction.


Some of the chief GEORGIAN poets and their works are discuss in details As follows:

(1) John Marshfield :

John Marshfield succeeded Robert Bridges as poet laureate. His early poetry is in the manner of Kipling .it is marked with the note of action and adventure.His genius as a poet finds fine reflection in his poem. SALT WATER BALLADS the poems in this volume reveals the poet's love for the sea .His first great narrative poem is the "Everlasting Mercy". He wrote some more narrative poems and really poured a new life into English narrative verse.

He is essentially the poet of the fairyland ,he creates a world of dreams fantasies and imagination in poetry .some of his notable collection of poetry are : Peacock pie, Bells and grass , The fleeting.

He is the poet of the east .he was attracted by the novelty and illusive romanticism of the east
He has treated the glamour and romance of east in an ironical way. He is really a master of verse and phrases .He never fails to delight his readers .

(4) John Drinkwater

He has interest in lyrics , songs, elegies , and medieval verses.His gravity and seriousness find fine expression in his poems . He writes in " The cold ink of thought" rather than in "The red blood of a fired brain" his poetry is controlled in emotion and expression .His imagery is noteworthy .

(5) Other Georgian poet's

Include Edmund blunder, Ralph hodgson ,Gibbson , Edward Thomas , Alfred Noyes , Harold manroe , most of them write about children, nature religion and countryside .they write in simple language and with musical quality.

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